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0.01 - 187.5 mBTC

Crazy Pachinko: Ultimate blend of slots and live casino

Take your ordinary slot gameplay to a whole new level when you play Crazy Pachinko! This fun-filled live casino game at Bitcasino offers a unique gaming experience with its exciting and generous bonus rounds hosted by a professional croupier in real-time.

Crazy Pachinko is the third spin-off game launched by Evolution, and it's designed to keep you entertained with every spin of the reels. With the 12,000x your bet jackpot, an impressive RTP of 96.05%, and a high volatility rating, this live slot ensures that your gameplay remains exciting and rewarding until the end. 

Curious to know how to play Evolution Crazy Pachinko? Read on to master this exhilarating game and hit big wins.

Crazy Pachinko Details



Game Type

Live slot







Minimum Bet

0.1 USDT

Maximum Bet

3,750 USDT


12,000x your bet

Bitcasino Crazy Pachinko: Unleash the Wild symbols and thrilling bonus rounds

This captivating game features ten paylines and a variety of winning combinations, offering numerous ways to win. Whether you're a casual player or a high roller, Crazy Pachinko caters to all with its minimum bet of just 0.1 USDT and a maximum of 3,750 UDST. 

Be immersed in its 5x3 realistic reels, where you'll encounter a delightful mix of low and high-paying symbols. Additionally, watch out for the special symbols that can trigger the game's exhilarating bonus features.


Low-paying Symbols

As the reels start spinning, you’ll encounter the low-paying symbols in the form of high-ranking cards such as the 10, J (Jack), K (King), Q (Queen), and A (Ace). Land at least three winning combinations of these symbols to seize their respective payouts below:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


0.3x your bet

0.7x your bet

1.5x your bet


0.4x your bet

1x your bet

2x your bet


0.5x your bet

1.3x your bet

2.5x your bet


0.6x your bet

1.5x your bet

3x your bet

High-paying Symbols

The vibrant cherry, bell and mystical wild crystal ball take centre stage as the anticipation builds, offering high payouts and adding a dash of enchantment to your gameplay. Land a winning combination of each of these, and you can expect to receive their corresponding payouts per set below:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


2x your bet

6x your bet

12x your bet


5x your bet

10x your bet

20x your bet

Wild crystal ball

5x your bet

10x your bet

20x your bet

Crazy Pachinko casino game special symbols

Sticky Scatters

Landing three Sticky Scatter symbols activates the bonus round, where you can land multipliers and big payouts. These enchanting Scatters add thrill as they move down one row per spin until they vanish at the bottom, giving you even more chances to score those epic combinations.

Wild Symbol

Not only does this symbol act as one of the high-paying symbols, but it also possesses the incredible power to replace all other symbols on the reels (except for the Sticky Scatter), creating more potential combinations for big winnings.

Crazy Pachinko Bonus game features

Qualification Phase

The main objective is to get three Scatter symbols, and while doing so, you can win payouts for matching symbols on the paylines. The amount you bet is crucial since it determines the value of each multiplier in the final bonus round. Betting more per spin increases your payout in the bonus round.

Multiplier Top-Up Phase

Once you have qualified, you can finally enter the Top-Up phase. Here, you encounter a 4x4 grid called the Top-Up slot, which contains 16 slots for multipliers. Each spin on this generates multipliers ranging from 2x to 10,000x. The default bet amount is the one you qualified with, but you can increase it to boost the multipliers' value proportionally.

The top-up process keeps track of the winning multipliers and prevents additional purchases if the maximum payout amount has been reached. If the current Pachinko round ends in a Double, the time for the Top-Up process is extended. 

Further, if you join the top-up round with less than 10 seconds remaining, you can participate in the next Pachinko Bonus round or stay in the Top-Up phase until the timer finishes. Once the timer reaches zero, you proceed to the next bonus round.

Crazy Pachinko Game

After completing the Top-Up phase, you will enter the main Crazy Pachinko live. This game features a large Pachinko board with 16 prize pockets. The bonus round occurs in the following order:

  1. First, the multipliers and Double symbols are placed in each of the 16 reward pockets.
  2. If a Scatter Multiplier were present, it would be added to all visible multipliers.
  3. Lastly, the preceding phase's Top-Up multipliers are applied to the respective pockets.

At this point, the dealer drops the puck between columns 4 and 12. The puck descends the wall, eventually falling into one of the prize pockets. If the pocket contains a multiplier, your bet is multiplied by that amount, determining your prize payout. If the puck lands in a double pocket, all multipliers are doubled, and the puck is dropped again for another chance. 

However, only one Double sequence may be executed at a time. If the puck lands in another Double pocket, the multipliers stay unchanged, and the puck will be dropped again.

Bonus Buy Feature

If you’re eager to jump right into the thrill of winnings, two features are available for purchase. You can opt for the following:

  • Feature Buy: This option allows you to instantly access the bonus round without entering the qualification phase. It costs 75x your bet amount. By using Feature Buy, you can skip getting three scatter symbols and directly enter the bonus round.
  • Xtreme Spins: This feature guarantees you one scatter symbol on each spin you make. It costs 15x your bet amount per spin. This option can be helpful if you're having difficulty getting three scatters through regular spins. If it takes more than two slot rounds to get three scatters, purchasing Xtreme Spins may be more advantageous.

Crazy Pachinko slot: Takes you to an opulent realm of slot and live casino

As you launch the game, prepare to be mesmerised by the exquisite game design of Crazy Pachinko, set in a fancy studio and backdrop that can transport you to an opulent casino setting.

When bonus rounds are triggered, you are greeted by a lively dealer who adds excitement and authenticity to your gameplay. With every spin and win, the dynamic yet relaxing background music perfectly complements, immersing you in pure bliss.

Evolution Crazy Pachinko: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Crazy Pachinko?

Crazy Pachinko live by Evolution has an RTP of 96.05%.

What is the volatility of Crazy Pachinko?

The volatility of Crazy Pachinko live by Evolution is high.

What is the maximum win available for Crazy Pachinko?

The maximum win of Crazy Pachinko live by Evolution is set at 12,000x your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Crazy Pachinko?

The minimum bet is 0.1 USDT, and the maximum bet is 3,750 USDT. 

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If you’re looking for the best fusion of the classic casino slot and the live dealer experience, then Crazy Pachinko is the perfect game that you should try out. With its fantastic game mechanics, design, and lavishing bonus features, the potential to hit massive payouts is within your reach. 

Don’t let the chance to win pass by. Play Crazy Pachinko with crypto, fund your account, be immersed in its thrilling gameplay, and see where this quirky slot will take you!

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Crazy Pachinko

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