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an international guide to casino superstitions

There is often plenty to talk about when it comes to the online gambling world, be it the launch of a new online platform or the introduction of a new payment method. However, one thing that isn’t spoken of as frequently is the idea of casino superstitions. In fact, superstitions in general aren’t specifically discussed on a frequent basis throughout society – potentially due to the belief that talking about them will make the worst happen instead of the best.

That being said, there are various superstitions around the world, with many of them linked to a specific culture or country. While naturally there are those who do not believe in such theories, others are quite cautious of the idea of tempting these superstitions. This even extends beyond everyday situations to online casinos, which often come with their own superstitions, and many of them are well-known worldwide. Some of them you may have heard of, while others may be new to you.

This guide will discuss these different casino superstitions. By acquainting yourself with them, you can be on the lookout for something occurring in your own gambling journey. Maybe these superstitions are linked to your own home country, or perhaps they are from a faraway locale that you may encounter one day. Take a look at this international guide to casino superstitions and see if you can get lucky in the process.

Common gambling superstitions – the ones you may have heard of before

If you are a regular gambler, then it is likely that you’ve heard of one or two superstitions relating to the activity before. However, don't worry if you haven’t heard of any at all. This guide will start with the more common superstitions, which, you may be surprised to find out, can come in various forms.

The correct colour scheme

You need look no further than China for this superstition, which relates to the colours that you decide to wear when gambling. In Chinese culture, red is considered a lucky colour overall. It is the colour that makes up the largest part of the Chinese flag and is also the colour of the lucky envelopes that people give to one another at Chinese New Year. It is for this reason, that Chinese people will often suggest that wearing red will bring a player good fortune.

While most gamblers around the world most likely will not take much notice of the colour of the clothes they decide to wear, it’s common for Chinese players to don at least one item of red clothing. You may see someone wearing red shoes, or they may have chosen to slip into some red underwear before heading to a casino. Watch out for the online slot games that utilise an Eastern theme in them, as they will often feature those aforementioned red envelopes as a symbol for you to spin into position on their reels.

One other thing to note is that some casinos based within Macau have actively painted certain rooms red. Not only does this appeal visually to casino-goers there but it also brings a sense of fortune to those Chinese players who believe in this superstition.

A lucky charm to boost your fortune

While this superstition does not specifically pertain to casino gambling, it is not uncommon to see people taking a lucky charm along with them to a gaming establishment in the hopes that it will provide a little bit of extra fortune. Lucky charms have been used for many years by people. They offer up something for the holder to cling on to and wish on when they want something to go their way.

If you take a look at the Lucky Lands slot game by Endorphina, which is available at Bitcasino to play, you’ll see that some of the symbols upon its reels are represented by common lucky charms. These include the four-leaf clover, the ladybird and the silver horseshoe, among others. These are some of the more widely known traditional lucky charms, but in theory, anything can be considered a lucky charm.

For example, a person might have been wearing a specific necklace when they won big one night and held on to it as the outcome of the game was announced. The necklace could then become that particular person’s lucky charm. Some people will always wear the same hat when they go out gambling because they believe it brings them better fortune than they would have without it on.

There are some who also consider other people as their lucky charm. Maybe they find themselves winning more when their significant other is with them. Perhaps a best friend accompanying them to the casino is what ensures their fortunes are increased. Whatever the case may be, a lucky charm is something that is known worldwide as being a gambling superstition.

Lucky numbers

In some Western countries, the number 13 is considered to be the unluckiest of them all. It is for this reason that many people avoid placing bets on that number in roulette, for example. On the other hand, some people very much flip this theory on its head and stake their claim as ardent number 13 followers, using this as their lucky number.

Whatever the case may be, you need only take a look at some casino and hotel resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada to understand that this number is considered exceptionally unlucky there. It is not uncommon for those establishments to omit a 13th floor from their buildings, as some players may find it to be unlucky overall.

