How to buy Bitcoin with Paxful P2P method in Africa?

Getting Started

How to buy Bitcoin with Paxful P2P method in Africa?

This is the easy way to use Paxful via Bitcasino. It will allow you to buy crypto and then use it to automatically deposit into your Bitcasino account

Step 1: Log in to Bitcasino and click the ‘Deposit’ button. 

Step 2: On the Deposit tab, click the arrow on the upper left to see your payment options. 

Step 3: Choose Paxful as your preferred mode of payment. 

Note: Paxful payments are only possible for Bitcoin. 

Step 4: You will then be redirected to their official website. 

NOTE: It is VERY important that  you complete the full transaction on this page. So, even when you receive your verification email, enter the verification code on this page. Do not click on the link in the email.

Why? This ensures that the deposit you make on Paxful is automatically deposited into your Bitcasino account. 

Step 5: Choose your local currency and indicate the amount you wish to spend.

Step 6: Select your preferred payment method among the following options and click ‘Review offer’.

Step 7: Paxful will match you with a trade partner and preview the offer. 

Step 8: Review the offer. Make sure to check the trader’s reputation, transaction details and average trading speed. 

If you wish to change the offer, simply click the ‘Change offer’ option at the bottom. 

Step 9: After reviewing the offer, choose your preferred bank in the Trade Partner’s bank options. 

Step 10: Click ‘Begin trade’ to start trading.

Step 11: Once you begin the trade, the BTC will be in escrow and you can now safely make your payment. 

Step 12: Chat with your trade partner and ask them to provide their bank account details to start the transaction. You can then pay as discussed.

Step 13: After making your payment, click the ‘Paid’ button within the time limit. 

Step 14: Confirm self-declaration.

Step 15: After confirming you’ve paid, you must upload your proof of payment.

Step 16: Your trade partner will review the proof of payment. Once they confirm the transaction, your cryptocurrency will be sent directly to your Bitcasino wallet.

Step 17: Wait for the confirmation that your purchase is complete! Click ‘Finish’ and the site will automatically log you out. You can now return to Bitcasino.

Step 18: After buying your cryptocurrency using Paxful with the method above, your purchase will be sent directly to your Bitcasino account. 

Step 19: Click the ‘Deposit’ button to verify the previous purchase of cryptocurrency into your account.

Step 20: You will see your recent deposit in the ‘Recent Transactions’ section.

Step 21: Review the transaction details. You’ve now deposited into your account using Paxful! 

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How to buy Bitcoin with Paxful P2P method in Africa?