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Bitcoin poker essentials: How to get started

Bitcoin poker essentials: How to get started

Bitcoin poker essentials: How to get started

Fri Dec 23 2022 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Have you ever played poker with Bitcoin? At Bitcasino, you can enjoy virtual poker while wagering with crypto for faster and more convenient playing. Say goodbye to fiat gambling because Bitcoin for poker takes its place in the digital world of online casinos. 

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Bitcoin poker casino provides you with an experience like no other. You get to fund your casino chips with one of the best digital assets in the world. Aside from that, the wins you can receive in this casino game  can be incredibly massive, considering that Bitcoin is the top-performing asset in value and market capitalisation.

What more can you ask for? Play online poker using Bitcoin here at Bitcasino and harvest the fruits of your labour every time you win a hand. All you need is an account and Bitcoin funds on your bankroll to get started winning on one of the best Bitcoin poker sites in the world. 

Learn more about Bitcoin poker as you browse through it here at Bitcasino. Navigate through the ins and outs of virtual poker in this in-depth Bitcoin poker guide.

What is Bitcoin poker?

Bitcoin poker is just like your traditional poker table game where you play against other players and aim to have the best 5-card hand. However, the difference is that you can bet BTC in this modern variation instead of placing fiat money in the pot.

When playing online poker using Bitcoin, you need to deposit BTC on your bankroll and use these assets for your wagers. In return, you can win crypto as payouts. 

Using Bitcoin for online poker has become all the more popular thanks to Bitcoin's volatility. With its ever-changing price, you can get bigger and grander payouts since BTC's value can grow while you play. Its value can still increase even if you just store your BTC in your account wallet.

How to play poker with Bitcoin

To play poker with Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet and, of course, BTC for betting. Thanks to blockchain technology, you won't need to provide other personal information and worry about them getting stolen. Only your wallet address will be stored. 

Once you have all these, log into your Bitcasino account and deposit Bitcoin. You just have to scan a QR code with your Bitcoin wallet, input how much you want to deposit and wait for your funds to reflect on your account. All that's left to do then is choose a poker game, whether live bet on poker or video poker, and you can place your bets.

To know poker rules, hand rankings and gameplay, check the sections below:

BTC poker hand rankings

In poker, whoever has the best hand wins the game's prize pot. So you should learn about poker hand rankings and what makes a winning hand.

The BTC poker hand rankings fall into 10 categories which are listed below in descending order:

  1. Royal Flush - Made up of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all in the same suit
  2. Straight Flush - Made up of five consecutive cards all in the same suit
  3. Four of a Kind - Contains four cards of the same value from all four suits
  4. Full House - Contains a pair and three of a kind in the same hand
  5. Flush - Made up of five cards in the same suit but not in numerical order
  6. Straight - Made up of five cards in numerical order but are not suited
  7. Three of a kind - Made up of three cards of the same value and two non-paired cards
  8. Two pairs - Made up of two different pairings of the same card in one hand 
  9. One pair - Unlike the two pairs, this is made up of only one pairing of the same card
  10. High card - When no one has any ranked hands, the game identifies the winner with the highest card value.

How to play poker

Bitcoin poker game starts with the pre-flop round, followed by the flop, turn and finally, the river. Check out the playing sequence in detail below:

Pre-flop round

The pre-flop round begins with the small and big blinds posting their respective bets. The small blind is the player immediately to the left of the dealer button and would post half the table limit. On the other hand, the big blind is the second player to the left of the dealer button and would post twice the amount of the small blind. 

The cards will then be dealt from left to right. Afterwards, the person sitting two positions away from the dealer button or the under-the-gun (UTG) gets to act first during the pre-flop round, followed by the player on their left. 

During this time, the players can do the following actions:

  • Call - Match the exact amount of bet placed by the previous player
  • Raise - Increase the bet placed by the previous player
  • Fold - Discard your hand and withdraw from the game.

During this round, players build the pot by placing their bets during their turn. The value of the bets they place will depend on their poker strategy and their position on the table


After the first round of betting, three community cards, referred to as the flop, will be dealt face-up on the table. Another round of betting will commence with the small blind, but players are now using the community cards to make the best poker hand. 


When the flop betting round commences, a fourth community card will be dealt on the table during the turn or the fourth street. There will be another betting round starting with the first remaining player to the left of the dealer button. 


After the turn, the fifth and last community card will be dealt during the river or the fifth street, which triggers a final round of betting. A showdown will occur if there are still active players on the table even after all action is completed. 

During the showdown, players will turn up their hands, with the last player, the aggressor showing their hands first. Whoever holds the best five-card hand wins the pot.

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Bitcoin poker pay table: Calculating the odds

Bitcoin poker can be a maths-heavy game where you have to calculate the odds and probabilities to see your profit chances. With this quantitative information, you can decide what to do to get the maximum profit with minimum loss while knowing your bet limit and when you should fold.

Knowing what the odds are for your hand prevents you from making bad decisions and makes the difference between winning and losing a game. 

Poker odds and pot odds

When talking about poker odds, you cover several aspects of poker maths. One is understanding the number of outs your hand has and how you can determine the likelihood of being dealt the cards you need to win. 

