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Advantages of a Bitcoin casino vs Traditional casinos

Advantages of a Bitcoin casino vs Traditional casinos

Advantages of a Bitcoin casino vs Traditional casinos

Fri May 06 2022 00:07:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Everything you can think of can now be found and done online thanks to recent tech advancements. Online shopping, playing digital instruments, reading e-books and even playing online games are just a few examples. And it's not surprising that a lot of people enjoy this new way of doing things; in fact, most people even prefer it compared to its traditional counterpart, which is also true with gambling.

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Throughout the years, gambling has gotten all the more exciting since there are now various new additions to it with crypto online casinos among them. Today, players can gamble and enjoy casino games through their phones, computers and other devices using cryptocurrency instead of traditional, fiat money, making it easier and more convenient since you can now play anywhere and anytime.

What is a crypto casino?

A crypto casino is a type of online casino site that allows you to wager in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH) and many more when playing games such as slots, baccarat and blackjack, among others.

However, most of these few crypto casinos accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies including minor ones like Tronix (TRON) and Cardano (ADA). Some even let you buy crypto directly on their site for a quicker way to fund your account.

What are the benefits of playing at a crypto casino?

Many people prefer Bitcoin casinos for a variety of reasons and the benefits they can get such as accessing exclusive games, privacy, getting more rewards and many others you can find below:

It’s convenient

Bitcoin casinos are open 24 hours every day of the week, so you can conveniently play wherever you want at any time of the day. This means you can also enjoy your wins as soon as you withdraw them since crypto runs round the clock. With crypto casinos, no time and geological restriction can stop you from playing a variety of games from across the world. 

It’s easy to use

Another great aspect you'll appreciate when playing at crypto casinos is how simple they are to use. Most of these casinos have basic interfaces suitable for all types of users, from novices to experts. So, if you decide to gamble at the best Bitcoin casino, you'll have no trouble navigating the site no matter your experience. 

And since they’re optimised for online gaming, you can navigate these sites with ease through their cleanly segregated sections and organised links. You won’t have to spend a few minutes learning how to use the site before you play, saving you time and letting you bet as soon as possible!

You can get more rewards

When playing in crypto online casinos, you can bet to have better rewards! Most Bitcoin casinos begin rewarding you as soon as you sign up, unlike traditional casinos, where you must win a particular amount or meet certain requirements first before you can receive a prize. 

Bitcoin casinos make it easier for you to obtain bonuses and other rewards which can vary, with some rewarding 1 BTC to a whopping 5 BTC. And with Bitcoin’s fluctuating price, you can anticipate higher valued rewards at varied times.

It offers a variety of games

Traditional casinos do offer various kinds of classic casino games, but at Bitcoin casinos, you can expect a larger scope of classic and modern casino games in the palm of your hand. You’ll get to access newly released games, exclusive titles and even those with impressive features. 

Plus, most crypto casinos partner with the industry’s leading game providers so you can expect these games will have higher RTP percentages, bigger payouts and better graphics than typical ones you’ll see on other traditional casinos.

So not only can you play classic casino games like blackjack, poker and baccarat but you also get to try out their newer and more innovative 3D versions. 

And for a more immersive casino experience, you can opt to play casino games live. Various Bitcoin casinos offer live roulette, live blackjack, live craps and so much more to deliver an entirely new category of casino games! Choose among the long list of live casino game providers like Evolution and OneTouch as you scour through your endless game choices.

It is a safer option!

One factor you should greatly consider when playing online is security. In traditional casinos, you’re typically required to supply personal information like credit and debit card details and contact information, all of which can be improperly handled and cause problems later on.

When you gamble on Bitcoin casinos, on the other hand, you can rest assured that all of your personal information is safe and secure because you won’t have to give them to start gambling. All you have to do is deposit your crypto and you’re good to go! 

Plus, Bitcoin casinos make it quicker and easier for you to start playing since this eliminates the task of having to fill up tedious forms every time. So not only are they a safer platform, but also a simpler one.

Bitcoin casinos are transparent

If you’ve ever played at a Bitcoin casino you’d know that they’re always straightforward with their information like RTPs, house edges, company info and so on. In traditional casinos, it may be difficult to obtain certain information, as some do not even provide this essential data upfront so you’ll have to request them first before you can see. 

However, in Bitcoin casinos, you can expect a clear and transparent system that ensures fairness and accuracy for players. You'll always be able to discover everything you need such as licences right on the site.

It’s way cheaper!

