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How to practice poker by yourself - DIY poker training

How to practice poker by yourself - DIY poker training

How to practice poker by yourself - DIY poker training

Fri Jul 24 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Poker is a fun game when you’re with your friends, and at the casino. But if you are stuck indoors or alone, like in recent times, why not try your hand at practising poker on your own? Read on to find out some tips and advice on how you can practice poker by yourself!

Practising poker is a great activity to improve your game while having fun alone, especially if you’re stuck indoors. There are many ways on how you can practice poker by yourself and one of the simplest ways is by reading casino tips, hacks, and tricks from reliable sources so you understand more. Read on to find out some other ways you can practice, along with practice scenarios we’ve compiled!

Different ways to practice poker by yourself

Study everything about poker

Poker is a strategic game. You need to understand ranges, position advantages, player tendencies, pot odds, implied odds, and overall hand equity before you can truly understand why you should be doing a certain action in a particular situation.

Reading a complete guide to poker, or understanding the basics of poker chips, are great places to start.

You can then go on to more technical questions like “what it takes to win a poker hand?” and “what beats a full house in poker?”. These will help you to assess your gameplay and focus on aspects that you think need to be improved. You can also join online forums and discussion groups to chat with other poker players to learn more.

Practice poker online

With online poker games, you can focus on honing your strategy. There are a plethora of different poker game variations you can find on the Internet to match your liking and the technique you’re working on, such as High Hand Holdem Poker and Casino Stud Poker.

You can choose to play with or without real money when you practice poker online, with various online casino sites offering both real mode and fun mode.

As there’s no doubt that experience goes well with knowledge, perhaps you might like to try your hand at learning how to play Bitcoin poker too? 

Enter a freeroll poker tournament

If you are confident with your poker strategy, you can practice more by entering a freeroll poker tournament online. A freeroll poker tournament is a tournament with no entry fee, but still offers prizes or a prize pool.

Entering a freeroll tournament gives you hands-on experience to calibrate your poker strategies for the better. You get to learn from your mistakes and improve your gameplay.

Freeroll tournaments are also useful to practice your decision-making. You get to choose the best options on starting hands and work out your outs when you see a flop and your odds of hitting them. 

You can use these tournaments to practice the Russian poker hack or see if you too can avoid making some common mistakes of poker players. The offered payouts and jackpots certainly serve as a motivation, and these tournaments tend to improve the way everyone plays, making for a challenging but fun way to practice poker.

Practice poker DIY scenarios to determine outs and odds

To help you further practice poker by yourself, here are some scenarios on how to determine outs and odds in poker. Try to solve these exercises on your own before reading the solutions!

Scenario 1: Your hand includes a king and queen while the board has a jack, 10, 6, and 7. How many outs do you have to hit a straight, and what are the odds of hitting the straight?

Answer: To complete your straight, you need any ace or 9; that’s called an open-ended straight draw. Because a card at either end completes your straight, this means you have 8 outs and only one card left to be dealt to the community cards. Your odds will be 38 (cards that will not help you) to 8 (cards that help you). In percentage, you have a 17% chance of hitting your straight with one card to come.

Scenario 2: You have a seven and an eight, and the board has a 10, jack, and three. What are your outs and odds of hitting the straight?

Answer: You need to have a gutshot straight draw in this hand, meaning your hand calls for a 9. This means that you have 4 outs, and your odds are 42 to 4 or an 8.7% chance that you hit your straight.

Scenario 3: You have 4 to a flush with an ace and a king in your hand, and 4 cards on the board. You’re certain that you will win the hand if you complete your flush, or pair either your ace or your king. What are the outs and odds you win the hand?

Answer: You can win in this hand by hitting any of the 9 cards to complete your flush, or any king or ace. Any of the three aces or three kings remaining in the deck can make you win since your ace and king are of the suit for the flush. It means you have 15 outs and, therefore, have a 31 to 15, or 32.6% chance you hit your hand.

Scenario 4: After the flop, you have four to the best possible flush. The pot has $200 in it, and your only opponent moves all-in for $75. What should you do? What are your outs and odds, and how do they work across both the turn and the river?

Answer: When you have both the turn and the river, you have two chances to hit your flush, so you have to determine the chances that you hit the flush on the turn and on the river if you don’t hit it on the turn. 

Out of a total of 47 unseen cards before the turn, you have 9 outs that make a ratio of 38 to 9 or 4.22 to 1. On the river, you have 9 out of 46 cards that means a ratio of 37 to 9 or 4.11 to 1. This roughly translates to a 35% chance of completing your flush. 

With that data, you can now determine if it’s profitable to call. The easiest way to see a profit on average is to see what happens if you play the hand 100x. Therefore, in this case, you’ll win the hand 35x (return is $12,250) and lose the hand 65x (total cost of $7,500). This is a positive expectation since the average win is $47.50 per hand.

Start your solo poker practice

Knowledge and experience go hand in hand when you practice poker by yourself. The best place to practice poker is a one-stop site like Bitcasino where you can fully enjoy several benefits and bonuses.! 

Choose from the wide selection of poker games such as High Hand Holdem PokerCasino Stud Poker, and Triple Edge Poker or more immersive live games like Texas Holdem Bonus Poker by Evolution Gaming. There are a lot of things you can discover while you practice poker by yourself, so we hope you have fun with it!

Words by: Maria Ramos

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How to practice poker by yourself - DIY poker training