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Top 5 fun online casino games you can play at home

Top 5 fun online casino games you can play at home

Thu Jul 30 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

While it’s fun to play casino games with friends or throw a casino-themed party, recent times have shown us that this might not be possible with everyone having to stay home. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the fun and excitement that casinos bring!

Although some brick and mortar casinos are opening up again with the ease of COVID-19 restrictions, online casinos may be a safer and better alternative right now. With online casinos, you can still get generous rewards and bonuses, and even fun tournaments that let you play against other plays around the world!

So what are some online casino games you can play at home?

Top 5 fun online casino games to play at home

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is still one of the most popular casino games today. Just like in physical casinos, there are different variants of blackjack you play online so you won't run out of games to play.

The same rules of traditional Blackjack are applied online:

  • You have to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21

  • The Ace (A) still has a value of 1 or 11

  • All face cards—Jack (J), Queen (Q), and King (K) have a value of 10

  • The four suits—clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades are also included in the game

The fun part about playing Blackjack online is that many online casinos now have live dealer games! At Bitcasino, we have a variety of live dealer blackjack games that you can choose from, such as our Bombay Club Blackjack. Featuring a host that presents the game to you live, you get to sit in the comfort of your home while still getting the full casino experience.

  1. Baccarat

Baccarat has been a favoured game of casino high rollers for decades, and it’s also perfect for anyone who is looking for fast-paced gameplay. 

With various games available online, Baccarat is no longer exclusive to just high rollers as there are now Baccarat tables that offer smaller wagers. 

The main aim of this game is to get as close to a total of 9 points as possible. All players have to do is bet on the player, banker or a tie. Face value includes cards from two to nine, while cards 10, Jack, Queen, and King have a value of zero, and an Ace is worth one.

Similar to Blackjack, there is a variety of Baccarat you can choose from, including live dealer Baccarat like Bitcasino’s Bombay Club Speed Baccarat!

  1. Slot Machines

Just like in physical casinos, you will find a wide range of slot machines online, each with its own unique concept, features and bonus rounds. 

Online slot machines are created by different software developers who work hard to give players an excellent user experience along with high-quality graphics and animations. These developers regularly release new titles, so that players can have a varied selection of the adventures they want to experience. And yes, bonus features are always included for more fun on the reels.

One of the best things about online slot games is the chance to take part in tournaments where you can play against other players around the world. At Bitcasino, we have various tournaments happening throughout the year to make your gameplay more exciting. 

  1. Roulette

Roulette is one of the easiest games to play in the casino because you can simply observe how the game is played, then join in right away and start wagering. You don’t have to learn any difficult rules to be able to play.

The online Roulette wheel is the same as the ones in the casino: it has 37 numbered slots — 18 red, 18 black, and a green zero. A ball is bounced around the edge of the wheel for each round and finally comes to rest at one of the 37 slots. You can bet on any result, and also place multiple bets simultaneously.

Miss the thrill and sounds of the Roulette wheel? With live dealer Roulette, you can now get the full Roulette experience from home.

  1. Video Bingo

Bingo, in any form, is about the exciting moment you’re able to shout 'Bingo!’ when you get all the winning numbers. Its easy gameplay makes it one of the most loved games by people of all ages whether you play it with friends or online.

In online casinos, Video Bingo, or Electronic Bingo, is one of the most thrilling games you can play. With a wide variety of creative themes available, you get to travel the world Bingo-style anytime you want.

Video Bingo has the same rules and mechanics as any other Bingo game. You'll be given 5x3 bingo cards that have a random number displayed on them. After you set your bet, 30 balls will be dropped and reveal their respective numbers. All winning combinations will be shown on the card, highlighting the numbers that have won.

The fun part about Video Bingo is when you complete a winning pattern. When that happens, you get the chance to change your cards, buy extra balls, or collect your winnings before proceeding to the next draw - making for more exciting gameplay.       

Play responsibly: Tips for responsible gambling

Online casino games certainly are fun to play at home, but just like you do at physical casinos, do make sure to set certain limits to your gambling so that you keep track of your playing. At Bitcasino, we always encourage our players to play responsibly.

Set a money limit

You should only gamble with money that you can afford to lose so do allocate a fixed amount of money to play. If you set and stick to your limits, you will be able to enjoy any online casino games you want without getting into trouble. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to gamble, but you shouldn’t risk the money that you need for other things.

Set a time limit

It’s important to control your time because too much time spent on playing can lead to addiction and you losing more money than you can afford to set some time limits so you’ll know when it’s time to stop. 

Don’t chase losses

There will be days when you aren’t as lucky in online casino games. If you find yourself losing, it is best not to chase your losses just because you feel like you will win the next round. This is because you are reacting to the situation without a plan, and maybe scrambling to make up for your losses. Sometimes, it’s better to resist yourself and walk away. 

Play online casino games today!  

Now that you know the fun games you can play at home, why not try your hand at some games in Bitcasino? Experience fun and exciting gameplay with live dealer gamesslot games, and more!  

Words by: Rainielle Barlaw

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