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    Min - Max bet

    0.02 - 225 USDT


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    About Swintt Monkey Luck

    Monkey Luck is part of Swintt's fantastic game offering. Make sure you keep reading so you don't miss out on this opportunity to know everything about it! The elements of the game, which include Green, Yellow, Jungle, Monkey, Tree, Banana, Cocktail, and Coconut, are a perfect addition to the Jungle and Nature themes. On top of this, you can win with Monkey Luck using cryptocurrency, so get your digital wallet ready!

    Monkey Luck details
    Game TypeVideo Slots
    Release Date15 February 2018
    Min - Max Bet0.02 - 225
    Bonus FeaturesYes
    Digital wallet friendlyMonkey Luck for crypto

    A game's RTP... something to consider

    This game ​has a 3-1 layout and 1 betways. Monkey Luck has a RTP, or “Return to Player” of 95.49% and a house edge of 4.51%. While this isn't the highest RTP you'll encounter as a player, the game itself is worth playing nevertheless.

    Getting tired of the same old stuff?

    Monkey Luck is popular in several leaderboards worldwide, so don't skip this chance to discover the reason behind it! Sometimes, waiting to win is not amusing; with this game, the option to get some smaller payouts regularly is there, due to the low level of volatility. So, with this feature, winning and having fun are the same thing! Monkey Luck Bitcoin ensures that you can bet with both standard and virtual currency, as well as engaging in bonus specifications such as feature: substitution symbols.

    All that glitters is now gold!

    The min and max wagers for this game are 0.02 coins and 225 coins respectively. If you place a bet on Monkey Luck, with traditional currency or using Bitcoin, your winnings could be great. That's phenomenal news, don't you think?

    Up to here, everything looks good. Now what?

    Are you ready to play Monkey Luck? For players who prefer to limit their spending, Monkey Luck will be an appealing slot due to its frequent payouts. And taking into account its low ticket price, this game is perfect for those players who like to avoid higher stake bets but still have a chance of landing a nice win. Additionally, Monkey Luck delivers the smooth performance, innovative gameplay and breathtaking graphics you're looking for. There is a wide variety of features and elements that will surely draw you in. Everything has been properly designed to maximize your gaming experience, and as we stated, to have the ability to play Monkey Luck using digital currency. Now it's easier than ever to get started and be aware of new and exciting ways of winning! Yes, you got it right... prepare your digital wallet because Monkey Luck for cryptocurrency is available! With this new kind of betting, not only standard money is supported (as always) but additionally, a 100% reliable and functional digital system is available to you, which creates new opportunities for betting. Keep on reading so you see how Monkey Luck operates and so you're ready to bet. Now you know why fun is just a spin away, don't you feel it?

    Last but certainly not least

    Monkey Luck has many entertaining features for you to check out, a low volatility and 95.49% RTP, a 3-1 layout, and both standard and digital wallet functionalities. All of that, plus other interesting specs and elements, will greatly elevate your time playing and make your gaming days more interesting. Check out the paytable for the full low-down and find out about all the benefits that this great game offers. A new universe of fun is just a click away!

    Monkey Luck Slot FAQs

    What can I bet on Monkey Luck?

    The minimum spend on Monkey Luck is relatively low at 0.02 coins, while the maximum spend is 225 coins.

    What is the volatility of Monkey Luck?

    Monkey Luck has a low volatility level.

    What is the RTP of Monkey Luck?

    The RTP of Monkey Luck is 95.49%, which is on the lower end of the scale.

    How can I learn more about how to play Monkey Luck?

    Great question - simply go to the paytable on Monkey Luck to learn about the payouts, jackpots and other general instructions on how to play the game.


    Monkey Luck