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    Ascend to the Grand Scale of Things in the Tower of Power!

    Welcome, adventurer! Sit down by the fire and listen closely to this. In the farthest lands beyond any kingdom’s reach, there stood a tower that no man has ever entered and lived. Legends say that it holds true power that only the worthy can achieve. Now, dear friend, do you have what it takes to prove yourself in the Tower of Power bitcoin slot?

    Take all the essentials you need when you spin the reels at an RTP of 96.10%. You’ll come across hurdles that will challenge your strength, so be sure to continue your climb and get to the top where bountiful rewards await. You can get as much as 100,000 credits in every spin at Gamomat’s casino slot Tower of Power!

    Tower of Power Details



    Game Type

    Video Slots







    Minimum Bet

    0.10 credit

    Maximum Bet

    100 credits


    100,000 credits

    Tower of Power: Become a Force to be Reckoned With

    Stretch out your legs and carry light baggage, so you will not be weighed down as you ascend the Tower of Power bitcoin slot. Feel the force accumulate in every step you take! It’ll power you enough to take all 5 reels for a spin. 

    Fuel every spin when you place a wager that you prefer. You can bet from a minimum of 0.10 credit to a maximum of 100 credits per spin. Watch as all paying symbols form a winning combination that is made up of three or more identical symbols. 

    To make this combination count for a win in casino slot Tower of Power, the symbols should land on any of the active paylines across the reels. There are a total of 10 ways to win in this video slot game, so you have plenty of chances to rack up prizes.

    Slot Symbols

    Regular paying symbols of this video slot game are illustrated as classic slot icons. These symbols come as delectable fruits that will energize your rise to power in every spin. They are cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, and watermelon. 

    Refer to the subsequent table for their corresponding payout values based on the maximum wager you can place:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Cherry, Lemon

    100 credits

    250 credits

    1,000 credits

    Orange, Plum

    100 credits

    250 credits

    1,500 credits


    250 credits

    1,000 credits

    2,500 credits


    500 credits

    2,000 credits

    5,000 credits

    On the other hand, you can accumulate substantial amounts of prizes with the help of the lucky number 7 symbol. It will make you soar fast to the top with sky-high rewards such as the following:

    • Landing a combination of 3 lucky seven symbols will reward you with 1,000 credits.
    • Landing a combination of 4 lucky seven symbols will reward you with 5,000 credits.
    • Landing a combination of 5 lucky seven symbols will reward you with 10,000 credits.

    Get more chances of winning when you land Scatter symbols on the reels of Tower of Power bitcoin slot. The Scatter symbol is depicted as the fiery tower that is brimming with unbridled force. It pays in any position on the reels with the following rewards:

    • A combination of 3 Scatter symbols can pay 150 credits.
    • A combination of 4 Scatter symbols can pay 250 credits.
    • A combination of 5 Scatter symbols can pay 500 credits.
    • A combination of 6 Scatter symbols can pay 750 credits.
    • A combination of 7 Scatter symbols can pay 1,250 credits.
    • A combination of 8 Scatter symbols can pay 2,000 credits.
    • A combination of 9 Scatter symbols can pay 3,000 credits.
    • A combination of 10 Scatter symbols can pay 5,000 credits.
    • A combination of 11 Scatter symbols can pay 9,000 credits.
    • A combination of 12 Scatter symbols can pay 15,000 credits.
    • A combination of 13 Scatter symbols can pay 25,000 credits.
    • A combination of 14 Scatter symbols can pay 40,000 credits.
    • A combination of 15 Scatter symbols can pay 100,000 credits.

    Bonus Feature

    Be brave and bold when you activate the bonus feature of this video slot game. Double your winnings in the Card Gamble feature. All you need to do is correctly predict the colour of the card to be displayed. In the case of a loss, you will be returned to the base game.

    Tower of Power: Where Wonders Never Cease

    Gamomat’s casino slot Tower of Power will ignite the hidden force in you with its striking visuals and inspiring sound effects. From the start, an ominous voice welcomes you to the tower and a piece of adventurous music will play in the background.

    Feel the heat go up to the extreme with the colour scheme inspired by the burning coals. You’ll see swirls of black smoke while stripes of red glow hypnotically like embers. Meanwhile, the symbols of this video slot game will quench you with its luscious fruits and a breathtaking view of the tower. It’s an adventure quite like no other, so are you ready for it?

    Tower of Power: Tall, Dark, and Handsomely Generous

    What’s ahead of you may look daunting, but brave on to prove your worth. Venture on the mighty quest to stand tall on top of the Tower of Power bitcoin slot! Take the reels for a lucky spin and get a chance to accumulate massive payouts that can amount up to 100,000 credits!

    Gamomat has a lot of adventures to offer you with its great collection of video slot games. Announce and pledge your allegiance to the King and Queen when you spin the reels. Ride the Dragon of the Princess to take you to the highest possible wins! All you need is a compatible device that you prefer such as your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.


    Tower of Power