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    Online casino vs brick-and-mortar casino gaming experiences

    Online casino vs brick-and-mortar casino gaming experiences


    Online gambling at a site such as Bitcasino has enormous advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, and as a result, has become hugely popular in recent years as the software has improved. Wherever you happen to be on the planet, you can now quickly log on to the best cryptocurrency casino of your choice and start playing your favourite games such as bitcoin poker and bitcoin roulette within seconds, competing against others and winning money securely and speedily.

    However, there are still a few good reasons why some players prefer the traditional experience, so let’s take a look at their relative merits and drawbacks.

    A different gambling experience

    Even though traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and virtual casinos are adept at their common function of facilitating the overall satisfactory gambling experience, there are still a significant number of key respects in which they differ. Traditional casinos are, of course, based in the real world, so you have to physically travel in order to get to one, whereas with online gambling with bitcoin, you need only a computer and an internet connection to start playing the virtual games that are available.  

    Games in crypto casinos

    A traditional casino is usually characterised by crowds of people waiting around different tables to grab a seat and start playing their game of choice, whether that’s poker, slots, blackjack or any one of the multitude of other games on offer. It may even be so busy that you can’t actually find a seat for your favourite game.

    One of the significant advantages of an Etherium casino is that this situation never arises, as you will always find a place to play whatever game you choose. There is usually also a much wider choice of games available with crypto gambling as opposed to traditional gambling sites.

    Bonuses and special offers

    As a primary function of any bitcoin gambling establishment is to attract as many players as possible, against increasingly stiff competition from rivals, they always offer a wide range of bonuses and special offers to draw in customers. You will, however, need to understand some of the jargon to take full advantage of these, such as the difference between bonuses that are cashable and those that are not. However, as the various bonuses and promotions pages usually also feature helpful tips and guidance, you can’t go far wrong.

    Traditional casinos tend to have a rather different approach to promotions, but coupons and comps are still the standard currency for rewards, though cash prizes and other rewards such as luxury cars are by no means unknown.

    Different settings

    Service and atmosphere are two areas in which bitcoin casinos and traditional casinos probably differ the most, at least as far as new players are concerned. A traditional casino often, for instance, features live performers, background music and personal waiters to form the perfect balance of enjoyment and entertainment. You can enjoy tasty food and a drink while you play your favourite game, and, of course, all this is intended to keep you playing for as long as possible.

    Most of this is not available for a player in a virtual casino such as Bitcasino for obvious reasons, but its absence is compensated for in a number of ways. Customer service via live chat, for instance, is available 24/7, so there is a certain amount of human interactivity even here, and if you have queries or need any sort of help while you’re on the site, there is always someone available. Many Ethereum casino players, far from missing the music, food, drinks and live performers, actually welcome the absence of such essentially unnecessary distractions when they’re trying to concentrate on winning at bitcoin roulette, bitcoin slots and other crypto gambling games.

    Size of bets

    Another aspect in which an online casino carries an advantage over a traditional one is that it’s possible, and common, to compete in so-called “micro-limits” games, where bets are typically less than £1. Such tiny bets allow players to fully experience the tensions and emotional rollercoasters of, for example, poker, without having to make sacrifices in terms of big amounts of money. The fear factor might not be quite so unbearable, but the experience is surprisingly similar. Playing such micro-limits games also enables players to develop their strategies and skills so that they can slowly raise their stakes as these improve, and they might even end up becoming professional players via this safe route. Different casinos, however, have different limits, so it’s best to check on these house rules before embarking on such a course of action.

    An ancillary advantage to playing with tiny stakes in an online casino is that you need not run the risk of being looked down on by fellow players for doing so, and there will be no pressure to play with more money.

    Collecting winnings

    In a brick-and-mortar casino, there is always the worry that after maximising your winnings by playing different games at different tables, the wads of cash you walk away with might be taken off your hands by criminal elements. There’s also the issue of being cross-examined at airports and even suspected of money laundering and drug dealing as a result. Of course, at an online casino such as Bitcasino, no such reservations apply, as anonymity is guaranteed and transactions involve the seamless and immediate transference of virtual currencies to secure accounts.


    The main advantage of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino is that the experience is much more social and offers an atmosphere that cannot be totally replicated in its virtual equivalent. Just as many music lovers actually relish the challenge of making their way to a concert hall through driving rain as having a heightening effect on their enjoyment of the music, many gamblers savour the sheer physicality of a real casino.

    Take a look at the bitcoin roulette, bitcoin slots, bitcoin poker and other bitcoin gambling games on offer at Bitcasino, which delivers the most complete and rewarding crypto gambling experience. We’re proud to consistently make the bitcoin casino top ten and are at the cutting edge of bitcoin and Ethereum gambling. Log on to Bitcasino today to enjoy crypto gambling at its best.

    Words: Sean McNulty
    Images: Shutterstock


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