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Gambling Spells: Enchanting spells to attract luck in the casino

Gambling Spells: Enchanting spells to attract luck in the casino

Mon May 17 2021 01:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Luck and strategy aren’t the only ways for you to win your gamble. Cast a spell on your wager and attract luck in your favour with these fortune telling spells for gambling. Explore more about the mystical side of gambling here at Bitcasino.

It’s no trick of the eye

To win the jackpot prize, people are ready to throw themselves into superstitions that will bring good omen to their gambling. All voodoo and good luck spells in the casino began centuries ago when people had a strong faith in magic and the supernatural.

Even now, there are some who still believe in the mystical power of spells and enchant their gambles for better chances of winning. The key to succeeding in fortune gambling spells is to believe in your incantation without an ounce of doubt that it will fail. It is believed that the positivity of your mind as you trust the spells to work will attract lady luck on your side. 

Bippity boppity boo, more payouts for you! 

Gambling spells 

Fortune gambling spells are incantations that are usually in verses calling out to lady luck to guide your gamble and bring you wins. The common origin of these spells stems from Hellenic Polytheist, which is a religion that worships the ancient Greek gods. Here are a few gambling spells you can use before placing your bet: 

    1. Spell for good fortune: 

‘Tyche, goddess of fortune

I ask of thee, 

As I plant this offering, 

Look, good fortune grows within me.’ 

Casting the spell: 

This spell originated from the believers of the goddess of fortune and prosperity, Tyche. To cast this fortune gambling spell you must prepare an acorn, gold paint, a handful of coins and a paintbrush. Take the acorn and paint it with gold. While doing this, try to visualize your wins.

Be specific about the game that you want to win as well as where you want to place your bet. Once you’re done, go outside and find a good place to plant your acorn and start chanting the spell above.

As you are about to gamble, make sure to place the coins in your pocket and visualize your wins again just as vividly as the first time. See how much the goddess favours you in Power of Gods the Pantheon

2. Spell for good luck:

‘Your fortune and good luck—my winning eagerness

You had good luck and I will have good luck 

My good fortune will follow me everywhere.’ 

Casting the spell: 

Cast a spell of good luck in your gamble by collecting pictures of seven successful individuals and laying them down in a seven-pointed star on a flat surface. Place your photo at the centre of the successful individuals and set a candle on top of each photo.

Start lighting each candle in a counter-clockwise direction while chanting the spell above. Within seven seconds of chanting, you should light the candle atop your photo as you envision your wins. Setting an image of your success in your head can help intensify the spell. Test your spells on the reels of casino slot Witches Charm now!

3. Spell for bigger wins:

‘I pick my numbers one by one 

To bring me wealth before the day’s done

Good luck, riches and money flows

To me as my bankroll grows.’

Casting the spell: 

The third spell on the list is a modern Wicca spell based on thaumaturgy magic, which doesn’t rely on the powers of a divine being. This spell requires a green candle that you need to light up. As the candle burns, rub your hands together on the smoke that it creates. While doing this, you should envision the game where you will be staking your money on. This will attract bigger payouts to you.


Gambling rituals 

Just as there are spells, there are also superstitious beliefs that can attract good fortune for you! Take a look at the different gambling rituals below: 

  1. Wear red when playing 

Red is believed to be the colour of good luck and fortune. It is a superstition that began in China to honour the first Emperor of the Han dynasty, which is said to be the son of the Red Emperor. You don’t have to go all out with fully red garb. You can pick one article of clothing that is coloured red like underwear, tie or handkerchief. As long as you have a red garment in your body, it is good enough to attract good luck! Test out your luck and paint the town red as you spin the wheels of Instant Roulette.

  1. Crossing fingers and legs

Have you ever noticed gamblers crossing their fingers as they wait for the result of their bet? Turns out it is a ritual that most people do when gambling. It attracts luck to you, especially if you wholeheartedly believe that you will win the game. However, you must not cross your legs while gambling as it is believed to be a sign of bad luck that means you’re crossing out your fortune.

  1. Wander off the table 

It is believed that you are likely to win if you are not around the table until the winners are announced. This belief requires you to be confident enough with your gamble that you are going to win regardless if you’re there or not. 

Gambling charms: Enchanting ways to win 

Invite lady luck on your side with good luck charms! Take these lucky objects with you on the betting table and turn the odds in your favour: 

  • Four-leaf clover 

The rarity of four-leaf clovers made it a popular charm that depicts good luck. Those who can find it are believed to have good fortune since there is only 1 out of 10,000 possibilities of finding a four-leaf clover. 

  • Hamsa hand 

Hamsa hand is a popular lucky charm in North Africa and Middle East countries. The hamsa hand is depicted as a hand-shaped charm with blue eyes carved in the palms of it. It is believed to protect a person against the evil eye, which is a glare given by a person who is envious of you.

  • Horseshoe 

This lucky charm comes with an interesting legend that stemmed from the Archbishop of Canterbury, St. Dunstan. He is a former blacksmith that is believed to have tricked the devil by placing a horseshoe on the demon’s feet. In exchange for removing the horseshoe, the devil swore not to enter another house with a horseshoe hanging by the door.


A victory foretold! 

Use your new fortune gambling spells to win on your next casino escapade! Believe in the power of your fortune telling spells for gambling and set your bets on your desired games from the different titles at Bitcasino. Attract luck on your side and see where fortune will take you on your next wager!

Words by: Ana Gabrielle Gundran

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