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Are you a casino high roller?

Are you a casino high roller?

Are you a casino high roller?

Fri Sep 16 2022 01:43:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Casino high rollers are the rich daredevils of land-based and online casinos. They play not just to win the jackpot but also to experience the thrills that come with betting big. They also get special treatment with exclusive perks, promotions and even access to the prestigious VIP club

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Are you part of this elite crowd? Let’s find out what is considered a high roller at a casino and how you can become one here at Bitcasino. 

What are casino high rollers?

High rollers are casino players that place bigger bets compared to the average. They often play casino games with high minimum bet requirements, typically betting anywhere between $25 minimum to a maximum of $100,000. 

Casino high rollers usually prefer casino games that rely only on luck, such as high-limit slots, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. This is because high-rollers like to play for quick thrills to see how far their luck can go in a high-stakes game. 

How to know if you are a high roller player

As loyal casino patrons, high rollers get only the best of the best casino experiences. They are the elites when it comes to online platforms like Bitcasino. To know if you're part of this exclusive crowd, here are the makings of such a player: 

  1. Chooses games with high wagering limits

Games with high betting ranges and high stakes are the playground of casino high rollers. The higher the maximum wager, the more attractive it will be for high-roller players. These games offer the most significant payouts among any casino games, making them the perfect fit for high rollers and VIP players. 

Bitcasino’s Bombay VIP Club is an excellent example of a gaming category that will attract high rollers. The wagering limits can go as high as $100,000 per round, which can surely turn the heads of high roller players. 

  1. Always places the maximum bet

For some high rollers, a game's maximum bet is their minimum. They always bet as high as the game will accept to up the stakes and make the game more exciting. 

High rollers are not afraid to bet as high as $100,000 per game. If you’re already going beyond the $50,000 mark, you’re a certified high roller player.

  1. Likes playing alone

Some high rollers prefer playing alone or in an exclusive betting spot where they have the table to themselves. They value privacy and security, especially since they bet vast amounts of money.

There are plenty of Salon Prive games with private tables exclusive only to one player at a time. In this exclusive game category at Bitcasino, you can place high bets on live dealer games with only the dealer present.

  1. Does not stick to one game when playing

High roller gambling does not mean playing one game for too long. Whatever game catches the high rollers’ attention, whether a live casino game or a slot game, high rollers usually like to experiment with their online betting experience. 

Bitcasino’s VIP Club and high roller games are places for all high roller players looking for next-level gambling. From accessing exclusive games to winning luxurious rewards, you can look forward to all these and more.

What special perks can high rollers expect?

Generally, casinos shower high rollers with exclusive rewards, which average gamblers don’t get. At Bitcasino, you can look forward to cashback rewards, point multipliers and more as you bet and rank up our Loyalty Club. The more and higher you bet, the faster you can level up and get bigger bonuses.

Moreover, high rollers may get invited to our exclusive Bitcasino VIP club, where you can experience the ultimate thrills that money can’t buy such as luxury yacht trips, tickets to premier matches and tournaments. 

At Bitcasino, you can truly relish your high roller status, all with lavish rewards left and right.

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Casino high roller perks at the Bitcasino VIP Club

The casino VIP club is the epitome of the high roller status at Bitcasino. Only a select few can enjoy the special perks and once-in-a-lifetime rewards offered below: 

VIP Manager 

As an important patron, you'll have a personal VIP Manager to address all your inquiries and gaming needs at Bitcasino. If you have questions about your VIP status or want updates on the latest VIP Club offerings, they will be there to help.

The best perk of having a personal VIP staff is the privilege of direct customer care that ensures you the best casino experience Bitcasino can offer. 

Invitations to prestigious events 

Next, casino VIP Club members at Bitcasino get to enjoy prizes outside of winning in casino games. Think trips to the best parts of the world and all-access passes to awaited matches and tournaments of the year. 

To give you an idea, VIP Club members witnessed the FIFA World Cup in Moscow last 2018 and the Rugby World Cup Final in Yokohama in 2019, all while enjoying 5-star hotel accommodations. 

Promotions and special offers 

Lastly, VIP members get casino VIP rewards and other special promotions and offer ahead of other players. These include leaderboard challenges, exclusive raffles and $2,000,000 worth of prizes given away monthly. You can check out some of the promotions published regularly upon being an official VIP club member. 