Another aspect is the pot odds. Understanding it helps you decide whether or not you can profit from a call. Often, this is used alongside equity and hand odds to help you assign hand ranges on your opponents

Poker outs

Poker outs are any cards in the deck that can help improve your hand. Below is a table of common draw scenarios on the number of outs you have and the specific cards you need to win:

Photo taken from

Pot odds

Pot odds are the ratio between the pot's size and your bet's size. Knowing this helps you decide whether to call the bet or not and how much you'll gain from it.

For example, if the starting pot is 10 mBTC and your opponent bets 5 mBTC, the pot becomes 15 mBTC, and you have to bet 5 mBTC to win it. This puts your odds at 15:5 or 3:1 when simplified. This makes your pot odds 3:1 with a percentage ratio of 75% to 25%. 

Another way of interpreting this is that if you match the bet and win the current pot, you'll get 3 mBTC for every 1 mBTC bet you make. 

With this form of poker odds, you know that if a player bets half the pot, you must have the best hand at least 25% of the time if you want to profit from a call. You then make the necessary decisions based on this calculation. 

How does poker pay out?

In poker, the minimum bet depends on the blind and whoever raises the bet. However, there is no maximum limit to the bets. Every decision you make on your bet depends on the calls or raises from your opponents. This means there's no limit to how much you want to bet as long as it's within the call range. 

For example, the big blind is set at 10 mBTC. You can call at that amount or raise it to 20 mBTC or even 1 BTC depending on your hand. Since there's no limit to the bets you and your opponents can place, this just means that the pot size will vary depending on the game you are in. 

Why play online Bitcoin poker?

The many advantages Bitcoin gambling poker provides, like security and anonymity, make this way of playing poker all the better. It's more favourable to high-roller players and anyone looking for a more efficient way to play higher-limit poker.

These are just a few benefits of playing BTC poker. Check out the rest in more detail below:


When you play poker with Bitcoin, you'll feel secure with the bets you place, thanks to blockchain technology. Since it uses cryptography and tight encryptions to secure all transactions, rest assured that your funds will be safe when transferred to your account. 

Moreover, you won't need to provide your banking details when playing poker with Bitcoin. This keeps your information secure from the prying eyes of third-party applications and hackers. Aside from this, your gambling transactions won't appear on your monthly bank statements, which can help sidestep questions from financial institutions. 

Quick payment processing

Quick payment processing is one of the most satisfying things about playing poker with Bitcoin. Making deposits and withdrawals happens in just a flash! You must input your Bitcoin wallet address on Bitcasino to either deposit or withdraw crypto from your account. Moreover, the transactions are processed immediately. No more waiting for a few banking days for it to reflect on your wallet. 

Higher limit

Most poker players are high rollers who want to experience a much more glamorous form of betting. Playing Bitcoin for poker gives you a chance to play at a higher limit than usual because of its digital nature. Moreover, the table limits are also higher in BTC poker, so you can place bigger bets when raising the bet. 

Privacy and anonymity

Arguably, the greatest advantage of crypto is privacy and anonymity. Because all transactions are pseudonymous, it's hard to trace transactions you make while gambling back to you. This gives you the privacy you need when playing poker. No one has to know that you play or the amount of money you place in the pot.

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What are Bitcoin poker tournaments?

To make things more interesting, some online casinos offer Bitcoin online poker tournaments to players. These competitions are much like your regular live poker tournaments but done on online tables and with Bitcoin as wagers. The stakes are higher with massive prize pools that can be yours if you successfully win a hand. 

However, online Bitcoin poker tournaments' game duration is shorter than their live counterpart. It only takes a few minutes for the game in the Bitcoin poker room to finish, which is a far cry from the gruelling hours of play at a live competition. 

What's more is that throughout the game, you remain anonymous. No one will know who you are, which adds to the thrill of the game. 

Bitcoin poker games you can play at Bitcasino is the best poker site where you can play with Bitcoin. An array of titles sourced from world-class developers that provide an experience like no other are waiting for you here. What's more exciting is that you can play different game variations here, like Texas Holdem, Triple Card and Stud Poker. 

Get to know more about the poker games you can play as you browse below:

In Between Poker by OneTouch

  • Game developer: OneTouch
  • Game type: Table game
  • RTP: 94.59%
  • Min. bet: 0.05 mBTC
  • Max. bet: 100 mBTC


OneTouch never fails to bring in the classics when developing timeless games. In Between Poker is one such game wherein you can enjoy the gameplay of three-card poker but with a modern twist. 

Each round starts with you choosing your in-between poker bet and placing your wagers on the table. Then, the cards are revealed in a squeeze-style animation that adds to the thrill of the overall experience. 

In Between Poker has an RTP of 94.59%, wherein you can win massive payouts with your main bet and side bets. You can win 1,000:1 odds if lady luck is on your side. 