On the other hand, if you travel to the East, you will find that Chinese people put a lot of faith in the number eight. In fact, even numbers as a whole are considered to be luckier than odd ones, which is why Chinese people often provide gifts to each other in even numbers. In particular, the reason why the number eight is considered so lucky is because the word for it in Chinese, “ba”, sounds very similar to the word for fortune, which is “fa”. As a result, there is often plenty of activity surrounding the number eight where Chinese gamers are concerned.

Sticking with the East, if you go a little bit further to the shores of Japan, you will find that many people believe that the number four is unlucky. This is due to the fact that the Japanese word for four sounds similar to the word for death. Therefore, it is thought that this number brings bad luck, which is why it is often the case that four will be omitted from a Japanese player’s gambling strategy

Crossing your fingers for luck and crossing your legs for bad luck

Many people will cross their fingers to try and bring themselves good luck when gambling. In fact, in the United Kingdom, the symbol for the National Lottery is that of a pair of crossed fingers. This is one of the more common superstitions with regard to good fortune, and it is not uncommon to see people using it throughout daily life as well as in relation to casino gaming.

However, you may want to think twice about crossing your legs while at a gambling establishment. Some people believe that this totally cancels out any good luck that may be coming your way. If you are playing some of the games in the Bitcasino lobby, it might be better to steer clear of crossing your legs should you be a superstitious person. Stick to crossing your fingers instead.

Make sure you are using the correct entrance

Land-based casinos often have more than one entrance for gamblers to use for getting in and out. This could be due to the fact that some bettors believe that entering through the front door of the casino is something that will bring bad luck. As it happens, while this superstition is not hugely known outside of the casino industry, it actually has its origins in Las Vegas, and it happens to be connected to one specific casino.

The MGM Grand Casino’s main entrance used to have a huge lion head as part of its setup. This forced anyone visiting the casino to walk through the jaw of the animal, and this was the only way that people were able to reach the gaming floor of the establishment. Today, that entrance has gone through a remodel so that it no longer features such an intimidating design. However, this has not stopped some people from opting to use the side entrance instead of the main one, even if they are not playing at the MGM Grand.

If entering through the main doors of a land-based casino is something that you feel is quite the unlucky thing to do, then perhaps you can experience both a lion and a slot game without having to visit a brick-and-mortar establishment. At Bitcasino, we have the Lucky Lion video slot from OneTouch that you can access, which will hopefully provide more of an appealing outcome for you.

To leave the table or not…that is the choice

You may have heard that some people will always remain at the same machine or table that they start out at. This is something that can be seen in land-based casinos quite often, where you will find little old ladies grabbing a stool at their favoured slot machine and inserting coins until something big happens. Of course, there is no guarantee that anything will, and generally speaking, they may end up putting all their money into the machine without getting anything back from it. The idea behind this superstition is that some people believe that if they just continue playing the game for a little bit longer, then fortune will come their way as they’ve put so much money into the game already.

With the random number generators (RNGs) that are in operation today though, there is all the potential of sitting at a machine for hours on end and not receiving anything huge as a pay-out. Plus, there is also the alternative theory, in which some players believe they need to move about more often to bring good luck to themselves. Therefore, some people will play a few rounds of one game and then swiftly proceed on to the next one with the hopes of the new game providing a big reward.

Neither of these superstitions can really be considered an ideal way of doing things. Having the mindset of staying at one machine or table and never leaving it can become quite an issue if you need to go to the toilet or obtain a drink, for example. Plus, in this circumstance, you could gamble away all your money at one table because you are basing your bets on the idea that you will get something if you just stick at it. This is not the way gambling works, unfortunately.

No counting your money at the table

Finally, when it comes to well-known superstitions, counting your money at the table or machine you are using is considered to be quite the no-no with gamblers around the world. This is a superstition that is connected a lot more with card gamers, and while it is generally considered to be quite the rude and unprofessional conduct, some gamblers believe that it brings bad luck to the culprit.