Tips on how to become a casino high roller

When it comes to rewards and thrills, high roller gamblers undoubtedly get the best out of VIP player casino platforms. So if you aren’t one already, here’s how you can become a casino high roller: 

  1. Make bigger deposits and bets

The first step to becoming a high roller is making bigger bets when playing live dealer games. Instead of smaller bets from $5 to $100, amp it up and place bets in the thousands or tens of thousands.

  1. Work your way up the player ladder

To truly seal your high roller status, climb through the ranks in our Loyalty Club by playing selected casino games and earning points based on your bet size. 

Reach all 7 levels and get prizes such as milestone rewards, rebate cash and more. Here’s the list of levels and how many points are needed to level up: 

  • Level 1 - Beginner (0 to 4 points) 
  • Level 2 - Fan (5 to 3,749 points)
  • Level 3 - Expert (3,750 to 29,999 points) 
  • Level 4 - Master (30,000 to 249,999 points)
  • Level 5 - Guru (250,000 to 749,999 points)  
  • Level 6 - Legend (750,000 to 3,749,999 points) 
  • Level 7 - Hero (3,750,000 points).

The best high roller casino games at Bitcasino

At Bitcasino, you can find a wide selection of high-wager games where you can bet anywhere between $25 and $100,000. This is all thanks to the Bombay Club, a game category and lobby made especially for high-roller players Check the best of them below: 

Bombay Club Live High Roller Baccarat

Brought to you by OneTouch, Bombay Club Live High Roller Baccarat has a minimum bet of $25 to a maximum of $100,000. It features baccarat’s simple gameplay that players love but with a high betting requirement and range made especially for high rollers. 

Moreover, live dealer baccarat is a popular option for high rollers because of its 50/50 odds. It is ideal for big bets since you can win rewards as big as your initial bet.


Roulette 1

Bitcasino’s Bombay Club spruces up the classic roulette casino game with Roulette 1. Offering a bet range of $0.50 to $500, this game is perfect for high rollers who want plenty of betting options. 

Live roulette has never been so thrilling, especially with such high stakes. This game is a must-try for high rollers because of its fast gameplay, variety of betting options and high payouts.


Baruto Baccarat

Baruto is a famous Estonian sumo wrestler who has shown his love for the world of sports and live casino games. You can meet Baruto virtually through OneTouch’s Baruto Baccarat game. Instead of simply watching the dealer shuffle and reveal the cards, you can look forward to seeing Baruto and his entertaining reactions in the background. 

With a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $100,000, high rollers can enjoy playing with high stakes alongside the game’s entertaining graphics and gameplay.


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Frequently Asked Questions: Casino high rollers

How much do high rollers bet?

High roller players typically bet in the thousands range, often at the $25,000 mark and above. Some bet a minimum of $100,000 depending on the game’s wager limits.

How do I become a high roller player? 

You can become a high roller player by placing bigger bets on high-stakes games. For example, you can consistently place the maximum bet of $100,000 at Bitcasino’s Bombay Club games like Bombay Club Live High Roller Baccarat or Baruto Baccarat.

What bets do I place in high roller games?

The bets you can place in high roller games depend on their minimum and maximum bet limit. For example, the Bombay Club Lobby at Bitcasino offers betting ranges from $1 to $100,000. If you wish to be a high roller, get into the $50,000 mark and above when placing your bets. 

What rewards can I get in high roller bets? 

Aside from being a part of the exclusive VIP club at Bitcasino, you can also make massive rewards while placing high roller bets. From casino bonuses to special event access and $2,000,000 worth of prizes, a lot of rewards are in store for high rollers. 

How to earn VIP status in online casino programs?

Most online casinos give exclusive invitations to players worthy of VIP status. These are often bettors who consistently play and place high bets. So if you want to be a VIP, be a constant high roller and get the casino’s attention. 

Enjoy the high-roller online casino lifestyle at Bitcasino

Not all online casinos cater to casino high rollers and their gaming preferences. Some offer subpar bonuses or none at all. At Bitcasino, you can rest assured that you’re in a haven for high rollers with our Loyalty and VIP clubs that reward loyal patrons.

Here, high roller players can place huge bets and play for the thrill of winning, all while being rewarded with seasonal promotions, events and tournaments. Find your place among the elites when you play the different baccarat, blackjack and roulette games available at Bombay Club. 

Words by: Adi Gregorio

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Are you a casino high roller?