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Good Luck Gambling: A Guide to сharms, rituals and superstitions

Good Luck Gambling: A Guide to сharms, rituals and superstitions

Good Luck Gambling: A Guide to сharms, rituals and superstitions

Wed Nov 25 2020 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Throughout the ages, gambling has had a number of strongly held belief systems and superstitions, so when the cards start to fly make sure you’ve got your lucky rabbit's foot and.. Know your stuff with the Bitcasino guide to gambling superstitions and taboos still in use today. 

So, let’s jump straight into it. 

So what are the main good luck rituals for Gamblers? 

We’ll uncover some of the myths, misconceptions and superstitions that gamblers have come to associate with good luck at the casino.

When it comes to online gambling, superstition plays a big role in the choices and belief systems a player holds when they head to the table. Be it the launch of a new online platform or the introduction of a new payment method. Here are a few of the most popular gambling superstitions in the world today.

Good Luck Gambler Charms

Below is a list of the worlds most tried and tested lucky charms. As the superstition goes, keep them with you, and you may just have a great day at the table.

Four Leaf Clover

Arguably one of the world’s most famous lucky charms and strongly tied back to Ireland in particular. Anyone who finds a four-leaf clover is considered to be very lucky. Each leaf of the clover is believed to have its own special meaning and strengths, including love, faith, hope, and, of course, luck! A cloverleaf is also a widely popular icon in online gambling and slot machines in particular.


First originating in Japan, this golden, beckoning and ultra lucky cat charm is said to bring good fortune to its holder by waving them in with its paw. Because of this belief, it is usually placed at cashier counters and other places where money is delta and exchanged. The first record of this lucky cat appeared in the later part of the Edo period in Japan (1603 – 1868) and it’s been around ever since, bringing good fortune at the table in casinos around the world. A raised left paw is intended to attract customers to your business while the right paw is said to bring in good financial fortune.

The Golden Toad

This charm in the shape of a bullfrog first originated in China and is a symbolism of Feng Shui. With bright red eyes and coin in mouth, the three legged bullfrog is believed to attract money into the home whilst at the same time preserving good fortune, warding off bad spirits and negative energy. Lottery tickets are placed under the bullfrog to enhance their luck and potential to pay off.

The Cat’s eye gem

The cat’s eye gem is a stunning gemstone known for its unique pattern and cut and is widely considered a good luck charm in gambling circles. People wear the Cats Eye as jewelry so that it’s always with them. It gained mass popularity at the turn of the 19th century and is still widely used today.


One of the most notable and famous symbols to appear in online slot machines the world over, the horseshoe has long been regarded as a symbol of luck and good fortune. It gained its mythical appeal as the legend goes, when a blacksmith tricked the devil himself by placing a horseshoe on his foot. In exchange for removing the horseshoe, the Devil was told to never again enter a house with a horseshoe on the door. This legend was carried down through the ages and the horseshoe is still used as a good luck symbol by a majority of gamblers in the Western world.

The Hamsa Hand

Arguably the ultimate symbol of  luck that stems from the Middle Eastern into North African cultures. This charm is often depicted with an eye on the palm of a golden hand, which is a symbolism for protecting all who hold onto it from bad fortune the “evil eye”. There are two types of Hamsa hand in existence today and each one has a different symbolism and intended effect.. A Hamsa Hand with fingers that are spread apart is used to protect against evil while the second variation has fingers that are clasped together and this is said to bring good fortune to all who hold onto it.

Rabbit’s Foot

Last but not least we have the pinnacle good luck charms in all of Western tradition. The Lucky Rabbit's Foot. The exact origins as to why a rabbit’s foot is believed to be lucky is disputable, as the role of the rabbit in different cultures and religions varies according to country and to region. For example, many African cultures view the rabbit as a smart and tricky creature, which is likely why its foot is viewed as lucky, whilst in Asia, the Rabbit is revered as a symbol for change and the probability for good fortune.

Moving on from charms, what are some of the pattimes considered to be lucky in gambling today. They are many and varied, but we’ll uncover a few of the most widely recognized below.

1. Red is a lucky colour

In Chinese culture, red is considered a lucky colour and will bring a player good fortune. It is the colour that makes up the largest part of the Chinese flag and is also the colour of the lucky envelopes that people give to one another on the Chinese New Year.

While most gamblers around the world most likely will not take much notice of the colour of the clothes they decide to wear, it’s common for Chinese players to don at least one item of red clothing. You may see someone wearing red shoes, or they may have chosen to slip into some red underwear before heading to a casino. Keep a lookout for online slot games that utilise an Eastern theme in them, as they will often feature those aforementioned red envelopes as a symbol for you to spin into position on their reels.

Some casinos have actively painted certain rooms red. Not only is this visually appealing to casino-goers but it also brings a sense of fortune to space.


2. Don’t place bets on unlucky number 13 and 4

For the longest possible time, the number 13 has been considered the unluckiest of them all. It is for this reason that many people avoid placing bets on that number in roulette and craps. In fact, some casinos in Las Vegas won’t even have a 13th floor in their building for the same reason.

In the East, the number 4 is considered to be the most unlucky number whereas the number 8 is considered the luckiest. The reason why 8 is considered so lucky is that the word for it in Mandarin, “ba”, sounds very similar to the word for fortune, which is “fa”. As a result, there is often plenty of activity surrounding the number 8.

    3. Avoid using the front entrance 

Some gamblers believe that entering through the front door of a casino could bring them bad luck. As it happens, while this superstition is not hugely known outside of the casino industry, it actually has its origins in Las Vegas, and it happens to be connected to one specific casino.

The MGM Grand Casinos main entrance used to have a huge lion head as part of its setup. This required anyone visiting the casino to walk through the jaws of the animal. Today, that same entrance has gone through a remodelling process so that it no longer features such an intimidating design. However, this has not stopped some people from opting to use the side entrance instead of the main one, even if they are not playing at the MGM Grand.

4. Never count your money at the table

Counting your money at the table or slot machine is considered bad luck according to gamblers around the world. This is a superstition that is connected a lot more with card games and has its roots in basic etiquette, whereby if you’re counting your money at the table where everyone can see you, it is generally considered to be a form of gloating.

Speaking of money, some casinos and gamblers also have the belief that the appearance of $50 bills is an unlucky outcome. In this respect, some casinos will outrightly refuse to accept them or use them within the building, while gamblers will take the view of refusing to cash-in their winnings if they are going to receive $50 bills in return.


5. Spill water to unlock good luck!

There is a belief in certain circles that a little water spilt can bring about favourable results for a player. There is little information on how this particular practice came about, but the common theory is that water is smooth and formless, thereby easing the path of luck towards a person.

6. Washing your hands can change your luck

In the same line of thinking as spilling water, there is a belief that if you are not having good fortune while gambling, you should wash your hands. On the flip side, it’s believed that if you decide to wash your hands while you are on a winning streak, your luck will change for the worse..

Superstitions aside, iGaming should be Fun, Fast and Fair

Whether you’re a superstitious gambler or not, you should always be having fun. Be sure to follow your own guidelines and bring the right luck to your corner. If you think that taking a lucky charm along to your favourite casino will bring you good fortune, then do it. Of course, you may want to steer clear of the more provocative superstitions – such as yelling obscenities at a roulette ball or feeding ghosts with sugar prior to placing any bets.

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Good Luck Gambling: A Guide to сharms, rituals and superstitions