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    Choose your lucky side in Crazy Coin Flip!

    Experience a different take on the classic coin toss game when you play Crazy Coin Flip. Brought to you by Evolution, this live dealer game show features multiple rounds that make for gameplay unlike any other. And with wins as big as €250,000 on the line, who wouldn’t want to try their luck? Boost your winning chances with this Crazy Coin Flip review!

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    Crazy Coin Flip stats: Frequently asked questions

    What is the Crazy Coin Flip RTP

    The Crazy Coin Flip Evolution game has an RTP of 96.05%.

    What is the volatility of the Crazy Coin Flip game

    The volatility of casino slot Crazy Coin Flip is N/A.

    What is the max win available for the Crazy Coin Flip casino game? 

    The maximum payout is set at €250,000.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets of Crazy Coin Flip? 

    The minimum bet is €0.40 and the maximum bet is €1,500.

    What is Crazy Coin Flip?

    Evolution’s Crazy Coin Flip game is your window to an exciting and rewarding game experience! If you enjoy live dealer games and slots, then you can get the best of both worlds in this thrilling game by Evolution. Crazy Coin Flip features three different game rounds that progress as long as you qualify for the next one, bringing you a step closer to big payouts. 

    To get started, you must first find out how to play Crazy Coin Flip with crypto. Then, place a minimum bet of €0.40 to a maximum of €1,500 in the Qualification round. 

    How does Crazy Coin Flip work?

    Learning how to play Crazy Coin Flip with Bitcoin may seem new and complicated at first but it’s simple and the rules are easy to follow.

    Check the steps below to learn how to play Crazy Coin Flip:

    1. Spin the reels in the Qualification round and get 3 Scatters to proceed to the next round
    2. Choose whether to spin the Top-Up reel to get more multipliers or not
    3. Finally, proceed to the live Coin Flip Bonus round where you win a Coin Flip multiplier.

    Get a better idea of how each round works and how to win Crazy Coin Flip in the section below: 

    Qualification Round 

    In this first round, you’ll play a 5-reel slot game complete with 10 paylines, 7 paying symbols and 1 Scatter symbol that can have multipliers. Your goal is to land 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels so you can move on to the next round. 

    To start playing, set your bet from a minimum of €0.40 and a maximum of €1,200. Then, hit the spin button and wait for the reels to stop. If you match at least 3 symbols, you win its corresponding payout.

    Paying Symbols 

    Classic Cherry and Bell symbols as well as high-value cards 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and Ace (A) act as the Qualification round’s slot symbols. Check the table below to see their payouts:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5


    0.2x your bet 

    0.5x your bet 

    1.5x your bet 


    0.3x your bet 

    0.7x your bet 

    2x your bet 


    0.4x your bet 

    1x your bet 

    2.5x your bet 


    0,5x your bet 

    1.3x your bet 

    3x your bet 

    0.6x your bet 

    1.5x your bet 

    3.5x your bet 


    2x your bet 

    6x your bet 

    12x your bet 


    5x your bet 

    10x your bet 

    20x your bet 

    You can also choose from 3 spin modes in this round: 

    • Normal spin - Default gameplay
    • XXXtreme Spin - Grants 2 Scatters for a price to help you qualify for the next round faster
    • Super XXXtreme Spin - Costs 50x your bet and guarantees 2 Scatters with increased chances of landing multipliers.

    Top-Up Round

    After qualifying, you’ll be redirected to the Top-Up Round where you will come across another slot game, this time smaller and with multiplier bonuses instead of the previous paying symbols. At an additional cost, you can spin the reels and get extra multipliers. You can spin and top up as long as you want before proceeding to the next round. 

    This is optional and you can play with your current multiplier (if you have any), but one of the best Crazy Coin Flip tips is to always top up your multipliers before heading over to the Coin Flip Bonus Round. That way, you’ll have a bigger payout! 

    Coin Flip Bonus Round

    Last but not least is the Coin Flip Bonus Round where you’ll find a live host facilitating the game. Once you’ve joined a round, a coin with one blue and one red side appears on the screen. Each side will have a random corresponding multiplier that will apply to all players. 

    Simply choose whether you want to bet on the blue or red side to determine which multiplier you’ll win. Aside from this, you also get all the other multipliers you’ve won in the previous rounds. If you are lucky, the game’s jackpot of €250,000 might be yours to take home! 

    Crazy Coin Flip Evolution: A slot and live dealer hybrid

    With Evolution running the show, expect nothing but stellar graphics and an elaborate set design in Crazy Coin Flip! During the Qualification round, find a brass slot machine on the right side of the screen with a curtain of gems hiding the live show happening behind it. Get a glimpse of the live bonus round while enjoying the glitz and glamour of the reels!

    Play Crazy Coin Flip online at Bitcasino!

    There’s no need to come up with an elaborate Crazy Coin Flip strategy to have a fun and Crazy Time playing. Just place your bets and see where luck takes you. Who knows, they might make a Monopoly Big Baller out of you yet and lead you to the maximum payout of €250,000!


    Crazy Coin Flip