Another reason to consider trying out Bitcoin casinos is that they’re low in cost. Traditional casinos, on the other hand, charge high fees and taxes, adding salt to injury. So not only do you have to worry about winning and making a profit but also paying the added charges. 

If you don't want to pay extra fees every time you play, Bitcoin casinos are a terrific option. Plus, Bitcoin casinos have no physical establishments, resulting in significantly lower transaction costs.

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What is a traditional casino?

A traditional casino is a brick and mortar place where you can play casino games in gambling machines, table games and so on with croupiers and other gamblers. This was the first form of casino where people roll dice, spin wheels and place cards to try their luck in winning.

What are the benefits of playing at a traditional casino?

With all the new innovative additions to the gambling industry, land casinos may sound like a thing of the past. However, they still come with their set of perks and lots of people still prefer them for several reasons and benefits you can see below:

It offers an authentic casino experience

The authentic casino experience is something you can only get at on-site casinos. Once you step inside a land casino, its extravagant atmosphere and elegant decorations will sweep you away. Real equipment, tables, wheels, dice and even chips are just some of the few things you’ll get to enjoy. Plus, you can also indulge in traditional casino perks like free drinks, face-to-face interaction and so much more as part of this one-of-a-kind experience.

It’s a great place to make friends

Another great thing about land-based casinos is their avenue to make new friends. While playing, you’re bound to be sitting next to other players with whom you can share thoughts and experiences. Who knows, you might just even make new connections that can help you out later on in life!

It gives you more time to think

If you’re someone who likes to take their time when playing, on-site casinos are the way to go. Here, you’ll have more time to think properly before making a move since the croupier can cater to you especially when you’re in a private VIP room. This can then improve not just your gameplay experience but also your winning chances. 

It offers new sights

Another great perk you can only experience when gambling at on-site casinos is the chance to see new sights. Most traditional casinos will appear grand, glamorous, and appealing to all of their visitors. Even non-gamblers visit traditional casinos merely to see their magnificent displays, décor, fountains, and other attractions. Plus, with complimentary beverages, finger food, and even dazzling lighting, you'll feel like you're at a party every time you’re at a casino.

Traditional casinos vs Bitcoin casinos: Which one is better?

Now you know what Bitcoin and traditional casinos are along with their perks, it's time to find out which one is better. So if you’re curious to know, here is a comparison of both in terms of factors:


On Bitcoin casinos, you can expect instant gameplay, wherever and whenever you want. All you have to do is log in, choose a game, place a wager and play away! In traditional casinos, however, some games have schedules while others have queues you’d have to line up for. And because you're sharing a casino with other people, you'll have to wait your time to play. 

So in terms of speed and ease of playing, Bitcoin casinos are one step above their traditional counterparts.


Another thing that makes Bitcoin casinos all the greater is the benefits that come with crypto betting. When choosing crypto online gambling you can expect:

  • Accessibility
  • High security
  • Privacy and information protection
  • Transparency
  • Decentralised and faster processes
  • Numerous rewards and promotions

On the other hand, land casinos offer different kinds of benefits to their players such as free drinks, hotel room upgrades and free chips. However, only high rollers or VIPs receive exclusive rewards like free suite accommodation and tickets, among many others.

So, if you want to get better benefits while playing casino games, switch to Bitcoin casinos where you can enjoy the various rewards of crypto betting.


You won’t leave a paper trail when you gamble with crypto so when it comes to privacy, crypto casinos have an edge over traditional ones. This level of privacy is something you can’t get from traditional casinos.

Plus when playing at on-site casinos, the chances of you getting an audience watching you play is likely, so if you’re someone who enjoys privacy, Bitcoin casinos are something you should try out!


With crypto casinos, you can play your favourite casino games anywhere and anytime without skimping on the quality. Plus, some even have apps you can download for a more optimised mobile gaming experience. One app that’s worth checking out is the Bitcasino app, all you have to do is download and you’re all good to go so try it out now!

In contrast, there’s no other way to play at land casinos other than by going directly to the establishment. So crypto casinos win again in terms of accessibility.


And for the verdict

Despite both casinos having their fair share of benefits, nothing beats the convenience of Bitcoin casinos whether it's for depositing, playing or withdrawing. Plus you can also indulge in its extended benefits like its privacy, speed, safety, variety, transparency and so much more!

Bitcasino is safe and great for all sorts of players whether you’re a beginner or veteran because of our easy to use interface. And despite it being a ‘new’ addition to the gambling industry, you can still expect various games from different providers that don't just offer online table games, slots and roulette but also live casino games!

Words by Rachel Marquez

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Advantages of a Bitcoin casino vs Traditional casinos