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Zero betting strategy: Can you avoid losing money while gambling?

Zero betting strategy: Can you avoid losing money while gambling?

Zero betting strategy: Can you avoid losing money while gambling?

Wed Sep 14 2022 00:32:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

When playing casino games, there’s no assurance that you will win. But, zero risk betting strategy can help lessen your risk and losses while playing. Are you curious about how you can maximise this technique? Is there a gambling system that never loses? Learn everything about it at Bitcasino.


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What is the zero-risk betting strategy?

Zero risk betting strategy is a technique that lessens the risk in betting by wagering on multiple outcomes simultaneously. 

Moreover, no-risk betting is also a type of wager that gives you something in return in case it loses. It can come in site credits, free bets or bonus cash that is all consumable, which is why casino houses and sportsbooks use the zero-risk betting strategy as a marketing promotion. 

Zero risk betting strategy: How do risk-free bets work?

Usually, all casino and sportsbook platforms have a set limit for risk-free bets, and these can go as high as a thousand denominations. But to understand how this type of bet or strategy works, imagine that the limit is capped at $1,000.

If a player places a bet worth $1,000, they can get twice as much as the original value if they win. Losing the bet allows them to take home the same stake. 

However, the wagered amount returns in the form of site credits. Most gambling platforms require you to use the credits for betting at least once to withdraw them.

Every sportsbook and casino site has a set of rules and regulations that users must follow. These also include details about promotions, tournaments and other features present on the platform. 

Zero risk betting strategy: How to use risk-free bets?

Using the zero-risk betting strategy opens a lot of doors of possibilities for you. But to get the most out of your wagers, here are some things to keep in mind when using risk-free betting strategies:

  1. Pay attention to the limits

Most gambling platforms set an upper limit for risk-free bets to control how much will return to you when your wagers lose. However, you can still bet more than what is stated. Just check how much you place since you might not receive everything due to the limits imposed on the site.

  1. Learn how the risk-free bet is refunded

Every gambling platform has different policies on refunding your risk-free bets. Some convert your money into site credits you can use to bet on different games or matches. In other cases, the returns of risk-free bets come in the form of site bonuses, cash rewards or in-game items that can boost your gameplay.

  1. Take note of the time limits indicated in risk-free bets

While risk-free bets can lessen your losses, it’s not a permanent option while you play. Most gambling sites will set a time limit for you to wager again. The usual set period is from 7 to 30 days, but then these can vary depending on the casino or sportsbook. 

Since most risk-free bets returns in the form of site credits, they also have an expiration date. To help players keep track of their credits, casinos often send reminders to their patrons if they have any site credits left to use.

  1. Check if there are minimum odds

Sports betting sites also have rules on when and where you can place your risk-free bets and site credits. Some promotions indicate the minimum odds of making a risk-free bet.

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Other zero-risk betting strategies you should try

The zero risk-free betting strategy also comes in different forms. Get to know how you can use them in casino games below:

  1. Arbitrage wagers

Whenever you gamble, do you wish to bet on all possible outcomes to secure a win? In sports betting, this is possible with arbitrage wagers. This type of zero-risk betting strategy allows you to bet on all possible outcomes that can increase your chances of winning.

The most effective way of doing this is to bet on one result in one matchbook and then wager on a completely different score in another. In other words, you are letting your bets go against one another. When one of them wins, your profit will cover your lost wagers. 

However, arbitrage wagers can also pose many risks for the bettor. Since you are placing multiple bets at once, the profit you can get is marginal. Wagering high will yield higher rewards to truly get the most from this zero-risk betting strategy.

  1. Matched betting

If you do not want to stake real money, matched betting is the one for you. It allows you to use active betting incentives such as bonus spins or promotional offers for your wagers. 

The worth of these items offset the cost of using real money to bet, and when your wagers win, you reap all the benefits without losing a dime.

  1. High probability wagers

High-probability wagers mean betting on something with a high chance of winning, even if it may not have a guaranteed victory. In sports matches, people would bet on the favourites since they already know they have a 90% chance of getting a sweep.

  1. Back and lay wagers

Back and lay wagers give you two options: one is to bet on the possibility of winning, while the other is placing a wager on an outcome with a low likelihood of happening. 

The former is the most common bet in matches since you are banking on an outcome that is likely to happen. On the other hand, lay betting is placing a wager on an outcome that’s not likely to happen. It also allows you to take the position of the book-maker, where you can bet against other punters. 

Do zero-risk betting strategies also work in casino games?

In casino games, there are a lot of betting systems that help gamblers put the odds in their favour while playing. Here are the best betting systems you can use the next time you play:

  1. Value betting

Value betting is wagering on odds that are higher compared to what sports betting sites indicate. It allows you to identify which probability of the event is advantageous and benefit from it in the long run.

It commonly works in poker and blackjack; using value betting for the former lets you focus on making your opponent bet as much as they can without folding. As for the latter, the card counting trick needs to be used, so you know the right moment to place a big wager continuously to generate higher returns.  

  1. Oscar’s Grind

If you are looking for a slow profit gain, here is an introduction to Oscar’s Grind betting system. It is a negative progression technique that lets you win back losses and receive small profits with little to no risks. 

It works as a betting strategy by allowing you to divide your bankroll into sessions and units. Each session ends when the bettor receives a one-unit profit, and a new period begins with a higher denomination.

Moreover, the goal here is to steadily bet 1 unit while you are on a winning or losing streak. You only have to increase this by one step when you win after having a losing streak.

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The bonuses of Bitcasino you should look forward to

Take advantage of risk-free bet offers to enjoy the best of both worlds because you get the chance to win big and receive incredible perks when your wagers lose. At Bitcasino, you can enjoy the following bonuses from our promotions:

  1. Loyalty Club

Signing up and playing regularly in Bitcasino allows you to earn points in our Loyalty program. At the same time, you can get the opportunity to receive real money rewards along with a 10% cashback. It is also one of the reasons why crypto fans love high-roller casinos. There are a lot of exciting winning opportunities offered to patrons, like invites to prestigious tournaments like the World Cup.

  1. Casino game boosts

Bitcasino offers casino boosts that let you enjoy a 7% boost for 7 minutes. You need to place a qualifying wager on the game of the day to qualify for this.

  1. Welcome Cashbacks

New players get a 20% Welcome Cashback up to 10,000 USDT when they deposit and play their favourite games for 7 days straight. To opt-in, deposit in your chosen currency and place your bets.

Frequently Asked Questions: Zero-risk betting strategy

  1. How can I gamble without losing money?

Using no-risk matched betting is the best way to gamble without losing money. It allows you to put your casino bonuses at stake instead of money. 

  1. Are risk-free bets worth it?

Risk-free bets are worth it because you maximise your casino credits while playing. Although, one thing you must consider is learning how your bets will be returned to you because some sites have terms and conditions before you can cash out your winnings.

  1. How to use risk-free betting?

It is easy to place risk-free bets because gambling sites have labelled buttons for your convenience. Before doing so, read the platform’s rules and regulations about this type of bet to prevent any confusion on your end.

  1. What is no risk-matched betting?

No-risk matched betting is a type of bet that allows you to wager your casino bonuses as a replacement for real money, which lessens the threat of losing more than you expected.

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Words by: Leira Lacuata

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Zero betting strategy: Can you avoid losing money while gambling?

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