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Cherry Bombs: Blast off to the fruitiest casino slot game!

Grab the chance to win amazing payouts of up to 3,000 times your bet through a few fruity twists of explosive sweetness here at casino slot Cherry Bombs! This 5 reeled game features some of your favourite fruits with a twist that is quite explosive on the touch. 

Do you want to taste the sweetness of winning as each fruit explodes on the reels? Then get a chance to do so by betting from a minimum of 2 credits to a maximum of 12,500 credits at an RTP of 95%! 

Cherry Bombs Details 


Mancala Gaming

Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

2 credits

Maximum Bet

12,500 credits


3,000x your wager

Cherry Bombs: Taste the sweetness of each fruit

Taste the delicious fruit cocktails that will explode when you land winning combinations on any of the paylines.

Bet high and see the juicy nature of these sweet fruits blast off on screen. Oranges, cherries and berries will fly across the reels to grant you great payouts in every spin at casino slot Cherry Bombs! 


Low-paying Symbols

The bombastic fruits that will blow up to give you payouts consist of the tastiest watermelons, oranges and grapes that will function as the low paying symbols of the game. 

There is a unique feature in Cherry Bombs in that a level system exists within the game. Level 1, which is the base game, pays in two directions on a 3x5 reel that occasionally offers bonus wins. 

Level 2 is a cluster win game that is played on a 4x6 reel that adds an extra Double Cherry Bomb symbol to the mix. 

Level 3 is another cluster win game but is played on a 5x7 reel with an extra Triple Cherry symbol. 

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wagers for level 1:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


0.60 credits

3.75 credits

37.50 credits


1.05 credits

7.50 credits

105 credits


2.25 credits

30 credits

450 credits

High-paying Symbols

The bigger and rarer fruits are high-paying symbols that will grant you higher payouts to win bigger winnings for your bets. Take each sweet fruit and have them explode to reel in the best figures of payouts with the winning combinations each payline grants! 

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wagers for level 1:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


3 credits

37.50 credits

750 credits


4.50 credits

60 credits

1,500 credits


11.25 credits

187.50 credits

3,750 credits

Bonus features

Double Cherry Bomb 

Double cherry bombs appear in Level 2 in the middle reels of 2, 3, 4 and 5. There’s a fuse that is seen on both left and right where it explodes on the reels and eliminates all adjacent symbols to give you a chance to form different payouts. 

Triple Cherry Bomb

The Triple Cherry Bomb will appear every level 3 on the centre of the reel. Once the cherries explode, it replaces the whole board with the same regular symbol that is randomly chosen. 

Cherry Bombs: Explosive reels await

The cartoonish look of the fruity reels of casino slot Cherry Bombs is a standout, especially when the theme is all about fruits. Get a look at the colourful graphics and wonderful design of each fruit that will appear on the reels!

Additionally, each fruit’s explosion will make you feel like a ticking time bomb ready to explode from all the fun because the graphical fidelity of this game is staggeringly great and will awaken you even during the slowest rounds of the game.

As for the music, the cheery vibe it sends to players will provide a light feeling that will enlighten anyone who plays the game. Casino slot Cherry Bombs has a great overall aesthetics and musical score that presents itself in a fun way. 

Cherry Bombs: Detonate each delicious fruit for awesome payouts! 

All in all, casino slot Cherry Bombs is a wonderful game that’s full of heart and charm. It has an incredible payout that grants players up to 3,000 times your bet. The deal couldn’t get any sweeter for symbols that explode right before your eyes.

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