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Best play to earn crypto games

Best play to earn crypto games

Best play to earn crypto games

Thu Feb 24 2022 07:10:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are one of the newest developments in the crypto sphere. They allow users to purchase art and trade unique digital creations as a form of digital asset. The gaming niche of the crypto industry took this to a new level with creating play to earn crypto games.

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With new developments in the gaming cryptocurrency sphere, you can now play to earn digital assets without having to dive into the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrencies. It’s evolving into a new trend among investors because of the creative mechanics of how to earn crypto by playing games on a computer.

Get to know more about popular games such as Axie Infinity and Splinterlands and how you can earn crypto games currency when you browse Bitcasino!

What is play to earn games and how does it work?

Simply put, play to earn crypto games are built on a blockchain where players are allowed to harvest digital coins, NFTs or in-game currencies while playing. The mechanics differ for each game, but the driving force behind it is utilising the gaming sphere for users to earn crypto in the GameFi industry.

Its steady rise to mainstream is brought by avid crypto gamers and enthusiasts who wish to earn a stream of income while having fun. Many players earn income in blockchain gaming through various methods including:

Profiting in play to earn crypto games

The play to earn ecosystem allows players to acquire in-game crypto through daily tasks, quests or battles. You can also battle either in-game monsters or other players to rise the ranks and earn digital currencies while playing.

In-game NFTs

Another way for players to earn money in play to earn crypto games is by collecting in-game NFTs or trading it with other players for money. These non-fungible tokens can either have some purpose in the game mechanics or for aesthetic purposes that may attract gaming collectors.

Smart contract and staking in play to earn crypto games

For more advanced players who are delving into the secondary market, NFT staking is another way to earn money through gaming cryptocurrency. Some games allow players to link and lock up their tokens on smart contracts to earn rewards including one-of-a-kind tokens from the game itself.

These tokens are considered rare in some games because of the limited supply which in turn can be sold to collectors on the secondary market.

The 6 best play to earn crypto games to watch out for

Tons of blockchain games are dominating the market nowadays. Some of these started as NFT projects by developers to experiment and create new developments on blockchain capacities and decentralised applications (dApps).

Finding the right game that can help you maximise your crypto profits and allow you to have fun is a challenge on its own. With the plethora of games surfacing the market, it can be daunting to figure out which one of these games suit your preference.

To help you start, below is a list of the best and most popular games in the entertainment crypto sphere:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest games in the world and is taking the gaming and crypto world by storm. This was developed in 2018 by a company focusing on blockchain gaming called Sky Mavis.

Axie Infinity is a role-playing game on the Ethereum Blockchain that took its inspiration from the Pokemon game series. The gameplay provides players with a platform to breed and raise charming creatures and compete with other players for bonus crypto rewards.

Two native tokens are running the game, namely:

  • Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

The AXS is the primary token in Axie Infinity. It is an NFT that players use to breed their digital pets and also acts as a governance token that allows players to have a stake in the game’s future developments and updates.

  • Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

SLP tokens are the currency you earn by playing the game and are rewarded to players who complete missions or defeat their rivals’ Axies. Frequently playing the game allows you to collect more SLPs that serve as your income.

What are Axie Infinity scholars?

Since the game’s launch, Axie Infinity became an international sensation. Many players and crypto investors joined the bandwagon to earn rewards while playing. However, some don’t have the time to immerse themselves in playing the game full-time.

This then led to the Axie Infinity scholars. It’s a program where players delegate their in-game duties to scholars. These scholars will play the game for them for a portion of the winnings.


Collectable card games have been around since the early 1990s. Since digital innovations are yet to dominate the gaming sphere during the time, games that allow players to collect cards and create decks of their own surfaced. From Magic: The Gathering to Pokemon trading cards, this created a subcategory of gaming that players can enjoy and earn from.

Play to earn crypto games like Spliterlands follows the collectable card game format but on a crypto ledger that optimises non-fungible tokens. It is a play to earn card strategy game that allows players to do in-game tasks, join tournaments and guilds, as well as improve character stats.

In the game, you are allowed to collect Splinterlands cards you can trade among players or utilise for your in-game activities. There are also rank plays for players to earn rewards.

The game is compatible with Android, iOS and desktop computers which provides players with better accessibility when playing the game.

