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The best Crazy Time strategy to win out-of-this-world prizes

The best Crazy Time strategy to win out-of-this-world prizes

The best Crazy Time strategy to win out-of-this-world prizes

Mon Feb 27 2023 01:27:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Want to earn amazing prizes while playing a game show-like online casino game? Then try Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming! This aptly-named live dealer game will treat you to many crazy exciting moments and equally absurd prizes.

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One spin determines your luck in this luck-based money wheel game. But if you're looking for ways to beat the system, you've come to the right place. In this guide, let's look at every Crazy Time winning strategy out there to help you win more prizes.

How to play Crazy Time

Before we get into the different Crazy Time strategies, you must know how to play the game first. Fortunately, it won't take long as it follows straightforward rules and gameplay.

For starters, the rules are a bit similar to roulette since your goal here is to correctly predict which segment of the Crazy Time wheel will eventually land once it stops spinning. However, the game uses an arrow instead of a ball to determine which segment is chosen.

The wheel in question here has 54 different segments, each containing a number, namely 1, 2, 5 and 10 or one of the bonus features in the game, which we'll get into later. For now, here's a step-by-step guide to playing this exciting gambling game:

  1. Lock in your bet by selecting your chip size and placing them on the eight betting options: 1, 2, 5, 10, Pachinko, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time.
  2. After the betting round, wait for the top slot to stop spinning and reveal a random value multiplier and one of the eight possible segments in the wheel.
  3. The game presenter then proceeds to do the Crazy Time spin. Whichever segment stops on the flapper becomes the winning space.
  4. If one of the numbers stops on the flapper, all winnings are paid, and the revealed multiplier from the top slot applies. 
  5. If one of the bonus games stops on the flapper, the dealer goes to its respective machine in the studio to do the feature.


What is the Crazy Time RTP?

Evolution's Crazy Time features an appealing RTP of 95.5%, and of course, it also has a built-in house edge like other casino titles. This percentage pertains to how frequently this game will pay out winnings to its players over Time.

In Crazy Time, each segment has a specific RTP and hit ratio, which pertains to the probability of stopping at the flapper. Moreover, they also have specific payouts, which we've provided in the table above.

Here's a table of the respective hit rate and RTPs of each segment of the wheel in Crazy Time:



Hit Ratio
















Cash Hunt



Coin Flip



Crazy Time



Crazy Time bonuses 

If one of the bonuses appears alongside a multiplier on the top slot, you'll be taken to the bonus game of the same name. Then, the multiplier will apply to whichever prize the feature dictates.

Here are the different Crazy Time bonus games you can land on:


If you've ever watched The Price is Right, you'll be familiar with Pachinko. In this bonus game, a puck is dropped into a wall filled with direction-altering pegs and eventually lands on one of the landing zones containing various multipliers. Whichever multiplier the puck lands on will be applied to your bet. 

However, the puck could also land on a special landing zone called 'double', which doubles all the present multipliers. After that, the puck will be dropped again until it lands on a landing zone or until the multipliers reach a maximum value of 10,000x your bet.

Coin Flip

The coin flip bonus game is as simple as it gets. Each side of the coin will be assigned one of two colours: blue and red. Before flipping the coin, a value will be given to both of them and whichever appears after the flip will be applied to your bet.

Cash Hunt

If you're looking for a more arcade type of bonus game, you hopefully trigger the Cash Hunt bonus! Here, a wall filled with random symbols hiding a random multiplier within appears.

Your task is to choose wisely and shoot which symbol you think holds the best multiplier out of all of them. Whichever multiplier the shot symbol reveals will be applied to your bet.

Crazy Time

The Crazy Time bonus game takes you behind the mysterious red door where a massive 64-segmented wheel filled with valuable multipliers can be found. Here, you can choose between blue, green and yellow flappers.

If your chosen flapper lands on double or triple, all the multipliers will be multiplied by x2 or x3. From there, you'll get a chance to respin and win an even bigger multiplier that will then be applied to your bet.

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How to win in Crazy Time casino

You need to place your bets on the right segments to garner tremendous winnings from this fun and exciting live game show. Doing so rewards you with multipliers and real money, which you can win from the bonus games.

Here's a table to help give you a better understanding of the Crazy Time odds and winnings you can gain based on every bet placed on different segments of the wheel:

Bet Number

No. of Wheel Segments


Payout based on max bet




50,000 USDT




75,000 USDT




18,000 USDT




22,000 USDT




Up to 500,000 USDT

Cash Hunt



Up to 500,000 USDT

Coin Flip



Up to 500,000 USDT

Crazy Time



Best Crazy Time Betting strategies 

As with other casino games such as blackjack, baccarat and more, you can also use various betting strategies while playing Crazy Time to manage your bankroll and win more money.

