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    Speedrun your way to hefty win in Lotus Speed Baccarat A!

    Feel the adrenaline rush with every flash of cards and don’t miss a beat while playing Lotus Speed Baccarat A! Fun, fast and exciting gameplay awaits with its reduced playtime of 27 seconds. Show the banker whom lady luck favours and place your bets to win hefty rewards now!

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    Lotus Speed Baccarat A: Don’t miss a beat with every flash of cards! 

    Evolution delivers an adrenaline-pumping game in Lotus Speed Baccarat A with its speedy gameplay. Since it’s played at a faster speed, all cards will already be dealt face-up instead of face-down to minimize the gameplay time to only 27 seconds per round. 

    Reach new heights and play fast with an RTP of 98.94%. Experience baccarat like never before with the 8-deck gameplay of Lotus Speed Baccarat A and discover the 6 bonus bets in the game to add thrill to your wager.

    How to play Lotus Speed Baccarat A 

    Lotus Speed Baccarat has a simple gameplay that beginners can easily follow. As soon as you decide to join the game, a selection of bet types will welcome you. These bet types include the banker, player, tie, player or banker pair, perfect pair or either pair. 

    Once you have selected your bet types, you can choose the chip corresponding to the amount you want to wager below the screen. You can place it on the area that corresponds to your selected bet type. 

    At the beginning of the game, you’ll be given three main bet options: the player’s hand, banker’s hand or tie. If your guess is correct, you win the round and the payout is automatically added to your bankroll.


    There are 6 bets in Lotus Speed Baccarat A and almost all of them focus on pairs in the game. The first betting options that you need to know about is the Player and the Banker Pair side bets. These bets are wagers that you can directly make on the mainboard by clicking the B pair or P pair buttons on the screen. Both of the bets will pay you with a win if the first two cards dealt in the game are a pair.

    The next betting options that you need to know are the Perfect Pair, Either Pair, P Bonus and B Bonus. The perfect pair betting option will pay if the Player’s or Banker’s hand has two identical suits and values. If it's the banker with the perfect pair, your pay would be even higher. 

    As for either pair bet, you can only win the corresponding payout if either the Player or the Banker has a pair. Lastly, the P Bonus and B Bonus bets can reward you with a jaw-dropping amount of wins if the game ends with a natural nine or eight value.


    Take a look at the payout ratio of every betting option in Lotus Speed Baccarat A below: 

    • Banker bets reward 0.95:1
    • Player bets reward 1:1
    • Tie bets reward 8:1
    • Player or Banker Pair bet rewards 30:1
    • Either Pair bets reward 5:1
    • Perfect Pair bets reward 25:1 for one perfect pair and 200:1 if you get both hands.

    Lotus Speed Baccarat A: Feel the adrenaline rush!

    Experience live casinos like never before and indulge yourself in the lavish and exorbitant casino set up of Evolution’s Lotus Speed Baccarat A. Get acquainted with the professional hosts of the game and get giddy with excitement as you participate in every high-speed round of baccarat. 

    Lotus Speed baccarat A is a fast-paced gambling game where every second takes you to a new height of thrill. Instead of focusing on the suspense of every card reveal, Lotus Speed Baccarat A shifts perspectives and gets you high on the speed of each betting round.

    Immerse yourself in the authentic casino experience and enjoy the fancy Vegas-style studio of Evolution’s Lotus Speed Baccarat as you wager your way to great wins. Let the upbeat music playing in the background set the mood of your gameplay as you navigate through the game. Challenge the bankers now and see who would earn lady luck’s favour!

    Chase your wins in a high-speed game of baccarat!

    Get high on the thrill of high-speed betting and place your best wagers in Evolution’s Lotus Speed Baccarat A. Have a Crazy Time mastering Lightning Baccarat and see if luck favours you today!


    Lotus Vietnamese Speed Baccarat A