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The Most Popular Ethereum Games

The Most Popular Ethereum Games

The Most Popular Ethereum Games

Mon Jul 23 2018 11:26:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Bitcasino is happy to offer you the opportunity to play our games for Ether, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. You can now change your preferred currency to ETH, and enjoy the best-ever slot games, Baccarat, Blackjack, Live Dealer games, and many more! To celebrate this landmark, we are going to have a look at the most popular Ether games out there.

5. CryptoCountries

CryptoCountries is an online game that offers you world dominion, no less. A decentralized app built on the basis of Ethereum, CryptoCountries is a simulation of our world that lets the players buy and sell countries and cities.

The territories are presented as smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is, essentially, a never-ending auction: when someone purchases a country or a city, the purchased contract immediately increases in price. However, any user can double the price that the previous user had paid, and thus take over the ownership of the desired object. In return, the player that has just lost a contract receives double its price in Ether transferred back to his or her wallet.

CryptoCountries was released in 2018 and immediately went viral. In less than 24 hours, the transactions made by the players hit 31,546 ETH, which, for that moment, equaled about $28,600,000. With the lowest transaction fee being 2%, it can be calculated that the game developers made about half a million USD in one single day.

4. Ethercraft

Ethercraft is a decentralized Ethereum-based RPG. The players’ aim is to equip their characters with special gear and send them on quests to exterminate enemies and explore the dungeons. The players can craft special objects, buy and sell them for Ether or trade with other users. The game can be played in various ways: instead on focusing on the character, a player can choose to make a profit by creating and trading the gear for other players' heroes. The in-game currency is, of course, gold, the value of which is tied to the value of Ether. Each gold piece is an ERC20 token. To get the gold pieces, the players need to fulfill the specific tasks. In addition to being a valuable in-game resource, Ethercraft gold is also a governing vote that lets the players decide how the game is going to be developed and which features are to be added.

The game is a candy for the lovers of the old-school games: it’s a new and popular concept of crypto collectibles wrapped in the nostalgic pixelized interface taking you back in time to the good old days of Ultima. The gameplay, though simple, is anything but primitive: it requires planning skills, tactics, and luck.

3. CryptoCelebrities

CryptoCelebrities has turned real-life celebrities into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. There are currently 678 active contracts, and the total transaction volume is 30,678 ETH. The smart contracts are treated just as any other collectible: they can be purchased, sold, or traded. A contract that has been purchased immediately doubles its price, and anyone who is willing to pay can pluck it from the hands of the current owner.

What makes CryptoCelebrities special is that each smart contract represents a public figure. Richard Nixon, Kirsten Dunst, and even William Shakespeare smart contracts are on sale and available for anyone willing to invest their Ether. The most expensive smart contracts are currently Donald Trump (sic!), Elon Musk, and Vitalik Buterin. Moreover, the celebrities themselves can verify their smart contracts and choose to donate 3% of every transaction made with their contract to a charity.

2. Etherbots

Etherbots are unique collectible robots that consist of four parts each. These robots can be bought, sold, and pitched against each other in a battle. Each part that composes an Etherbot is an ERC721 token, and the players can trade these individually so that there are millions of possible combinations that make unique battle bots. In a fight, both attacking and defending has a cost in Ether, and the players earn experience of two types: the type that stays with the fighter bot’s parts, and the type that stays with the player’s own account. The players also have an option of scraping the shards and thus putting together a new part that can be sold, traded, or added to a bot.

Etherbots became immensely popular almost at once: the game has achieved twice the number of the transactions of CryptoKitties within just 24 hours since its launch. For a period of time, 5% of the Ethereum network transactions were represented by the transactions of Etherbots, and some parts went for 21 ETH, which equaled about $18,000 USD at that time.

1. CryptoKitties

Cryprokitties is the most famous crypto collectible game, one of the first ones in the world, and the one that really started the trend. CryptoKitties has become the source of multiple original and not-so-original ideas of the Ethereum-based games. It was launched in 2017, and just a week after the release the number of pending transactions on the Ethereum blockchain increased six times.

The concept of the game is very simple: the players buy, sell, and trade collectible digital cats, each one of these unique and fully belonging to their owner. The players can also combine their cats to get new unique ones and put them up for sale. In December 2017, a digital kitty was sold for $100,000.

Words: Jelena Schmidt

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The Most Popular Ethereum Games