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The ins and outs of Irish poker at Bitcasino!

The ins and outs of Irish poker at Bitcasino!

The ins and outs of Irish poker at Bitcasino!

Tue May 24 2022 09:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Poker is a truly versatile casino game with its diverse variations that add a unique spin to your gameplay. That’s why titles including Texas hold em pokerOmaha poker and Irish poker cater to the demands of casino goers both in physical and online casinos. 

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Each game borrows one or more rules from the other. One popular hybrid you’ll encounter is Irish poker, a mix of Omaha and Texas Hold’em, which has similar mechanics that brings familiarity and offers a thrilling twist to players. 

There’s a wide array of titles in Bitcasino where you can try your hand at Irish poker. Get to know how to play the game and win massive payouts as you scroll through this article. 

A deep dive into Irish poker

As mentioned above, Irish poker is an amalgamation of Texas Hold em poker and Omaha poker. While it's not the most popular game of poker, it does offer something that would get you interested in wagering your money to win massive payouts. 

What is Irish poker?

It was first introduced in 1980 by Terry Rogers, a well known Irish bookmaker, during the World Series of Poker, a major poker tournament. This follows Texas Hold em poker rules with a slight variation to include Omaha poker rules

There are minor differences between Irish poker and the aforementioned games. For instance, Omaha poker requires you to have four hole cards that you can all use throughout the game. Irish poker, on the other hand, requires you to discard two of the four hole cards. 

Another example of the differences between the three is that Texas Hold em poker requires you to only have two hole cards while the other two variations deal you with four.

Irish poker rules and how to play the game

How to play Irish poker? The first thing you need to take note of is that it follows the same rules as Texas Hold 'em poker when posting the small and big blinds. In the majority of the games, the big blind has double the amount of the small blind.  For example, if the small blind is at €2, the big blind should be €4. 

The small blind is located to the left of the dealer button. Whoever is seated in that position will have to post the forced bet. The next position to the dealer’s left is the big blind and whoever is seated there will also have to put up money so that the game would start. 

Right after the blinds are posted, cards will be dealt to each player that is seated at the table. This is where the Omaha poker rules are implemented. Instead of having only two cards dealt to each player, there will be four hole cards that will be placed face down in front of their positions. 


During this round, the remaining players will have to check, raise or fold once the pre-flop begins. This the pot increases in the first round before the flop is dealt on the table. 


Just like Omaha and Texas Hold 'em, three community cards in Irish poker will be dealt to the table face up. These will be used to create your hand combination. 

There is a twist by the end of the flop. You can’t keep all four cards just like what you’d do according to Omaha poker rules. What you have to do is pick the best two cards from your hole cards and discard the other two on the burn pile. 


The game follows the Texas Hold 'em poker rules after the flop. That’s because you only have two cards left on your hand. When the turn is over, there’s another betting round where you have to check, raise or fold. This will continue until the river is dealt. Whoever has the hand with the best five-card combination wins the whole pot. 

Types of hands to know

Playing Irish poker isn’t just about knowing the card combination that can get you to win the game. Although it is helpful to keep these combinations in memory, the best way for you to start owning the round is by knowing what the best starting hands are. These include:

  • High pairs with high connectors 

These are mostly high face card pairs like Kings (K), Queens (Q) and Aces (A) with middling connectors such as Jacks (J), 10s and 9s. 

  • Wraps

Your four hole cards should have a straight succession. It’s better if these are high card values from 8 and above. 

  • Double suited

Since you have four hole cards, a double suited hand means that two suits are represented equally on your hand. 

  • Double big pairs

Having pairs of Kings (K), Queens (Q), Jacks (J) and Aces (A) can get you far in a game of Irish poker

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The poker drinking game

The Irish poker game should not be mistaken for the drinking game. All the rules are different because it includes drinking. If you’re going to play traditional poker, you should at least try to curb your drinking so that you can be ahead of the game. 

Irish poker strategies you need to know

Now that you know the basic rules to follow, it’s also important to note the Irish poker tips on how you can play to win. This skill-based game is all about the strategies you put out and what can get you far while playing. 

With that being said, here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind once you play Irish poker:

Know the basics of the game

You can’t take lightly the rules of the game in Irish poker. You need to always be on top of the mechanics so you can follow the flow easily as the pre-flop, flop and post-flop rounds commence. 

Many players have lost the game because they do not pay attention to the rules. Sometimes, they even get Omaha, Irish and Texas hold 'em poker mixed up that’s why they make rash decisions. 

Knowing the small differences between the three variations can give you a heads up on the mechanics. This can also serve as an advantage for you, especially when other players are still confused as to how the Irish poker rules work.  

