Golden Shisa


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    Min - Max bet

    0.2 - 100 USDT


    Medium-high volatility



    Hit ratio %


    ゴールデンシーサー(Golden Shisa) 攻略

    After a plane ride that lasted for about five hours, you finally arrive at your destination—a white sand beach on a somewhat isolated island. It is a vacation that you’ve always looked forward to, given that adulthood isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. You walk around the beach, admire the coconut trees swaying against the breeze and feel the sand between your toes. But something unexpected catches your eye—golden Shisa statues sitting on the corner with promising cash prizes and riches. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole and win 2,000 credits?

    Make the most out of your vacation and uncover the wonders of casino slot Golden Shisa. With an RTP of 96.03%, you’re about to rack in wins from the Shisa statues and become victorious!

    Golden Shisa Details



    Game Type

    Video Slots



    Minimum Bet

    0.20 credits

    Maximum Bet

    100 credits


    2,000 credits

    Golden Shisa: Frequently asked questions

    What is the RTP of Golden Shisa?

    Golden Shisa has an appealing RTP of 96.03%

    What is the volatility of Golden Shisa?

    The volatility of Golden Shisa is high.

    What is the max win available for Golden Shisa?

    The maximum coin win is set at 2,000 credits.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Golden Shisa?

    The minimum bet is relatively low at 0.20 credits and the maximum bet is 100 credits.

    How to play Golden Shisa: The statue of fortunes and gems

    Discover the magical rewards of the Golden Shisa for a bucket of riches and fortune! To start, you have to place a minimum waging amount of 0.20 credits or a maximum bet of 100 credits to get you started. Then, you can begin collecting wins left and right while enjoying the view of the horizon in the distance!

    Casino slot Golden Shisa does not follow the standard layout of online slots. You won’t see the typical reels and several paylines on the grid, but that doesn’t mean the game is less exciting. Although it has only one reel and one payline, lots of lucrative rewards are waiting for you in every spin. 

    Pressing the play button will spin the reel inside the Shisa’s mouth. You can only win the round if a symbol appears in the centre of the reel, rewarding you with the corresponding payout.


    Low paying symbols

    Kickstart the adventure when you land low paying symbols that appear as pineapples, papayas, mangoes, watermelons and drums. Landing these on the reel gives you the following payouts based on the maximum bet:




    40 credits


    50 credits


    60 credits


    80 credits


    240 credits

    High paying symbols

    Land high paying symbols on the reel and keep digging into the sand for more rewards! Keep your eyes peeled for the blue, red and gold seven that will reward you with the following payouts listed below:



    Blue seven

    200 credits

    Red seven

    600 credits

    Gold seven

    2,000 credits

    Bonus features

    Respin feature

    Every time you land a seven on the reel, regardless of its colour, you will be rewarded with a respin. This will continue to occur until you hit a win with a symbol other than the number 7.

    Golden Shisa: An Okinawan myth like no other!

    Looking at the crystal-clear water of the ocean feels surreal, especially when it’s basked in the blazing heat of the sun. The Shisa statues in front of you look well-maintained and squeaky clean with their intricate carvings holding centuries of ancient history and anecdotes. Inside their mouths, you see watermelons, mangoes, drums and lucky 7s waiting to reward you with thousands of cash prizes. 

    Several poinsettias grow below the reel. They would bloom and light up every time you land a red seven. Legend has it that these flowers, which were once planted by tribes who lived on the island, help the Golden Shisa protect mortals from evil beings. Thousands of enemies came and wreaked havoc, hoping to pillage the place of its remaining riches and wonders. 

    When it comes to animation, OneTouch took inspiration from anime illustration. The beach, which serves as the main backdrop of the game, looks as if it’s straight out of an anime show. You also have the option to click the Turbo button to see the symbols on the reel pass like a bullet train! 

    Worship the Golden Shisa for a lifetime of luck

    Following the layout and gameplay of a fruit slot game, casino slot Golden Shisa takes the slot excitement up a notch! Be immersed in an Okinawan tale brimming with fortune, riches and luck. The game spins at an RTP of 96.03% and offers a respin feature, along with a jackpot worth 2,000 credits.

    Since the Shisa is considered a guardian of the mortals from evil forces, then it will help you gain a streak of luck throughout the game. Land Juicy 7s and worship the Lucky Lion for bigger payouts!


    Golden Shisa