Winning an iPhone has never been easier!

Completing your player's account with missing data?
Every other website is asking you to do this, but at Bitcasino you have at least one good reason for that!

Here's the deal - enter and save your mobile phone number (together with the correct country code) on the Account tab of your player profile settings, and you will be automatically entered into the iPhone 13 raffle held on January 24th!

You got it right, it takes minimum action on your end - in less than 10 seconds you can secure a raffle ticket for yourself, just make sure to do it until January 23rd.

And it probably goes without saying that we are asking you to provide your valid phone number - the lucky winner is getting a call from us to be told the great news!

NB! Players who have previously provided their phone number are also participating in the raffle. And if your phone number has changed in the meantime - please feel free to update it in the Account tab.

I want an iPhone!

The winner is: akihi*****7

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Winning an iPhone has never been easier!