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Skill over luck: The best casino skill games

Skill over luck: The best casino skill games

Skill over luck: The best casino skill games

Sun Jul 31 2022 06:17:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Slots and live dealer games are undoubtedly the epitome of what an online casino has to offer. But, how about trying something different for a change such as casino skill games? Although quite unconventional compared to typical games like roulette and classic slots, this category has a lot to offer in terms of excitement and big wins! 

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From Bitcoin games of skill such as Keno, Plinko, Mines and more, you can expect a completely different experience. So if you’re looking for something to spice up your gaming escapade at Bitcasino, look no further, because skill based casino games are here to save the day! 

It’s a refreshing change from the typical titles out there and offers just as much chance of big wins and exciting gameplay. Learn more about it and how to get started in the coming sections. 

What are skill games and how are they played?

As the name suggests, skill based online gambling works not just with luck, but with a certain amount of skill on the player’s part as well. While they are still considered to be games of chance, the player contributes largely to potentially winning. This is compared to normal casino games wherein you purely rely on luck. 

Now, you might be wondering, what are the kinds of ‘skills’ you need to win these kinds of games? In these cases, it is essential to have a sense of intuition and strategy to gauge how you can move on from a specific portion of the game to win the biggest payout offered. 

Most skill-based slot machines and games usually take inspiration from pre-existing games. For example, there’s a mini version of roulette and heads and tails. However, the mechanics are slightly altered and infused with the chance to win certain payouts. 

Yes, these Bitcoin skill games still somehow rely on luck, but you can also contribute to potentially winning! Some games like Minesweeper and Plinko rely on luck, but you are the one who is mainly in control over the betting options and your chances of winning. 

Trying skill slots and other similar games can be daunting at first, especially to those who have never tried them before, but you can be sure that it is an experience all avid casino players must try. Bitcasino is an excellent avenue to try these games so be sure to start placing your wager as soon as you can! 

What are the best skill games at Bitcasino?

Upon learning more about casino skill games and how they work, it’s time to experience them all for yourself here at Bitcasino! Take a look at some of the Bitcoin skill games you can look forward to on the platform and how to play them: 


It’s time to get the ball rolling with BGaming’s Plinko! Expect easy gameplay as you watch the ball rolling down the screen in hopes of winning multiplier bonuses and big rewards at the same time. To get started, place a minimum bet of €1 to a maximum of €100 and look forward to the jackpot of €100,000!

To win in Plinko, you just have to place your bets, wait for the ball to drop on the screen, watch it fall as it hits several pegs and see which multiplier it lands on. Wherever the ball lands, that’s the payout that you will receive!



Another game that you should try is Mines. Derived from the classic Minesweeper game, Spribe’s version gives you a completely different look at the game’s mechanics and corresponding payouts! 

But much like the game it is inspired by, all you have to do here is to click on random boxes and hope you uncover a star since it rewards you with a corresponding prize! And if you get a bomb, the game resets and you have to try all over again.

Catching stars and avoiding bombs begin when you bet anywhere between the minimum bet of €0.10 and the maximum of €100. Uncover all the stars and you can get the maximum payout depending on your bet!



Next up is the popular Keno skill game! As one of the best lottery games at Bitcasino, you can expect an exciting and rewarding experience that can grant you up to 100x your wager. But unlike typical lottery games, you won’t need cards here. Just pick whichever numbers you want and you’re set!

To begin, bet between €0.10 and €100. Choose a random set of numbers and hope any of them is part of the winning digits for that round. The more numbers you match, the higher your wins will be! 



While dice play a big part in various casino games, rarely do they take the spotlight. But this time around, they take the centre stage in Spribe’s innovative game, Dice! All you have to do to get started is place a minimum bet of €0.10 to a maximum of €100 and you will have the chance to bring home the maximum payout of 970x your wager! 

The mechanics of Dice is incredibly simple—all you have to do is guess whether the dice will roll above or under the designated value. If your guess is correct, then you will automatically win your bet back and more. The settings and betting options of the game can also be adjusted according to your preference. 


