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Information about Swintt King Dinosaur

King Dinosaur is a slot from Swintt and it is definitely worth giving this one a go! The game's Dinosaurs and Jungle themes are sure to please, plus elements including Gray, Green, Red, Dinosaurs, Jungle, and Tree really complete the picture. And if you're asking yourself, can I win in King Dinosaur using crypto? Well, the answer is yes!

King Dinosaur details
Game TypeVideo Slots
Release Date8 July 2018
Min - Max Bet1 - 500
Bonus FeaturesYes
Digital wallet friendlyKing Dinosaur for crypto

Let's get down to it... RTP!

This game ​has a 5-4 layout and a massive 1,024 paylines. That means lots of ways to win are coming your way. King Dinosaur has a RTP, or “Return to Player” of 95.05% and a house edge of 4.95%. While this isn't the highest RTP you'll come across as a player, the game itself is worth playing nevertheless.

Most slots are boring nowadays...

King Dinosaur is a popular game in many markets around the world so, if you like slots, this should really be your pick. Sometimes, waiting to win is not amusing; with this game, the option to get some smaller payouts regularly is there, thanks to the low level of volatility. So, with this feature, winning and having fun are the same thing! Get ready to also find bonus items like Bonus symbols. What's more, you aren't limited to regular cash, since King Dinosaur Bitcoin gives you the opportunity to bet in digital currency as well!

So you're fully in the know, here's the full set of special features just waiting to be unlocked:

  • Bonus symbols
  • Feature: Substitution Symbols
  • Multiplier
  • Wild

Max power to your coins!

The minimum wager is 1 coin, while the maximum stands at 500 coins. Now, let's get to business - Money, money, money!!! Some nice rewards are up for grabs if you make a bet on King Dinosaur. You're not restricted to traditional currency either, so that means you can play King Dinosaur for Bitcoin as well!

But that's not all...

Ready to play? For players who prefer to limit their spending, King Dinosaur will be an appealing slot due to its regular payouts. In summary, King Dinosaur has something for everyone, though its comparatively high minimum bet may be of particular interest to experienced players as opposed to beginners. Further to this, we know those details are crucial too and, in King Dinosaur, everything has been specially designed to stimulate your senses: the lights, scenarios, colors, special effects, etc; all these details combine to make a must-see slot, with impressive performance, innovative gameplay and breathtaking graphics. Lastly, don't forget that, with the digital currency feature, now it's simpler than ever to make your wagers! That's right; King Dinosaur now works with cryptocurrency, too! With this new mode of betting, both traditional and digital money payments are accepted. Take into account that the platforms are 100% functional and secure, so you'll have multiple possibilities when making your bets, always in a safe and trustworthy manner. Continue reading if you wish to discover the basics and maximize your fun!

Let's go for it!

Are you still in doubt? Make a deposit and give the game a go! Have a look at the paytable for the low-down on all the details and discover more about the different possibilities for you to win. Keep in mind that King Dinosaur always has the best features, a 95.05% RTP and a low volatility, a 5-4 layout, plus the ability to play with both traditional and crypto wallets. So, if you rock it, it may fill up your pocket!

King Dinosaur Slot FAQs

How much can I bet on King Dinosaur?

The min spend on King Dinosaur is relatively high at 1 coin, while the max spend is 500 coins.

What is the volatility of King Dinosaur?

King Dinosaur has a low volatility level.

What is the RTP of King Dinosaur?

The game’s payout percentage is 95.05%, which is on the lower end of the scale.

Does King Dinosaur allow you to play using Bitcoin and other crypto?

Yes! King Dinosaur accepts several types of cryptocurrency.

King Dinosaur