Watch out for the cards on your hand

As mentioned above, there are different hole cards that you can get when playing Irish poker. You need to be vigilant about these cards because these will make or break your chances of winning the pot. 

Knowing the best possible hand combinations can get you far. That’s because it makes the best five-card combinations, especially when the flop, river and turn have been dealt. 

Moreover, you should also understand the best discard strategy. You should only keep the cards that can complement your hand and community cards perfectly. If you don’t, you might end up with ones that are least likely to create a good combination. 

Know when to fold

Irish poker is a make-it-or-break-it game. It’s either you have a good hand or you bluff your way to winning the pot. However, bluffing can only get you far. You also need to know when to fold your cards and call it a night.

Often, you can decide whether it’s worth risking your bets during the pre-flop round. That’s because you can decipher whether the hand that’s dealt to you is good enough to continue to the next round. If you have doubts that the hand will win, that’s the time that you fold so you wouldn’t incur too many losses as the game progresses. 

Be convincing with your bluff

There’s nothing in the Irish poker rules and strategies that can tell you not to bluff. Even in an online poker game, this is a skill that you must master. This can be through the cards that you discard or the number of coins that you place on your bets. Make sure that this is convincing otherwise, other players will call your bluff

Manage your bankroll at the start of the game

The most important thing to remember before playing is your bankroll. You need to learn how to manage it properly so you won't incur so many losses as you progress. 

Moreover, it’s also vital that you place limits on your wagers. Don’t be too cocky like other players who opt for wagering all-in. That’s a huge mistake that can quickly deplete your bankroll. 

Know the situation-dependent strategy

Irish poker rules can be volatile because the outcomes are truly unpredictable and dependent on how the players would act on the table. You have to understand how the game progresses and what key decisions from rivals that you can take advantage of. 

Although you can make necessary decisions that do not involve having strong hands, you still need to have a good set so you can turn the game around in your favour. You can also check the discarded pile so you have an idea of what the other players are up to. 

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Bitcasino poker games you should play!

Knowing how to play Irish poker and learning the strategies that accompany it is only half of the equation. You also need to get acquainted with the rules as you play along. How do you do this? You can learn the necessary skills for playing the game when you try the top Bitcasino poker games. 

At the moment, there aren’t Irish poker games available but since it has similar gameplay to Omaha poker and Texas Hold em poker, you can still try your hand with these titles listed below:

High Hand Holdem Poker High by OneTouch

Learning the rules of poker will never be as fun as playing OneTouch’s High Hand Holdem Poker High! This allows you to learn as you go without succumbing to the pressure of the game. You can go at your own pace with your flop, turn and river bets because you’re going against the computer. 

There are also bonus bets that you can opt for to increase your chances of winning lump some rewards. This includes the Royal Flush that can pay you up to 251x your stake at an RTP of 99.11%. 

Aside from that, you’ll also feel as if you’re playing at a physical casino because of the graphics of the game. Its rounded table mimics that of a brick and mortar casino with chips as denominations for your wagers. 

What are you waiting for? Learn the ins and outs of poker and try your hand at High Hand Holdem Poker by OneTouch. 


Texas Holdem Bonus Poker by Evolution 

If you want a more fast-paced game then by all means, try Evolution’s Texas Holdem Bonus Poker. This live dealer game gives you the whole package of playing alongside other players with a real-time presenter who deals the cards for you. 

However, all players have to play the same hand that’s presented on the screen. This does not imply that your payouts will be divided, it just means that you can play different strategies for the hand. 

You can also place side bets on this game to make the most out of your hand. This depends on the outcome of the combination if it has a good pair. 

Grab the chance to learn all about the game and possibly the rules of the Irish poker variation when you play Evolution’s Texas Holdem Bonus Poker with an RTP of 97.96%. 


Poker 6+ by BetGamesTV

Feel as if playing poker in a real-life physical casino when you play Poker 6+ by BetGamesTV. This game allows you to play against the dealer to create the best five-card poker hand. You can ultimately understand how to strategise with the hand that you’re given when you play this game. 

Make the most out of your wagers by betting large amounts to win massive payouts at an RTP of 95%. What are you waiting for? This game is the best one to understand the ins and outs of poker!


Count your lucky clovers and win big at Irish Poker!

It’s fun to play poker because you get to stimulate your mind with strategies. This way, you can win fair and square against your opponents. Now that you know how to play Irish poker, you can start your journey with Bitcasino by creating your own account. 

What you can do is click on the signup button in the upper right corner of the screen to register for an account. If you already have one, make sure to place a deposit on your bankroll to make the most out of playing poker games on the platform. 

Words by: Ryah Sunday Carreon

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The ins and outs of Irish poker at Bitcasino!