Splintershards (SPS)

The primary currency in Splinterlands is the SPS. It’s a governance token rewarded to players that allows them to earn decision-making abilities and control over stakeholders of the game. The tokens are limited to 3 billion which will be allocated strategically for different purposes.

Gods Unchained

With Magic: the Gathering as its blueprint comes another blockchain-based play to earn crypto game. Gods Unchained is another card game that’s built on the Ethereum network and allows players complete ownership over the assets.

The mechanics of this crypto game is similar to its predecessor where the cards dictate the progression of the game. These collectable cards are powered by blockchain tech and are individually tokenised as NFTs.

Each card has a real-world value that players can trade for fiat money. These can be bought and sold in the marketplace as one would have originally done with physical cards. However, the validity of the cards is confirmed through the data block recorded on the ledger.

GODS token

The main currency of the game is called the GODS, an ERC-20 token used by players to trade cards in the marketplace or receive as an in-game currency reward. This is also a governance token of the platform that allows holders to have a say in future developments of the game.

Plants vs Undead

If you’re well versed in the early 2000s PopCap Games, Plants vs Zombies might ring a bell. The gameplay of this beloved PC game is a battle between hyper powered plants against the zombies that want to eat human brains.

The blockchain-based play to earn crypto game Plants vs Undead follows the same mechanics of the abovementioned title. However, this strategic defence game makes use of crypto tokens as in-game currency to purchase the seeds that will grow into plants to protect the world from the undead.

It’s a fun game that many PC gamers will enjoy. This can even be a game that can help someone unfamiliar with crypto gain knowledge about the market. Aside from playing the game, users are also able to send tokens to friends or trade NFT assets with each other.

PVU tokens

The PVU tokens are the official currency of the Plants vs Undead game. This can be used by players to purchase seeds and plants that can be used for the battles. Tokens can also be gifted to other players or traded through the game’s chat feature.

Survival Mode

In the survival mode, the game mechanics follow the in-game canon that a meteor hit the earth carrying the undead disease. The goal to win the game is through using the plants with special abilities to protect the home of the Mother Trees which is their source of power.

Six basic plants and one mother tree are provided to players for free to start the journey. A user can purchase more powerful seeds through the marketplace using the PVU tokens.

Multiplayer Mode

A slight tweak in the mechanics is implemented on the multiplayer mode because users are given the chance to go against opposing players. The original goal of defending the earth is still in play but the players are allowed to summon the dead to defeat others on the battlefield.

The player who successfully protects the mother tree from the undead wins the multiplayer mode.

Farm Mode

As part of the recent update in Plants vs Undead, the Farm Mode feature helps players to generate Light Energy that can then be exchanged for PVU tokens. Players are provided with four seasons and 25 weather events that help them cultivate the mother tree and plant slots that they have.

This feature also allows players to have farming competitions that are ranked on a leaderboard. Whoever ranks are awarded in-game bonuses.

The Sandbox

Games like Minecraft and Roblox provided players with a platform to fully customise their gaming experience by creating unique worlds and communities. The caveat of these games is complete ownership. Players do not own the creations they make on the platform.

The Sandbox aims to solve this problem by disrupting the gaming world and incorporating blockchain tech and NFTs for players to monetise and gain control over their creations and overall gaming experience.

Although, its interface can be overwhelming for those who aren’t familiar with the mechanics of sandbox building and survival games. For players to fully utilise the features, the developers created three integrated products to maximise the network’s potential.

Through the use of blockchain and smart contracts, The Sandbox allows players to operate through:


At the heart of the game is the VoxEdit. This is a 3D voxel modelling and NFT creation program that allows users to create and animate items, characters and foliage among other things using their PC or Mac devices.

The program makes use of 3D pixels with building block-like features that players can manipulate for their creations. This can then be exported to the marketplace as NFTs or game ASSETS.

NFT Marketplace

Users can upload, publish and sell their creations through The Sandbox NFT marketplace. Whatever users create on the VoxEdit platform will be registered onto the blockchain as proof of ownership and can be sold to potential buyers that also play the game.

Game Maker

Staying true to the in-game customisation philosophy of The Sandbox, this blockchain-based crypto game allows players to build their own 3D games for free. Users are encouraged to create functional crypto games to play on the platform thus contributing to its vast metaverse.