It actually has its roots in basic etiquette, whereby if you’re counting your money at the table where everyone can see you, it is generally considered as gloating about your wins. Speaking of money, some casinos and gamblers alike also have the belief that the appearance of $50 bills is an unlucky outcome. In this respect, some casinos will outrightly refuse to accept them or use them within, while gamblers will take the view of refusing to cash-in their winnings if they are going to receive $50 bills by doing so.

Therefore, it might be best to keep an eye on the types of notes that are floating around within the games that you are engaging in. Plus, if you do decide to visit a land-based casino, it may be best to avoid taking any $50 bills along with you to the establishment. Not only that but if you are also a winner, make sure you don’t sit there counting your money – it could lead to your downfall if you’re one of those superstitious players.

Avoid canine creatures and be lucky

We’ve never really heard of the superstition that dogs will bring you bad luck. Black cats are supposed to be unlucky in general, but as far as dogs are concerned, this superstition is a new one on us. As it happens, there is very little information regarding the origins of this particular superstition, although plenty of people own dogs as pets, and you often can’t escape seeing them on the streets. That could prove to be quite the problem for anyone who participates in mobile casino gaming.

Supposedly, if you are gambling while you’re near a dog, then this has the potential to bring a string of bad luck your way. We’re not sure we’d ever want to shoo our canine pooch away while we’re spinning the reels of a slot or waiting for cards to be dealt. However, there does seem to be an easy way of escaping this particular superstition, and that is to always gamble within land-based casinos where no dog will ever be found.

Spill some water

Take a trip to Serbia and you will find that it’s a fairly common practice there for players to have water spilled behind them. Again, there is little information on how this particular practice came about, but the common theory is that water is smooth and fluid, thereby easing the path of luck towards a person.

We’re not entirely sure that it is appropriate to start throwing water around in a land-based casino when you are about to start betting, so this one could be a slightly problematic superstition within establishments. At home, you can throw water where you like, of course. Perhaps you can take a shower before you game and at least that way, water has fallen all around you.

Of course, water is a necessity to life, so there is little doubt that it is a liquid of wonder. Alternatively, if you believe in this superstition, what you could do is access the Undine’s Deep slot game by Endorphina, which is available in our Bitcasino game lobby. This game takes place under water, and it features various marine creatures as well as the appearance of an enchanting mermaid alongside. Maybe this will count as being at least around water and satisfy any Serbs who want to engage in water-filled slots.

Feed a ghost with the Chinese

Have you ever heard of the practice of feeding sugar to a baby ghost prior to starting a blackjack game? Well, you have now. This is another odd superstition that comes from the lands of China. Now, there is the obvious question of why you would ever want to engage with a ghost in the first place, let alone feed it sugar before gambling on blackjack. However, there is somewhat of a theory behind this strange practice.

The Chinese believe that a baby ghost sits behind you when you take a seat at a gambling table. Therefore, be sure to watch out for something strange taking place when you next decide to participate in a game of blackjack. The theory is that if you feed the baby ghost sugar – because what baby doesn’t enjoy the thrill that sugar provides to them? – then it has the potential to bless you with good fortune. We’re not entirely sure how you would explain this if you were in a land-based casino and started offering sugar granules to something that isn’t visible. In this instance, your behaviour may potentially invite security guards to come and take you away. However, be sure to try it if you are ever in China. Perhaps it will seem like a more normal practice to undertake there.

The Chinese strike again with no sex rules

Considering that superstitions are a worldwide thing, it seems as though the Chinese have a lot that are connected with gambling and fortune. So much so that apparently, some Chinese gamblers have the mindset of not having sex before they take part in any gambling activities. Supposedly, this is a more common theory among male gamblers than female. Furthermore, it is said that if you gamble against a pregnant woman, then your luck has pretty much run out before you’ve even begun.

