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Pay attention to these five factors in baccarat

Pay attention to these five factors in baccarat


Baccarat is a relatively simple game to get into. You do not actually have to do much when it comes to playing the game. All you need to do is place your wager and the banker will do all of the work for you. What could be easier than that?

Well, baccarat actually has a little bit more nuance than that. There are a number of different factors that you should keep your eye on while you are playing. The five most important ones can make a big difference to whether you walk away a winner or a loser at the end of your session.

Number one: control your bankroll

Your bankroll is the most important aspect when you are playing baccarat. Because it is essentially a wagering game, your bankroll dictates exactly how you play. If you have a high bankroll, then you can increase your wagers if you are on a winning run. If you have a low bankroll, then you know to keep your wagers at a steady level so that you can pace yourself. You might be the type of player who likes to increase your bankroll if you hit a losing streak, to try to win your way out of trouble. You might be the type of player who walks away and starts again on another game if you hit a losing streak. Whatever your playing style, it is important to control your bankroll in accordance with your style.

If your losses are beginning to spiral, then it is important to keep a handle on your bankroll before you throw all of it away. If you are winning regularly, then it is important not to become too confident and risk it all on one wager. No matter what playing style you choose to adopt, do not let how the games are going dictate how you control your bankroll. You bankroll should dictate your wagers, not your success or lack thereof at the table. Make sure that you keep your eye on how your bankroll is doing and use that to decide what wagers to make.

Number two: know when it is time to walk away

There are two times to walk away – when you have made a big profit and when you have made a small loss. There is a house edge on almost every game in a casino. This means that when you have made a profit, it makes sense to walk away before you give the house the chance to win it back. If your bankroll is particularly modest, then it can often be good to walk away when you have made a small profit. It all depends on your own personal feelings of what level of profit is appropriate.

On the other hand, if you have made a small loss, then it makes sense to walk away before you turn it into a big loss. Keep your eye on your bankroll and if you hit the amount you feel is an acceptable loss, then it is time for you to call it a night. If you begin to chase your profits, or even just try to make back what you have already lost, then it will not be long until you have lost everything you had. Keep tabs on your bankroll and decide from there whether you should keep going or walk away.

Number three: have a system and stick to it

Having a system is a vitally important way to help you be a success when playing a game such as baccarat. It can be any kind of system you like, a gameplay system or a wagering system, but it is important that you have a system that you trust when you play. A gameplay system is generally quite a simple thing to work out in baccarat. Because the game is actually played by the banker, it will be a simple choice of where to place your wager. There are just the three choices, so it is not a long, drawn-out process when it comes to deciding which choice is the best. Most systems will advise staying away from wagering on a tie – it has bigger odds but comes up incredibly rarely. This means that you will be wagering on the banker, the player or a combination of the two. Whatever playing system you decide to use, make sure that you stick to it.

A wagering system is different, but it has the same general principles. A wagering system will be how much you place on each bet. There are a number of different systems out there, each one with various positives and negatives, so it all depends on your bankroll and which system will fit your bankroll the best. Once you have chosen your wagering system, it is important to make sure that you stick to it for your whole game. Do not change wagering systems partway through a playing session. Not only can this confuse you and lead to you making silly mistakes, but it can also mess up your bankroll management. By sticking to one wagering system, it makes it much easier to control your betting and keep your bankroll totally under control.

Number four: take no notice of probability

This may go against all logic, but probability stats are based around ideal numbers. A theoretical probability gives us an idea of what is likely to happen in a game. For example, if you played 100 games of baccarat, then there should be around 45 player wins, 46 banker wins and 9 ties. These are the theoretical numbers behind a game of baccarat. This does not mean that out of every 100 games, there will definitely be 45 player wins, 46 banker wins and 9 ties. It does not mean that if there have been no ties in the first 91 games, then you should place your wager on the last nine games on a tie to guarantee a huge return. It is unlikely that you will go 91 games without there being a tie, but it is not impossible. It is also possible for there to be 15 ties in a block of 100 games.

All of these probability stats make it easier to understand the game in general. They make it easier to decide where the best place is to place your wagers in the long term. They do not tell you exactly how the games are going to go as you play them. Use probability to help you when it comes to devising your initial strategy, but do not suddenly decide to start wagering on tie games if there have been 91 games without a tie. If there have been 91 games without a tie, then is it really that hard to believe there will be another nine games without one?

Number five: take note of the banker’s commission

The banker is the most likely winner in a game of baccarat. There is a very small line between the player and the banker, but the banker is more likely. Because of this, almost all casinos place a commission on a banker wager. This means that if you place a wager on the banker, you will have to pay a small percentage of your winnings to the house as a cut. This makes the banker wager more in line with the player wager because the edge that the banker has is almost wiped out by the addition of commission. What you need to take note of is the amount of the banker commission. Some casinos will inflate the banker’s commission to a level that makes it completely the wrong wager to make. With a 20% commission, for example, the banker wager is utterly unsustainable and will give the house a huge edge. While most casinos will place a 5% commission, not all do, so it is important to find this out before you begin playing and not just sit down without even checking.

Of course, there are also casinos that offer no-commission baccarat games. These are the gold dust of baccarat, and if you manage to find one, then it is definitely a game to play. The lack of commission means that the house edge is cut down to make it easier for you to turn a profit. While there is still a house edge because the game is not a 50/50 bet, anything that cuts down the house edge can only be good for the player.

Following your factors

Once you have got following your five factors down to a fine art, the best place to put it into practice is right here at Bitcasino. We have a huge range of baccarat games available for you to play, from high-roller tables to no-commission tables. Whatever game it is that gets your pulse racing, we have got a variation for you.

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Words: Sean McNulty

Images: Shutterstock and Bitcasino


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Pay attention to these five factors in baccarat
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