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Watermelons are refreshing because they are 92% water, but Wild Melon bitcoin slot is even more refreshing with its 94% theoretical RTP that can give you big wins! Play’n GO’s Wild Melon slot is an invigorating fruit that can be snacked on any time of the day.

While these melons are considered both a fruit and a vegetable, they are more commonly eaten as dessert of some sort. The watermelon’s hard rind may be hard to crack, but once you do, you can munch on that red fleshy fruit and get the chance to win 10,000 coins when you play casino slot Wild Melon!

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10,000 coins

Enjoy the Refreshing Goodness of a Wild Melon

Wild Melon bitcoin slot is a 3-reel, 1-payline game with an RTP of 94%. You’ll find three kinds of fruits as symbols on the reels. Each symbol has a corresponding payout depending on the combination you’ll land.

Watermelons, cherries and oranges comprise the symbols inside casino slot Wild Melon. Getting a combination of these fruits can give you the following payouts on maximum coin bet:

  • Getting one Watermelon symbol can give you 6 coins.
  • Getting two Watermelon symbols can give you 15 coins.
  • Getting any three of the Cherry symbols can give you 15 coins.
  • Getting three Single Cherry symbols can give you 30 coins.
  • Getting three Double Cherry symbols can give you 60 coins.
  • Getting three Triple Cherry symbols can give you 150 coins.
  • Getting three Orange symbols can give you 300 coins.

In Wild Melon bitcoin slot, a Watermelon serves as the Wild and Scatter symbol that can substitute all symbols as well as counts in any position. Getting a combination of these symbols can give you the following payouts on maximum bet:

  • Getting three Watermelon symbols in any position can give you 1,000 coins.
  • Getting three Watermelon symbols can give you 10,000.

Inside the Rind of a Wild Melon

Slice your way into casino slot Wild Melon’s core and spin its delicious reels. Not only will you be able to indulge in its many nutritious aspects, but you’ll also get to devour the other fruits that come along with it. You’ll find cherries and oranges inside the watermelon, making it into a fruit salad where the hard rind becomes the bowl.

The background of the reels is the watermelon rind itself, it's hard facade supporting the designs engraved in it. Red, green, yellow and orange colours make up most of the design, keeping it classic as well as related to the theme.

You’ll hear faint sounds of coins falling on a metal surface and arcade-like sound effects in the background. Aside from those, not much else can be seen and heard from Wild Melon bitcoin slot.

Play’n GO really shows their loyalty to classic casino slots through Wild Melon. Their graphics and animations are rudimentary, while their gameplay is minimal. Casino slot Wild Melon is a straightforward game that gives you what you came here for: to win awesome payouts.

Taste the Rainbow through Wild Melon

You want another fun fact about watermelons? Besides being a fruit and a vegetable, they are also considered as berries even though they have hard exteriors compared to blueberries. 

Who said you couldn’t be three entities at once? That’s a norm watermelons obviously broke. Find out what other amazing things watermelons can do when you play Wild Melons bitcoin slot for a chance to win 10,000 coins!

From the Fruit Bonanza to the Riches of Ra, Play’n GO never fails to provide you with an exemplary performance through their slot games. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself and play the Black Mamba!

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