Why is this the theory? Well, in Chinese culture, it is thought that a woman with good fortune in her belly also has an extra pair of eyes to help her with gambling. The next time you are in a casino, just be careful about any pregnant women taking a seat at the same table as you, because her unborn baby may just be plotting to look at all your cards and provide her with the necessary information to outwit you.

While China seems to have many different superstitions, and some of them quite bizarre at the same time, it is not the only country with some odd beliefs about gambling. For example, you may want to check out exactly what the South Africans attach to good fortune. Black magic, anyone?

Invoke the power of voodoo

No, we’re not talking about the oodoo game in our lobby from Endorphina V that you can readily access. We’re talking about the actual practice of voodoo magic. While this has been deemed as quite the negative and evil source of magic in some countries, the South Africans actually believe it to be a source of good magic. Naturally, where there is good magic, there is good fortune walking hand in hand with it as well.

When voodoo magic is handed out to people in the correct manner and in the right dosage, it is believed to be quite powerful in providing individuals with more luck than the norm. Of course, some of the magic that supposedly takes place seems a little bit gruesome in itself, with some traditions involving sitting over a pot with the brain of a vulture simmering away in it, solely for the purpose of breathing in its fumes. This is thought to provide enough of a fortune boost that players can win big amounts at casino tables.

Different superstitions for different days in India

While gambling may be considered as an illegal activity in many parts of India, that does not stop it from taking place. At the same time, it also doesn’t stop certain superstitions from creeping to the surface. For example, did you know that if you have a shave on a Tuesday, this is considered to bring bad luck your way? Perhaps avoid visiting an online or offline casino on Tuesday if you’ve just taken a razor to your follicles.

Finally, it’s necessary for all of us to trim our nails, but if you do this in India on either Tuesday or Saturday, then bad luck is likely to come your way. As all of these superstitions are related to personal cleanliness and hygiene, we’re not sure why they would affect your gambling outcome. Just remember not to shave on Tuesday, wash your hair on Thursday or trim your nails on Tuesday or Saturday and you’ll be fine. To make matters simpler, just do all of your gambling on a Wednesday when these superstitions are not in effect.

Pregnant women can work wonders in the Philippines

In quite the stark contrast to the theory behind pregnant women in China, players in the Philippines claim that women with child can actually be very lucky. As it happens, superstitious people there will proceed to rub the belly of a pregnant woman, with the idea that it brings good luck their way. What happens if you don’t know, or aren’t around, any pregnant women, though?

Well, we’re not suggesting that you should track one down just so that you can rub her belly. Most women aren’t up to strangers coming along and rubbing their bellies. However, if you are in the Philippines and you see a pregnant woman in the establishment, it is thought that she has the ability to drive away any sort of bad energy, thereby bringing players within good luck in the process.

If your significant other is pregnant or if you have a pregnant friend, then perhaps you can consider taking them along to a casino with you? You can also visit an online casino so as not to drag her along to a land-based establishment. You never know, this one could bring you all kinds of fortune.

A superstition from days of old

We’ve all seen at least one Western movie, right? They are filled with cowboys and Indians trying to outdo one another as well as dusty towns lined with taverns and other stereotypical buildings related to the Wild West. In these days of old, there was actually a widely known gambling superstition – and it all relates to players and their feet.

The superstition was that a player should never opt to rest his foot or feet on one of the chairs in the establishment. Should they do so, then one of the other players has the right to challenge him to a gunfight, due to this behaviour being considered bad luck. Certainly, it’s a bad result if you are playing a simple game of poker and someone suddenly whips a pistol out of their pocket just because you chose to rest your foot on another chair.

Fortunately, this is one superstition that should be left to the Wild West and condemned to history. Guns aren’t something that should be anywhere near casinos, so we certainly don’t think much to the idea of this one. Maybe just keep your feet firmly on the ground instead. At least that way, you are totally covered.

