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Enjoy elite gaming with Bombay Club VIP membership

Enjoy elite gaming with Bombay Club VIP membership

Enjoy elite gaming with Bombay Club VIP membership

Thu Apr 21 2022 06:40:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Relish the life of a high roller and become one of the elites in Bombay Club VIP! As you live the dream of every casino player, you will receive tons of perks that will help you gain a personalised casino experience across both land-based and online gambling houses.


Spend, earn and win crypto at Bitcasino. Thousands of games to choose from.

Indulge in the next-generation high roller casino and receive exciting payouts, special invites to prestigious events and a rousing all-expense paid getaway trip across the world. Satisfy your need for luxury and thrill and join Bombay Club today to become a VIP member!

Meet and interact with the best dealers and players across the gambling world and bask in all the glory of being a VIP. Embrace your high roller life and find out how you can get in on this exclusive gambling saloon. Get all the casino VIP details below:

Bombay Club: Where gambling dreams are made of!

The Bombay Club is an Estonia-based live casino studio located in Riga, Latvia. This Indian themed private gambling saloon is designed to bring you the next-generation high roller casino that would help you personalise your casino experience across both online and land-based platforms. 

As a casino that encompasses an innovative live betting product and an invite-only private member’s club, Bombay Club ensures that you will find the thrill you are looking for in your gamble spiced up with luxury and exclusive perks.

Exclusive games

Bombay Club offers multitudes of games that you can enjoy as a high roller player. This expansive collection covers all your favourite classic casino games from Evolution, including high-limit baccarat, roulette, poker, blackjack and salon privé. Discover exclusive games that you wouldn’t find anywhere else like the Arsenal F.C. Roulette and level up your gamble to the next level to play like an elite anywhere, any time!

World-class experience

To give you a personalised experience, Bombay Club offers a one on one interaction with the best dealers in both online and offline platforms to help you facilitate your gamble. The hosts can also speak a variety of languages to give a smooth flow to your game. 

Elites only: Who can join the Bombay VIP club

Everyone wants in, but only the best gets the privilege. If you are wondering if you are eligible to enter the Bombay Club, here are some details to fill you in:

To get a foot in the door of the Bombay Club, you need to be a high roller player who seeks the thrill of a gamble by wagering above €50,000. All you have to do is to keep playing your favourite games until the casino notices your gameplay and gaming habits. However, always remember to practise responsible gaming. 

How would you know if you got into the club? We’ll send you an invite! The doors of the Bombay Club is always open for the three types of players below: 

  • Members: These are the players who have already joined the Bombay Club. As part of the elite group of gamblers, your presence is always welcome!
  • B2B VIP guests: Want to give your players the high roller VIP experience? Online casinos can rent out the Bombay Club for luxury events. You can even invite your group of VIP players to participate in all the action! The VIPs of Bitcasino are welcome to join the special events in the Bombay Club for a high roller thrill on the betting table.
  • Junket guests: To relish in all the glory of your VIP experience, your junket organisers can bring you to the Bombay Club to give you a taste of luxury and extravagance.

Test your tactical gambit and thrive in the thrill of your gamble as you play with the elites of Bombay Club VIP. Join the club today and discover amazing perks that will spice up your game in Bitcasino! 

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Bombay Club VIP perks: Reserved only for the best 

Joining the VIP club is every gambler’s dream. Aside from the glory and the thrill of being recognized as a high roller player in an elite group, VIP memberships come with a ton of benefits you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect as a member of Bombay Club VIP: 

Exclusive invites to prestigious events

Receive exclusive event invites and see the world from an angle of grandeur and opulence as you voyage across the seas. Come aboard an expensive yacht and take part in the festivities as we take you to your destination. 

To meet the extravagance of your sea voyage, a luxurious 5-star hotel is waiting for you onshore to give you the ultimate royal treatment deserving of your title as Bitcasino’s very important person. Luxuriate in the finer things in life and meet other high roller players on your trip. 

Test your wits and skills on your favourite casino games and find the perfect way to chase the thrill you’ve been missing in your everyday life. Step up your game and join the upper echelon of the casino today!

VIP managers

Receive help in managing your VIP account and enjoy this unparalleled perk by joining the VIP casino. As an important member of the Bombay Club, you will be introduced to a manager that could help you personalise your casino experience by tailoring it exactly to your desires. 

A VIP manager would be online 24/7 to assist you anytime you need it. These trained professionals can handle your casino arrangements and provide you with some answers to your questions. 

Offers and promotions up to €2,000,000

Prepare to be showered with exclusive offers and promotions! Receive cashback, extensive payouts, updated leaderboards and more when you join the Bombay Club VIP casino! 

To keep you on the roll with your gamble, you will also receive a ticket to participate in the Bombay Club’s monthly raffle worth up to €2,000,000. Get wager-free bonuses, Free Spins, weekly rebate promotions and live-raffle tickets as you take your gamble to the next level. 

Bombay Club High Roller Studio 

Looking for an authentic casino experience where you can interact with your fellow players? Bombay Club can bring you exactly what you are looking for and more. Get exclusive access to the Bombay Club High Roller Studio set in Riga, Latvia and meet your favourite dealers beyond the screen as you interact with other players in the casino.

The beautiful, physical Bombay Club casino is fashioned after the classic Asian gambling houses. It features luxurious and extravagant saloons tailored exactly for Bitcasino’s VIP members. The casino will accept wagers of more than €50,000 per hand for a thrilling, high roller stake! 

Indulge yourself in a bespoke and fully-tailored player experience while you go against the Bombay Club’s multilingual hosts. Relish in the ultimate luxury experience in the casino and take a secret look at what’s in store for you in the Bombay Club High Roller Studio below: 

OneTouch’s partnership with Bombay Club

One of the premium casino game developers in the world, OneTouch, have partnered with the Bombay Club to launch a series of compelling new live games to help expand Bombay Club’s iGaming portfolio. Expect new and exciting games that are crypto-compatible to help you enjoy faster-paced gambling.

Through this partnership with OneTouch, the Bombay Club can bring a real-life land-based casino experience to online players and bring them into the world of lavishly designed betting saloons for an authentic casino interaction! 

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Join the club: How to become a VIP member 

Ready to live the life of luxury and join the upper echelon of casino players? There is no need to complicate things when it comes to the most important players of Bitcasino. Since we value our partnership and your support, being a VIP is simply a walk in the park for our high roller punters!

Become a big shot in the casino scene by simply high rolling on your favourite live table games right here at Bitcasino. To join the elite group of players in the Bombay club, you simply need to max out your wager and reach the necessary level to become VIP. Once you reach your goal, Bitcasino will send you an invite through your email to finally step into the club and bask in the glory of your new designation as a VIP.

Do you have what it takes to enter the exclusive club and partake in a luxurious display of wit and power at the betting table? Here’s how you can sign up to Bitcasino to mark the beginning of your betting journey: 

  1. The moment you visit the Bitcasino page, you will spot the Sign-Up button at the top right corner of the screen. Click it to get started!
  2. Fill out the form with your username, email address, birth date and password. For faster registration, you can link your Bitcasino account to your Google or Facebook account.
  3. Click the email sent to you by Bitcasino to verify your account.
  4. Start betting by depositing your preferred cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and ADA.
  5. Look for your favourite games and keep your gambles rolling to fast track your VIP membership! 

We have a seat reserved for you!

Take your casino gaming up a notch and enjoy the perks of Bombay Club. Experience live casinos like never before and get treated like royalty by signing up to Bitcasino today and starting your casino journey!

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Enjoy elite gaming with Bombay Club VIP membership

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