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What It Takes to Win A Poker Hand

What It Takes to Win A Poker Hand


Poker is one of the games that a player can easily pick up. This easy-to-learn game fascinated a lot of players causing an increase in its popularity at the turn of the century. There are various poker variants that you can play and each has its own set of rules. Some require that there are five cards dealt to each player, but the most basic of the variants only deals two cards along with five other community cards that can be used by all the players.

Playing Poker is easy. The game starts with everyone putting their antes in the pot before the cards are dealt by the dealer. Each of the participating players will be dealt two cards starting from his/her leftmost side. Before the dealer puts down the first round of Community Cards, all the players are asked for their actions which are either calling, raising or folding before the game can move on.

After everyone is finished with their actions, the dealer can now deal the first three community cards called the Flop. There is another round of actions before the Turn and the River are dealt. Now, if there is only one player left standing at this point, he/she automatically wins the round. But, if there are two or more players still left with a hand, then they would compare the hands that they are holding. This is when knowing each of the houses that can be your winning hand comes in handy.

In order to determine if you got a winning hand, you first need to learn what houses there are that you can form. A House is the set of five cards that are made to be the best combination for you to win. There’s a total of 10 winning hands that you can form in a poker game. The highest possible combination you can get is the Royal Flush. On the other hand, the Ace High Card is the lowest you can form. Here is the list of houses you can form:

  1. Royal Flush - This is the highest possible combination a player can get. It is composed of the highest cards that come from the same suit: 10, Jack, Queen, King and the Ace. Some casinos also consider the card suits to determine the highest group of cards.
  2. Straight Flush - The combination of consecutive cards starting from the number 2 card to the King card that also came from the same suit.
  3. Four of a Kind - The cards the player is holding consist of four cards with the same value. A winning hand is determined by which set of cards has a higher value.
  4. Full House - The cards a player is holding has a pair and three cards of the same value. The same as four of a kind, the winning hand is determined by which set has a higher value.
  5. Flush - This house attained when a player is holding a set of cards belonging to the same suit. It does not require the cards to be in any particular order. 
  6. Straight - This is when the player is holding cards that are in consecutive order, however, are not from the same suit. The values of the cards can be anywhere between the number 2 card and the King card
  7. Three of a Kind - The player is holding three cards that have the same value. Along with four of a kind and a full house, the winner is determined by which set of cards possess a higher value.
  8. Two Pair - The player is holding two sets of cards that form a pair. Both sets of cards have to possess the same values. The same principle is applied in determining the winner as the four or three of a kind and a full house; whose hand has a higher value of pairs.
  9. One Pair - Whenever a player is holding two cards that form a pair. Like the above-mentioned pairs, the winner is determined by which set has the highest pair. Because it is possible that two people can be in possession of the same sets of card values, another aspect is added, the kicker. The kicker is any card within the community and hand cards that has the highest value amongst all the cards on the table.
  10. The Highest Ace - This is when no house can be made and only the highest possible card is available in a winning hand. The highest possible card value you can win with is the Ace. This is considered the lowest possible hand that you can win with.

Though most poker variants consider the Ace card as the highest card in a deck, it is not the same for some poker variants that you can play. Other poker variants consider the King card as the highest card in the deck while the Ace only contains the value of 1. The same can be said for the card suits. There are casinos that consider the highest suit to be the Hearts, but most casinos consider it to be the Spade. 

It is safe to say that your gaming experience can vary depending on which casino and which poker variant you are playing. There are no two experiences that can be the same, just like there are no two games that can have the same exact flow. As poker is a game that relies on pure luck, wit and smarts, there are games that you can lose and games that you can win. All you have to do is trust your guts and calculate all the possibilities that you can see. Of course, knowing the houses you can win with is the most crucial part of winning. So try your hand on the various poker games that you can play when you visit Play and win like a pro.

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What It Takes to Win A Poker Hand
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