Plates aren’t only smashed in Greece

Many people know of the tradition in Greece where people smash plates at weddings as a way of celebrating and wishing the happy couple good luck in their life together. Well, this extends to good luck being brought to the plate-smasher when gambling. In fact, the tradition extends all the way across Europe to Denmark as well.

Danish citizens are said to smash plates when a new neighbour moves into a house as another way of wishing luck upon them and their home. Both Greece and Denmark have seen people utilise the plate-smashing technique as a way of bringing good luck their way before entering a casino. We would suggest that if this is a superstition that you choose to believe, only purchase cheaper plates to smash. This could very much eat into any winnings that you may accrue from gambling, and the last thing we would want to do with our funds is purchase plates just to smash them.

Danish citizens are said to smash plates when a new neighbour moves into a house as another way of wishing luck upon them and their home. Both Greece and Denmark have seen people utilise the plate-smashing technique as a way of bringing good luck their way before entering a casino. We would suggest that if this is a superstition that you choose to believe, only purchase cheaper plates to smash. This could very much eat into any winnings that you may accrue from gambling, and the last thing we would want to do with our funds is purchase plates just to smash them.

Of course, it would be ideal to do this before you visit an actual casino or gambling establishment. We can’t really see the casino owners or dealers being very happy with someone coming in and proceeding to break plates in the area. You would likely draw the ire of other players as well. This is one superstition that should stay at home, in our humble opinion.

Wash your hands for a change in fortune

In some places, there is the belief that if you are not having good fortune while gambling, you should simply take a trip to the bathroom and wash your hands. This does run counter to the superstition that leaving the table is a bad luck omen. However, maybe this action helps to wash away any bad luck from your hands? At least if you do opt for this, then you’ll come back with fresh and clean hands.

Naturally, there is also a downside to this option as well. It is said that if you decide to wash your hands while you are on a winning streak, your luck will instantly change, and you will suffer from bad fortune instead. There are so many questions that could be asked at this point, that we’re not really sure where to proceed with it. After all, should you go to the toilet during a winning streak, we would sooner that you washed your hands before returning to the casino games. Forget good fortune – we’d sooner be in good health, thanks all the svame.

Itchy hands bring bad fortune?

Maybe you’ve heard of the superstition that if your hands are itching, then you are likely to come into money. Well, what about if your right hand in specific is itchy? In Bulgaria, this means that you are likely to give your money away soon. If you are in a casino and your right hand starts itching, make sure that you don’t scratch it, and get out of there straight away. Of course, be sure to finish off the game you are currently participating in. Leaving a slot machine or a table while your money is still active there will essentially just prove the superstition!

On the other side of things, taking a look at Serbia once more, there is a slight twist on the itchy hand syndrome. If your left hand is itchy, this supposedly means that you will be coming into money shortly. It could be quite advantageous to take note of which hand, if any, is itching while you are playing at a casino. It could be the difference between being a big winner or losing all of your money in a short time period. You may also want to take note of which country you are in while this takes place as well, because it is only Bulgaria that believes in the bad luck of an itchy right hand. If you are specifically in Bulgaria and playing at a casino, take note of your right hand and everything that happens with it.

Thailand’s phallic necklaces

While there are a number of oddities within this list, perhaps none of them can be compared with this superstition from Thailand. There, it is believed that a necklace can bring you good luck. Not just any necklace, though. It is one that is known as the ‘palad khik’, and this translates quite literally to ‘honourable surrogate penis’. It is for this reason that the necklace in question is phallic shaped and worn whenever the owner wants to bring good luck their way. Granted, you may find yourself getting some unfavourable looks if you enter a casino with a penis necklace around your neck!

However, as seems to be the case with many of the superstitions in this list, the palad khik does come with a downfall, depending upon which way you look at it. Supposedly, it makes you irresistible to the opposite sex while it is around your neck. If you would like to go about your gambling uninterrupted by swarms of people trying to be your next date, then it is probably better to undertake this particular superstition while at home and using an online casino. This could also save you a bit of humiliation at the hands of other casino-goers.