Russian Poker by OneTouch

  • Game developer: OneTouch
  • Game type: Table game
  • RTP: 99.54%
  • Min. bet: 0.05 mBTC
  • Max. bet: 10 mBTC


Unlike any other poker variations, Russian Poker by OneTouch pits you against the dealer in a 5-card-draw game. The goal is to beat the dealer's hand by having a higher point value made from the community cards. 

This game can truly raise the stakes with the excitement that the gameplay mechanics brings to the table. At an RTP of 99.54%, you stand to gain up to 100x your stake just by creating the best hand possible with the cards dealt on the table. Ready to beat the dealer in this exciting game of poker? Play it now and grab the chance to win the magnificent prize pot!

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker by Evolution

  • Game developer: Evolution
  • Game type: Live dealer
  • RTP: 97.96%
  • Min. bet: 0.05 mBTC
  • Max. bet:  200 mBTC


Instead of playing against other players, you are pitted against the house in Evolution's live table game of Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker. The goal is simple: you need to have a better hand than the dealer to win massive payouts. You can also place side bets to reap the sweet prize of up to 1,000x your stake!

Evolution upped the standard in this poker title not only for its massive prize pool but also because of the studio setup for the game. A lively dealer'll welcome you at an extravagant table wherein you feel like a high roller every time you place your wagers. You stand to gain massive payouts at an RTP of 97.96% just by having a better hand. 

Casino Holdem by Ezugi

  • Game developer: Ezugi
  • Game type: Live dealer
  • RTP: 97.84%
  • Min. bet: 0.02 mBTC
  • Max. bet: 25 mBTC


Ezugi's Casino Hold 'em is another variation to the 5-card draw wherein you have to beat the dealer's hand using your hand and the five community cards dealt on the table. This exciting poker game can pump up your adrenaline as you place your bets on the table. You stand to gain up to 500x your stake at an RTP of 97.84% when lady luck is on your side. So start playing and place your bets on the table to win massive payouts on this game.

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How to deposit and cash out with Bitcoin poker

Never miss out on the thrill of playing online poker here at Bitcasino. You must sign up and deposit money into your account with your chosen payment method to start making bets. But how to deposit into online poker using Bitcoin? Also, how can you withdraw your winnings after playing? Will you need to sign up for an exchange just to play? 

Follow these steps below to learn how to use Bitcoin to play online poker:

Deposit method

  1. First, log into your Bitcasino account or sign up for one
  2. Click on the Deposit button on the upper right side of the screen
  3. Choose Bitcoin from the currency options and a payment method to place your deposit
  4. Copy the address to your wallet or exchange or scan the presented QR code to deposit crypto into your account. 

Withdrawal method

  1. Click on the Deposit button on the upper right side of the screen and click on withdraw
  2. Choose a currency and a withdrawal method and enter the value of the crypto you wish to withdraw
  3. Click next, then copy and paste your wallet address or scan the QR code to withdraw the money into your wallet.

Place your bets and enjoy online poker Bitcoin at Bitcasino

With the right knowledge about Bitcoin poker, you're now ready to play poker with Bitcoin! But to start, ask yourself where to play poker with Bitcoin first. Luckily, you don't have to look further because Bitcasino has everything you need and more. Here, you can enjoy poker nonstop with the various titles at your fingertips.

Gain the upper hand at poker and win a gigantic prize pot on the games you can play here at Bitcasino. It is the best poker site where you can play with Bitcoin for the experience and the payouts you stand to gain.

FAQs about Bitcoin poker

Can you play Bitcoin poker with no deposit?

At Bitcasino, you must first place your deposit to play poker. To do this, just copy and paste the wallet address on Bitcasino's deposit page and top up your account. Afterwards, you can start placing your wagers. 

What is the best Bitcoin casino video poker?

Tons of titles are available at Bitcasino if you're looking for video poker games, but one title stands out. Russian Poker by OneTouch is a classic video poker game. It offers 5-card draw gameplay wherein you must beat the dealer's hand to win the prize pot. It's an exciting game you should play when depositing crypto into your account at Bitcasino. 

Which Bitcoin wallet is for online poker?

Tons of Bitcoin wallets are available today, and you can choose between mobile, desktop or hardware wallets which would fit your needs better. If you're a player on the go, you might want to opt for hot wallets to easily move your Bitcoin from your wallet to your Bitcasino account. Consider choosing between Metamask vs Coinbase wallets and decide which is the best for you.

Where to buy Bitcoin to play poker

You can buy Bitcoin on many exchanges available online. You can also purchase Bitcoin through the different payment options available at Bitcasino, depending on your region, so you won't have to go to a different site. 

Once you've funded your account with Bitcoin, you can play Bitcoin poker anytime you want, anywhere you are. 

Why do poker players trust Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency. It's also the top-performing cryptocurrency in market capitalisation and value, making it liquid and accessible. That's why poker players trust Bitcoin when gambling. Its increasing value can bring massive returns, especially when you hit it big at a poker table. 

Is Bitcoin poker safe?

Bitcoin is powered by encrypted blockchain technology that makes transactions safe and secure. Rest assured, third-party applications and hackers won't compromise your transactions. 

Words by: Sunday Carreon

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Bitcoin poker essentials: How to get started