As explained earlier, the Crazy Time wheel comprises different segments with valuable multipliers and bonus games. Each of them has a specific hit rate, as some appear on more segments on the money wheel than others.

With that in mind, you must decide how much you're willing to stake between the min bet and the max bet. To help you manage your bankroll properly, here are some helpful betting strategies you can use in Crazy Time:

  1. Low-risk strategy (83.33% wheel coverage)

The low-risk betting strategy focuses on the bets covering most of the wheel's segments, the numbers. You'll find 45 numbers on the wheel, and with this strategy, you'll keep placing your bets on some of these segments to garner more wins.

Although you can make more frequent wins, they'll come in small amounts. After all, this is a low-risk betting strategy.

Here's a situational example showing a low-risk strategy at play:

  • Place two units (2 USDT total stake) on 10
  • Place two units (2 USDT total stake) on 5
  • Place two units (2 USDT total stake) on 2
  • Place four units (4 USDT total stake) on 1

This way, you'll cover the majority of the segments on the wheel and have higher chances of landing a win. Thus, you'll be more likely to get double your stake back.

  1. High-risk strategy (16.60% wheel coverage)

If you want to add more spice to your gameplay, use the high-risk or bonus hunter strategy. Contrary to the low-risk one, this focuses on the bonus rounds instead of the numbers.

From the name itself, the goal of the bonus hunter strategy is to hit as many bonus games as possible before your bankroll gets completely depleted. That's why this extreme strategy is for high rollers only. So if you're a casino high roller ready to risk a high amount from your bankroll, this strategy is for you.

And since the risk is high, the winnable prizes using this strategy will be bigger! This is thanks to the fact that the bonus games have better multipliers that can amount to 20,000x of your bet.

  1. Ultra-high-risk strategy (1.85% wheel coverage)

The ultra-high-risk strategy is for daredevils willing to risk it all to bring home a huge paycheck. This strategy ups the ante even further than the high-risk one by having you place your bet only on the Crazy Time bonus game.

Statistically, there is only a 1.85% chance you'll hit the Crazy Time bonus game. However, it can grant you amazing rewards beyond your wildest dreams, especially if the double and triple segments hit your chosen flapper and further increase the multipliers.

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Crazy Time game tips for maximum fun and wins

Aside from the strategies we've tackled above, you should also know some tips and tricks to help you take advantage of this game of chance. Learn how to win the biggest prize after the magical Crazy Time wheel spins in this guide:

  1. Place multiple bets

Placing multiple bets is the Crazy Time best strategy, increasing your chances of winning. Plus, it makes the game more exciting at the same time.

  1. Don’t be afraid to bet on the bonus games

Although the odds of bonus games stopping on the flapper are lower than the numbers, you shouldn't be afraid to bet on them. These bonus games offer the most fun times in this title and can also grant amazing winnings at the same time.

  1. Try different strategies

Don't forget to mix and match the strategies we've mentioned above. It all boils down to your preference: do you like playing with higher risks for bigger prizes or the opposite?

You can also bring betting strategies such as the Martingale into the mix. In this popular betting strategy, you double your bet after every loss and return to the original bet after every win. Doing so can cut back your losses and result in break-even.

And if you're asking if the Martingale strategy really works, why not go ahead and find out for yourself?

Play Crazy Time casino for a crazy fun time

At Bitcasino, high-rollers get nothing but pure entertainment as you win more amazing prizes in Crazy Time. You'll be glued to your seat for hours on end when you play this game and experience its fun and rewarding gameplay.

With ludicrous prizes and equally crazy bonuses on the line, each wager you gamble in this game will be worth it, so deposit now and play Crazy Time at Bitcasino today!

FAQs about Crazy Time

How does the game Crazy Time work?

Crazy Time is a game of chance where you can win by placing your bets on the segment you think the flapper will stop on once the wheel stops. If you bet right, you can either win a random multiplier or a bonus game where you can win even bigger prizes.

Where can you play Crazy Time?

You can play Evolution Gaming's Crazy Time here at Bitcasino and enjoy a wonderful and exciting time filled with prizes and fun moments.

What is the RTP for Crazy Time?

The RTP differs on the different bets you can place in Crazy Time, which ranges from 94.33% to 96.08%.

Words by: Jericho Paradeza

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The best Crazy Time strategy to win out-of-this-world prizes