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Worried whether Bitcasino is secure? Gamble safely today

Worried whether Bitcasino is secure? Gamble safely today

Worried whether Bitcasino is secure? Gamble safely today

Tue May 21 2019 13:50:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

With Bitcoin coming into the modern world as a more mainstream financial option, it has raised many questions for people around the world. The two main ones are: Is it stable and is it secure? The very simple answer to these questions is yes. However, regarding Bitcasino, that does require a little bit of explaining to understand why the answer is yes.

Is Bitcoin stable?

Bitcoin will never be stable in the sense that it maintains the same value every day. Each day that the market opens, it either trades slightly up from the previous day or slightly down from the previous day. While this may seem scary at first glance, it is important to view it in context.

The value of all currencies fluctuate. The value of even the largest currencies in the world can change from day-to-day. So, the fact that the value of Bitcoin can change daily is nothing to worry about and is, in fact, expected. That it has stuck at a relatively stable level for at least the last six months means that it is finally starting to get into a groove in terms of stability.

Of course, there is some volatility within Bitcoin, which is what makes it so popular in terms of an investment. However, it also allows players to add an extra level of excitement when playing at Bitcasino. By waiting for the right time to deposit and withdraw funds from your Bitcasino account, you can maximise the value of your currency.

Is Bitcoin secure?

Bitcoin is one of the most secure financial transaction methods on the planet. There are a huge number of reasons for this, but we will just cover the two main ones for now. First, nobody can hijack a Bitcoin transaction part way through.

This is because Bitcoin transactions are like a peer-to-peer network but in a much more complex manner. Once a Bitcoin transaction has been sent on its way, it can only go to the destination to which it has been sent. So, if someone attempts to stop it and steal it for themselves, the Bitcoin protocol literally will not recognise the person trying to steal it. Even if they somehow manage to intercept the transfer, the Bitcoin protocol will not register that funds have left from your end unless the other end of the network confirms that they have arrived. This means that not only can nobody steal your Bitcoins, but also that the people you are sending them to are covered as well.

This means that Bitcoin is quite literally impossible to steal. A Bitcoin transaction is also impossible to cancel as well. So, this adds to the peer-to-peer network aspect in terms of security. Because the Bitcoin transaction cannot be cancelled, it means that a hacker cannot cancel the transaction and then send it to their account to fool you that it has been sent to the right place. This all makes Bitcoin a highly effective, safe and secure method of carrying out financial transactions.

Second, the Bitcoin protocol does not have a link to your bank account. When you carry out a Bitcoin transaction, it is carried out across the blockchain. This will allow you to make or receive payment without having to provide your bank account details. This is important in two ways. It means that the currency that is in your bank account is safer. It also means that your personal information that is attached to the bank account will also be kept safe and that your identity is completely safe.

These two reasons do not encompass all the reasons why Bitcoin is safe and secure, but they are the two main reasons. So, how does this relate to Bitcasino?

Bitcasino security

Because Bitcasino operates by using Bitcoin as their method of processing financial transactions, it instantly puts Bitcasino in a situation of being more secure than most of the other online casinos out there. Most casinos will operate with traditional banking methods as a standard transaction method. Bitcasino does not do this. This means that they are instantly placed outside of the reach of any potential hackers. Because Bitcoin is significantly more secure than traditional banking methods, it makes any outlet that solely uses Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency for its financial transactions undesirable to criminals.

This adds to the additional level of security that Bitcoin offers Bitcasino. Not only is it significantly harder for someone to steal your data or your money, but it is also less likely that criminals will even try. So that means that if you decide to play a game of roulette here at Bitcasino, you do not have to worry about your money being stolen.

These are all important aspects that go towards making Bitcasino not just an online casino that is in line with all modern security methods but manages to go above and beyond.

Of course, here at Bitcasino, we also adhere to traditional security methods. All data is strictly protected to ensure that unscrupulous people cannot take advantage of our players. Not only do we only allow employees to access any data when there is a legitimate need, but we also use SSL encryption to make sure that nobody can intercept your data when you are interacting with our site.

This means that when combined with the heightened security of using Bitcoin, our overall security levels are better than any other casino. We keep both your money and your data highly secure. This ensures that you will have absolutely no worries when it comes to playing at Bitcasino.

Bitcasino games

When it comes to games, the added security levels of Bitcasino could lead people to think that the game's roster is limited. This is not the case. We have a huge roster of games available for players, and each game allows placing both milli-bitcoin and micro-bitcoin wagers. This ensures that our games do not just offer incredible levels of enjoyment and excitement, but they are also fully protected by the security precautions that we have in place.

So, if you are a huge fan of video slots, our selection of video slots will not just satisfy your desire for playing some of the most popular slots in the industry, but they will also ensure that you are not putting yourself in danger by playing them. Video slots are one of the most popular aspects of online casinos, and our roster of video slots is guaranteed to give you almost more choice than you need.

It is not just only the slots that you play using Bitcoin. Even our blackjack selection is created for play using Bitcoin. This ensures that not only are out games the most enjoyable out there, but they also manage to remain the most secure as well, just like our overall approach at Bitcasino.

Bitcasino live casino

Live casino is an area that a lot of people feel is a potential weak point in terms of security. Because of this, it is an area that software providers have spent a lot of time and money ensuring that this is not the case. The live casino here at Bitcasino is one of the most secure anywhere in the world and provides a top-class lobby that allows you to engage with other players within seconds. It is this swift and secure connection that makes our live casino so successful.

If you prefer to play your online casino's games in an environment more akin to playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, the live casino is the way to go for you. The real-life dealer feels more safe and fair to some people, even though the RNG-based systems that software-based games provide are just as fair. It is the addition of a human element that some people cannot do without when playing table games, so live casino games are the perfect choice for those people.

Playing at Bitcasino

When it comes to choosing an online casino, here at Bitcasino, we offer you one of the best experiences on the internet. We have a huge roster of games on offer that makes finding and playing the game of your choice an incredibly simple task. Our site also has a wide range of security features that ensures that you can enjoy your casino experience without even the slightest worry.

This all demonstrates that we offer an online casino at which you can feel confident playing. These are among the most important values that people need when playing at an online casino – a high level of confidence and trust. Here at Bitcasino, we exude both properties in equal measure. If you want to experience the most forward-thinking casino experience around, Bitcasino is the online casino for you.

Words: Sean McNulty

Images: Shutterstock & Bitcasino

Worried whether Bitcasino is secure? Gamble safely today