Coins Dare2Win

If you think you know all about the potential of using coins in casino games, then you’re in for a surprise. Hacksaw Gaming’s Coins Dare2Win is a simple yet excellent game that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Start by placing a minimum bet of €0.20 to a maximum of €200 and you can be in the running to bring home the jackpot of 3,932.16x your bet! 

The game begins by flipping a certain set of coins on the screen. All of the coins must be flipped on the right side up if you are to win your bet back and more. But if one or more of the coins are out of place, then you will simply have to try again. 


Heads and Tails

All casino players should try their hand at playing a modern spin on the classic game Heads and Tails. Brought to you by BGaming, this game gives you a chance to win twice your bet all by guessing which side of the coin will show when it’s spun. And with the maximum bet set at €100, that means you can win up to €200 with a high chance of winning! If you prefer playing on the safer side, you can start with a minimum bet of €1.  

To start, all you have to do is to choose whether the coin will land on heads or tails. If you get it right, then you win twice your bet back. On the other hand, choosing wrong means you lose your bet and you’ll have to try again. 


What’s the difference between traditional casino games and skill games?

Now that you have a better idea of what skill games are and what games you should try in Bitcasino, it’s time to know how they differ from normal casino games. If you are used to games like slots or live dealers, then transitioning to trying skill games might be a tad different. 

Slot games, for example, simply require players to place their bets and press the spin button to wait for the results. The same can be said for live dealer games like roulette or blackjack where you simply have to watch the results unfold in front of you. 

Casino skill games, on the other hand, are more interactive and require additional effort from the player. This means that there are several contributing factors for you to consider to possibly increase your chances of winning, such as bet sizes, payouts, game mechanics and more. 

As the name suggests, skill games require a bit more strategy compared to traditional casino games. You have to personally select numbers, click on boxes, flip coins and so much more. They are fast-paced and still rely on luck, but they also require skill from the player’s end. 

Whether you are a newbie or an online casino veteran, it’s a good idea to try both traditional games and skill games at the same time. This is so you have variety and a good idea of what you want to play on a platform like Bitcasino. 

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What are some tips on winning skill games?

If you want to play online skill games for money and get a chance to win big, then it’s time to learn all about the best online casino tips you can use while playing skill games. See the section below to learn more about it: 

  1. Learn the ins and outs of the game 

One of the first tips you have to remember is getting to know the game’s mechanics. This is an essential thing to know because you do not want to place your bets blindly without knowing what you are up against. The more you know about the game’s mechanics, the better your chances are of actually winning. 

  1. See which skill game you are the best at! 

After reading all things skill games, it’s time to see which one appeals to you the most! This is so you can identify the game that resonates with you and spend a bit more time and effort placing your bets. 

There will be moments when you prefer one game over the other, so try and see which one catches your fancy. To do this, you can try and experiment with the different games offered in Bitcasino! 

  1. Manage your bets and pace your gameplay

Last but not least, it is important to manage your bets and think rationally while having fun at the same time. Be sure to set a budget or betting limit for yourself and maintain it throughout the course of your gameplay. This is so you can make the most of your funds and properly pace yourself while playing. 

Is it a good idea to play casino skill games?

Yes! Skill games are versatile and unique so trying them out will definitely broaden your knowledge of casino games. Not only are they a different category, but they also sharpen your mind and serve as a more interactive gaming experience.  

Placing your bets in skill games is thrilling, entertaining and, not to mention, rewarding as it gives you just as many chances to bring home massive wins compared to other casino games. Plus, you will have a platform like Bitcasino to serve as an avenue to experience all of these and more as you place your bets. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try your luck at some of the best skill games online and see if you have what it takes to bring home massive wins! 

Try your hand at skill games today at Bitcasino!

A brand new casino experience awaits upon placing your bets on the skill games in Bitcasino. Delve into a different category when you flip coins, uncover bombs and drop balls into pegs in skill games. 

Access all of Bitcasino’s games and promotions when you make an account and try your luck at some of the best skill games out there today! 

Words by: Adi Gregorio 

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Skill over luck: The best casino skill games