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The Intensely Powerful Sea Hunter

You are tasked to hunt for riches underwater where many sea creatures await. They are hiding these riches and you can only get them if you are brave and lucky enough to fire cannonballs. You are guaranteed big rewards when you finally learn how to fire these cannons!

Casino slot Sea Hunter is a fun slot game with action-packed features and high symbol payouts. You have the potential to win multipliers of up to 15x when you play now.

Sea Hunter Details 


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Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.05 coins

Maximum Bet

100 coins

Sea Hunter: Hunt for Treasures

Look for the treasures of casino slot Sea Hunter in its 3 reels with 5 paylines. It features a cannon that can be filled when you win combinations. All your wins are added and rewarded to you during the end of each spin. You can spin the reels for a minimum of 0.05 coins and a maximum of 100 coins. Play’n GO optimised Sea Hunter bitcoin slot on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


Regular Paying Symbols

The regular paying symbols are jellyfish and different types of fish. They give various prizes when you land 3 of them. You can get the following payouts based on the maximum bet amount:

  • Getting 3 Clownfish symbols can give you 40 coins.
  • Getting 3 Angelfish symbols can give you 80 coins.
  • Getting 3 Pufferfish symbols can give you 140 coins.
  • Getting 3 Jellyfish symbols can give you 200 coins.

High Paying Symbols

The high paying symbols are various sea animals such as a turtle, stingray, octopus, and dolphin. These creatures give high rewards when you hit 3 of them. The following payouts can be awarded to you on a maximum bet amount:

  • Getting 3 Turtle symbols can give you 400 coins.
  • Getting 3 Stingray symbols can give you 600 coins.
  • Getting 3 Octopus symbols can give you 1,000 coins.
  • Getting 3 Dolphin symbols can give you 1,500 coins.


The Wild symbol is represented by a golden bomb. It can replace all other symbols. You can also get paid 2,500 coins when you land it on a maximum bet.

Cannon Feature

Casino slot Sea Hunter features a cannon with a meter that can be filled by winning combinations. It resets to zero when you have a non-winning spin. After getting consecutive spins, there are four cannon power-ups that can be activated: Growth Gun, Sticky Shot, Wild Warhead, and Multiply Mortar.

Cannon 1: Growth Gun

When you win combinations on 2 consecutive spins, this feature is activated. It increases symbol payouts by transforming one random symbol type to a higher one.

Cannon 2: Sticky Shot

After 4 consecutive winning spins, you are granted one free respin. The cannons shoot at one random symbol. When you match symbols including wilds, they remain in their position while the other reels respin.

Cannon 3: Wild Warhead

The cannon randomly gives you up to 3 wilds after having 5 consecutive winning spins.

Cannon 4: Multiply Mortar

You get one free spin after getting 6 consecutive winning spins. This feature guarantees a win multiplied by up to x15. The multiplier you get is randomly picked by Sea Hunter bitcoin slot.

Sea Hunter: Underwater Action

Sea hunter takes you for some action deep down the salty waters. You are bound to meet different sea creatures that can give you various rewards. 

Starting with the regular paying symbols, these adorable fish have designs loyal to their visuals in actuality. The clownfish has orange and white colours while the angelfish has its trademark wide shape. You can get pricked by the thorns of the pufferfish.

The high paying symbols have fiery designs. The turtle has purple tattoos on its body while the stingray has orange streaks that resemble flames. The octopus looks intimidating while the blue dolphin exudes a powerful aura.

Sea Hunter: Start Huntin’

You can grab sparkling gold coins from the adorable sea creatures when you get friendly with them while playing casino slot Sea Hunter. There are several features you can activate for more chances to win big rewards. After Sea Hunter bitcoin slot, Pearl Lagoon is waiting for your majestic presence to get their hidden Jewel Box!