Should you want that extra attention, then by all means, visit your local casino with the palad khik wrapped around your neck. Keep in mind that the security guards may not let you in. Take this one for what it’s worth. Alas, if you are willing to believe and proceed with such a superstition, then it is quite likely that the others within this list are favourable to you as well.

Curse at the ball and see it pay out

This superstition pertains solely to the casino game of roulette, and at Bitcasino, we have three different versions of this game for you to access, including Classic Roulette from OneTouch . Should you choose to play a game of roulette, then you may test out the route of cursing at the ball while it is spinning around the roulette wheel. It is said by some that this can help to bring good fortune your way, by seeing the ball land in exactly the number slot that you require.

Now, we are fairly sure that if you went to a land-based casino and started yelling obscenities at the roulette ball, you would probably get thrown out for inappropriate behaviour. It would certainly kick up a storm with other players as well, because they would likely think that you are screaming at them. Maybe the croupiers would also get somewhat offended by your outburst in this scenario. We would definitely suggest that you only make use of this superstition when at home and playing at an online casino.

There do not appear to be any specific curse words that you should use when the ball is spinning, so feel free to go all out. It may also work as a great way to get out some pent-up anger or rage in the process. If you do manage to see the ball slip into a number slot that you want, we would call that a win-win situation.

Hide your lottery tickets in Malta

While this one does not particularly relate to casino gaming, it still relates to gambling. That being said, lotteries are not considered as a gambling activity in the country of Malta, and neither is bingo gameplay. At the very least, it is not considered as a taboo betting option the way poker and blackjack games are.

However, that does not mean that superstitions aren’t in effect within the country as far as lottery tickets are concerned. Once people purchase a ticket, it is commonplace for them to go and hide it away so that it does not jinx them. Potentially, this is so that no other people can see their numbers and bring on a stream of bad luck for the lottery game’s outcome. If you see players hiding their tickets after buying them, then you’ll know what this is all about. Granted, this is not a particular superstition that you must follow if you are in Malta – more so a heads up for if you should ever see someone clutching onto a lottery ticket that they do not want anyone else to see.

Superstitious or not, gambling should primarily be a fun pastime

Superstitions are one of those things that you will either believe or not. Walking under a ladder or smashing a mirror are said to bring bad luck your way, and quite a few people adhere to this belief. Regardless, whether you are a superstitious gambler or not, you should primarily be there to have fun. If you are not having fun, then gambling is perhaps becoming too much of a strain on your general life. Nobody should gamble because they feel they have to for one reason or another.

If you are a superstitious gambler, then just be sure to follow your own guidelines with regard to bringing yourself luck. If you believe that seeing a dog before gambling is bad luck, then try to stay away from them. If you think that taking a lucky charm along to your favourite casino will bring you good fortune, then do it. Of course, you may want to steer clear of the more provocative superstitions – such as yelling obscenities at a roulette ball or feeding ghosts with sugar prior to placing any bets.

As long as you are enjoying your time gambling and you do not feel under pressure to win back any of the money that you may have lost, then this is the main thing. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’ve got to get something back as far as money is concerned. In that respect, never play with more money than you can afford to lose.

Are you the superstitious kind?

Do you consider yourself a superstitious gambler? What kind of rituals or processes do you go through before proceeding with gambling? Or do you just visit a casino and go for it without thinking of any superstitious consequences? Perhaps we missed a gambling superstition that is common in your country. Do feel free to contact us and let us know about it.

Maybe you have more information on some of the aforementioned superstitions that require adjusting or adding to. Perhaps you’ve had several experiences where a particular superstition has worked for you or hindered your gambling experience. We’d also like to hear from you in this respect. Why not try out a superstition in the Bitcasino game lobby and see what sort of results it brings? Clutch onto that lucky charm a bit tighter or perhaps rub the belly of your pregnant wife to see if it will affect the outcome!


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