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Why Canadian mobile casinos are popular in 2023

Why Canadian mobile casinos are popular in 2023

Why Canadian mobile casinos are popular in 2023

Thu Mar 23 2023 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Canadian mobile casinos like Bitcasino provide thrilling games to players who prefer using smartphones for online gaming. Using your mobile is one of the most convenient ways to access a plethora of casino games in Canada. Not only can you play anytime and anywhere, but you can also enjoy exclusive games safely through advanced technology used for security. 

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Discover everything about mobile casinos in Canada and why Bitcasino is the best platform for gaming. Read on to learn more about it.

Why is gambling in Canadian mobile casinos popular?

Mobile online casinos are popular in Canada since it offers players appealing benefits, including convenience, accessibility, and mobile entertainment. 

With reliable betting sites like Bitcasino, you can enjoy your favourite game of chance without the hassle! Besides that, if you experience any issues while gambling, excellent customer support is available to help you resolve any problems in no time.

Development of mobile casinos in Canada

Online gambling has become popular among Canadian players, especially with the games developed specifically for online use. Since the industry has been thriving, the competition for providing the best games in the gambling market has been fierce. 

As a result, casino games are released consistently for punters to choose from and have unique experiences. Additionally, regulated brick-and-mortar casinos have expanded as mobile casinos to focus on factors such as convenience and accessibility during the development of these platforms. With this, the industry has seen a large volume of new employment opportunities as a way to adapt to the demand and meet user trends.

Statistics and trends

As we look at the development of mobile casinos in Canada, it’s also important to take a look at the statistics and trends that sealed the popularity of the gambling industry. The most important is the number of players who use their smartphone devices for mobile gambling.

Unfortunately, there is no present data that would tell you this. But according to data from Made in CA, there are over 19.3 million active online casino gamblers in Canada. As the industry's growth continues to thrive in the region, the market share is also projected to reach $419.10 million by 2027, according to market and consumer data site Statista.

What are the benefits of online mobile casinos?

There are many advantages when playing at mobile casinos, which include convenience, security, improved user experience, and more. See the list below to know other benefits of using mobile casinos:

  1. Convenience

Since you can play casino games using your mobile device, you can play your favourite online casino games anywhere, worldwide, anytime. Just bear in mind that the legality of online casinos varies per region, so be sure to check the country’s regulations before playing.

  1. Safety

Mobile gambling at reputable online casinos is completely safe since they’re regulated. Using Bitcasino as an example, we are operated and regulated by Moon Technologies B.V., which the Government of Curaçao licenses.

Players also place huge importance on their security since they often must disclose their private information to play at an online casino. That’s why many people prefer crypto casinos. With crypto casinos, you can keep your financial transactions and data private, secure, and untraceable.

  1. Exclusive games

As more people turn to their mobile devices to play casino games, many game providers offer games optimised for smartphones and tablets. A good example is Hacksaw Gaming’s Pocketz series, a collection of slot games optimised for mobile casino gaming. Some of these games include Frutz, OmNom, and The Respinners.

  1. Technology

Online casinos use new technology to keep their platforms running. One being used in particular is the Random Number Generator (RNG), designed to generate game results randomly. This ensures fairness to disable people from trying to manipulate the results.

  1. User-friendly

Since it’s designed for convenience, most online casinos can be accessed via the web browser or the app. Either way, they provide a user-friendly interface that ensures easy accessibility and flexibility when navigating and playing your preferred games.

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Canada’s online casino mobile gaming future

As Canada’s gambling industry continues to thrive, we can expect more innovations in the future. This includes a better online gaming experience ensured by the advanced technologies of an online casino platform.

Technological progress and innovations

While mobile casinos are expected to grow steadily in popularity and revenue, VR/AR casinos are also gaining traction due to their high entertainment value and immersion. Through VR/AR casinos, users can now experience the ambience of a brick-and-mortar casino while in the comfort of their homes.

This is made possible by the Metaverse, a virtual world created through 3D technology. With the Metaverse, you can use your PC or mobile phone, open up the right application and use virtual headsets to enter creative virtual worlds.

Difficulties and possibilities

One of the biggest challenges the Metaverse casino industry will face is regulation. Since these casinos run on a blockchain, they’re designed to be anonymous and untraceable. This is unlike online gaming casinos, where there’s a level of transparency between casino operators and their players.

However, steps are being taken to ensure that Metaverse casinos function as online casinos do now. That means there is likely to be a regulation that requires users to disclose their information as part of the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. 

Additionally, the Metaverse brings opportunities for growth in the industry which will result in competition among casino operators to bring innovative games and immersive gameplay to virtual worlds.

Future of mobile online casinos in Canada

Mobile gambling is expected to thrive as more Canadians gamble using their phones continuously. However, the potential for growth in the market relies on keeping up with trends and developing more advanced mobile technology to improve user experience.

Forecasts and predictions

The two big focuses we predict mobile casino operators will prioritise are technologies such as:

  1. Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming allows players to access various games without downloading the app or software. This is possible using remote servers that allow instant access to these games. This is a good way for casino game providers to ensure their games are enjoyed with fewer internet connectivity issues.

  1. AI

As AI continues to evolve and be developed by experts, mobile casinos are expected to adopt AI tools to streamline some of their functions. One way to do this is to use AI technology to provide users with personalised game suggestions for an improved gaming experience, help in engineering new games, and serve better customer support services.

Bitcasino: The best mobile casino in Canada for you

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Are mobile casinos legal in Canada?

Yes, mobile casinos are legal in Canada. However, regulations vary depending on the region you’re in, so be sure to still check the policy on mobile gambling in the province you’re in.

What are some popular mobile casino games in Canada?

Canadian punters can enjoy countless mobile casino games, but it depends on the type of casino game you prefer. Here at Bitcasino, our casino game categories include poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, crash games, and more.

Words by: Cathrene Joseph

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Why Canadian mobile casinos are popular in 2023

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