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Everything You Need to Know About Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club

Fri Dec 27 2019 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The Bitcasino Loyalty Club offers its members brilliant benefits that they can unlock the more they play and enjoy. 

In addition to accessing some of the greatest game in the world by some of the best service providers, the Bitcasino Loyalty Club offers its members an exclusive and exciting tiered experience, where each level brings with it its own set of unique and enticing rewards. This, in turn, keeps the fun flowing and the gaming experience top-notch from start to finish. 

The points that you collect from playing games in Bitcasino are called Loyalty Level Points (LP). These are needed to level up and unlock personalized prizes. Each of the points you receive is given based on bet value and a few other factors. For instance, if you put in a bet of 1 EUR, you could unlock 5 LPs. This means that the higher you bet, the more points you stand to earn. 

There are 7 Loyalty Levels to tap into called Milestones. These milestones will reward you with various prizes, freebies, and benefits that get better with every level you surpass. Each of these levels requires a certain number of points that you can save up for. You can move to the next level whenever you surpass a certain number of points. Don’t worry about being short on points and not reaching the next level because there are 1x to 3x multipliers that can help you. You can learn how to level up your membership when you read through this guide.

Here is a quick run-down of the levels and their point requirements:

  • Level 1 = Beginner
    • You are automatically on this level as soon as you register an account.
  • Level 2 = Fan
    • The moment you play and wager real money in a game, you’ll automatically enter this level. 
  • Level 3 = Expert
    • Reaching 3,750 points will bring you up to this level. This level also contains three other milestones where you will need to acquire 12,471 up to 28,508 points.
  • Level 4 = Master
    • The moment you reach 30,000 points, you are levelled up. There will be four more milestones that you need to surpass within this level by acquiring 84,413 up to 242,283 points.
  • Level 5 = Guru
    • Entering this level means you just surpassed 250,000 points. As this is the 5th level, this means that there are five individual milestones that you need to surpass. You can do this by acquiring 348,276 up to 734,054 points.
  • Level 6 = Legend
    • Surpassing 750,000 points means you are automatically entered into the 6th level which earns you Legend status. There are nine milestones that you can unlock when you surpass 1,083,567 up to 3,642,229 points.
  • Level 7 = VIP
    • You’ve reached the VIP level when you surpass 3,750,000 points. All the dedication paid off big time. You are now officially a part of the most prestigious level that you can obtain.

You Can Receive The Following Rewards

Now that you have come to know the various levels of the Loyalty Club, you can move on to learning about the rewards that come with it. You will find that there are only two types of rewards you can receive: 

  • Milestone Rewards
    • You can obtain anything from free spins, bonuses to points multipliers. You can obtain these Milestone Rewards every time you accumulate enough points to claim them.
  • Rebate Cash
    • You will earn these depending on the house edge percentage of your chosen game. Since the average house edge of slot games is 4% or mɃ0.4, you can earn back mɃ9.6 for every mɃ10 bet you make.

Once you’re a VIP-level player, you can get back mɃ0.04 for every bet you make because the rebate percentage is at 10%. All rebate cash you will receive is put in the reward balance wallet without restrictions, regardless of your bet outcome. 

Remember to use your rebate points before they expire, as they get reset every six months. The reward points you obtain can be withdrawn at any time and converted into cash. 

Finally, Bitcasino offers each of its member unique rewards: such as cashback promotions, leaderboards or free spins! Bitcasino gives away up to €900,000 in prizes on a monthly basis. The prizes given out can be in the form of live raffles, wager-free bonuses, free spins on new games and more. 

A Take Away From The Bitcasino Loyalty Club

There are no hidden rules when it comes to Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club. Once you start playing games and keep on placing your wagers, you also start levelling up the ladder. You will receive various benefits and prizes when you continuously earn points.

You should watch out for awesome network promotions that come out. This is where you can use your loyalty points. You will also join a lot of different campaigns and events using these points, so keep a steady eye on them and bring home the wins! Playing table games like Baccarat, Blackjack Perfect Pairs, Roulette and slot games like Dynamite Riches will get you started on your journey through the loyalty levels.

Explore genres and worlds of games here at Bitcasino!

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Everything You Need to Know About Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club

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