Token types

The Sandbox is an interactive game with a circular economy. For it to be self-sustaining, the blockchain utilises 3 token types that players can modify for their creations:

  • SAND - The ERC-20 token used in the game for all the transactions and interactions.
  • LAND - A digital piece of real estate in the metaverse (public Ethereum blockchain) that players can purchase using SAND tokens. It is also a non-fungible token.
  • ASSETS - Tokens created by players by generating their own content.


With the hype of online role-playing games (RPG), it’s not surprising that the crypto sphere will come up with its own open-world fantasy battle game. Illuvium is a blockchain-based crypto game built on the Ethereum network that allows players to navigate a fantasy world in search of creatures called Illuvials.

At its core, Illuvium’s game mechanics involve players collecting and customising their own Illuvials. These are NFT tokens with an associated affinity and class that’s vital for the player’s game experience.

Players, through their Illuvial avatars, participate in quests, daily challenges and battles. This creates a communal storyline for the game’s narrative.

Illuvium Classes

In this RPG game, the Illuviums are differentiated into five different classes such as fighter, guardian, empath, rogue and psion. This will be crucial in creating in-game teams to make the group more dynamic and effective.

Players are also allowed to combine two of the same class in one Illuvial to create a strong avatar with special skill sets.

Illuvium Affinities

Each Illuvium avatar can be characterised by the five affinities namely air, nature, fire, water and earth. A certain Illuvial will deal with damages according to its affinity type. Players can also create affinity combinations to maximise the stats.


Illuvium has a built-in decentralised exchange (DEX) platform. This allows players to exchange assets and NFTs among each other for an additional 5% fee. The sales from the fee are redirected into the rewards pool for players that stake ILV.

ILV tokens

The ILV token is the official in-game currency that players can use in the game's ecosystem. It can also be harvested through Yield Farming which will be distributed over three years.

All the ILV rewards earned from the yield farming program are locked for one year before they can officially be withdrawn by the players. However, the game allows you to skip the unlock timer by converting ILVs into a secondary in-game asset called sILV which can then be spent to purchase items.

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The play to earn crypto games experience

For the average gamer, it’s not common to earn a steady stream of income through games unless you are a content creator or streamer. The crypto industry helps to bring monetisation to the hands of players through playing with NFTs.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can still learn how to earn bitcoins by playing games in the virtual world of blockchain and dApps technology. The question now is how do you start this journey?

Choose a play to earn crypto game that interests you

The first thing you need to do is choose a game that you are interested in. Gaming can be a tedious job, especially if you’re not into the mechanics of the title you want to play.

Although choosing the right game depends on how the tokens fare on the market, it’s also important to pick something that you would personally enjoy. Profitability and enjoyment should be hand-in-hand in the virtual land of crypto games.

Sign up for a crypto wallet that supports play to earn crypto games

Not all wallets can support the NFTs and asset tokens of all the crypto games available. You need to find one that can store these tokens for in-game purchases or before you convert them to fiat money.

Most of the popular crypto games that gamers play are on Ethereum or Binance networks so opting for a wallet that supports these blockchains is a start. You can also use a Metamask wallet to store the assets you gain.

The key here is researching the game before you start playing. This way, you’ll make educated decisions about your activities.

Start playing

The play to earn crypto gaming experience won’t be complete if you don’t start playing. Once you’ve earned enough knowledge about the game’s basic mechanics and processes, you can go on a digital adventure in that blockchain realm and start playing either for fun, profit or both.

In-game profits: How to cash out play to earn games

Converting the tokens into a different asset or fiat money can be done through exchange platforms as long as you have a wallet. You can also trade the NFTs you own in the games for cryptocurrencies or real money on secondary markets to make a profit.

Since the crypto gaming industry is still new, the process is still changing. Looking at how other players earn money by trading can help you figure out how you’ll profit.

The future of play to earn crypto games

There’s no denying that the future of the gaming industry is moving forward with cryptocurrency. With the amount of blockchain-based NFT games being developed in a short period, these will eventually reach mainstream appreciation not only by crypto enthusiasts but of gamers as well.

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Words by: Sunday Carreon

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Best play to earn crypto games