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All-Time Top 5 Blackjack Tips

All-Time Top 5 Blackjack Tips


The thrill of turning over your second card to see if you have a total of 21 never grows old, does it? This is part of why the game of blackjack remains as popular now as it has been for centuries.

At Bitcasino, we have a massive collection of blackjack variants, so you can now play this traditional casino game as you like. Our selection of reliable, fair games should encourage you to give blackjack a try.

If this is your very first time playing blackjack, then you will want to get started as soon as possible. Do you need a helping hand? We are here to help you understand what the game is all about and how to stand the best chance of winning at it.

Before you get going, you will want to know the basic blackjack rules. Besides, you can follow the rest of the ideas in this list of the all-time top 5 blackjack tips. This will help you to start playing the game online without any fears.

1. Find Out the Exact Blackjack Rules and Payouts
The first thing that you need to know if that not all blackjack games are all the same as each other. This is because there are many different variants of the game available right now.

Don't forget to check out all the variants we offer on our site. You will see exciting titles like these ones:

  • High roller Atlantic City blackjack
  • European blackjack gold series
  • Pirate 21
  • Super fun 21

If you want live dealer action you can try out the likes of blackjack live. There are also mini blackjack games, perfect pairs variants and multi-hand games.

All these games are based on the classic rules, but you need to take their differences into account. For example, the dealer doesn't get their second card in the same way if you play European or American blackjack. Perfect pairs games have an extra side bet based on you getting matching cards in your hand.

If you play pirate 21 then you will see the option of a side bet based on matching the dealer’s first card. Multi-hand blackjack gives you more than one hand to control at the one time. High-roller games let you raise the stakes as much as you are comfortable with.

You will also see differences in the option of doubling down and the rules for when the dealer must stand. These are all very important blackjack rules to understand. You can make a huge difference to your chances of winning by understanding them.

The next point to consider is the amount that you win with a good hand at any of these games. This is something that will vary from one blackjack variant to another too. You will want to find a game that gives you the best possible rewards when you get a winning hand.

Some games will pay out more when you get blackjack. Others can be more generous on other types of win. You can see the pay-outs written across the table in big letters in most cases.

One of the all-time top 5 blackjack tips is to check out these details before you play. The truth is that any win in any game will be rewarding. But you will feel more relaxed if you know exactly what you can expect once you get your cards.

2. Understand When to Stand and When to Hit
A mistake made by a lot of new players is to work on hunches when deciding if they should stand or hit. This is something that you may get lucky with sometimes. But the opposite can also happen; in this case, you won't make the most of a good hand or be able to salvage a bad hand. So here is the second of our all-time top 5 blackjack tips.

The first thing you need to do is understand what the best and worst hands are. 19, 20 or 21 are good hands that most players are happy to stick with. If you don’t get this close to the magic figure of 21 then the next best thing is a low hand. This gives you the opportunity to ask for another card without any fear.

The worst hand in blackjack is the dreaded 16. With this hand, it's tricky to ask for a new card and the dealer can beat you easily. Other numbers around this same figure can be as difficult to win with.

But there is good news! That's because blackjack experts have worked out tables that let you see when you should stand or hit. Having said that, it isn’t as simple as looking at your own hand. You sometimes also have to see what the dealer has to make a good decision.

This might sound complicated, but it isn’t. Therefore, one of the all-time top 5 blackjack tips is to check these tables. Find out what you should do in each different situation that could come up.

The following are a few of the moves that you could make;

  • Always stand if you have 17 or higher.
  • Always hit if you have eight or less.
  • Always split the cards if you have 16 made up of two eights.
  • Stand if you have between 12 and 16 with the dealer holding between two and six.
  • Hit if you have between 12 and 16 with the dealer holding an ace or seven upwards.
  • >Always split aces
  • If you have 16 then stand if the dealer has two to six. Hit if the dealer has seven through to ace, though.

You can extend this sort of listing to cover every possibility that you come across in the game. If you use a list like this then you won’t be sure to win on every hand you play from now on. Yet, it will boost your chances of making the most of each game.

You should also consider the individual game’s blackjack rules. Then you can make better decisions about doubling down and splitting every time.

3. Forget the Myths About Blackjack Rules and Strategies
Next on our list of the all-time top 5 blackjack tips: ignore the many myths you heard about blackjack. You may have read some things online about this card game that are wrong and that end up confusing you.

For instance, despite what some people say the blackjack rules aren’t about trying to get close to 21. You could get 19 or 20 but not win if the dealer gets 21 in their hand. The key to winning at this game is to beat the dealer, even if you do it with a low total.

Another myth that you need to forget about is the idea of dealers being hot or cold. Some people might tell you that certain dealers will be on a winning or losing streak at times. This isn’t true because every single hand that you play on Bitcasino is random so it's fair.

You might also hear it said that blackjack is a game of luck. Is it something that you can’t influence at all? It is a game that has a large element of luck in it. But we have already seen how you can make a difference by using the right strategy.

Have you heard anyone mention counting cards a way of trying to guarantee a blackjack win? Some people believe that this approach works but it doesn’t. Our games all use several decks of cards. It means that you won't get any benefit from keeping track of the cards as the dealer distributes them.

You may also have heard that playing blackjack online is different from doing so in a land casino or at home. Actually, it is exactly the same game with the same basic blackjack rules. The only difference is that it is accessible in a more convenient way. It is the big range of different online variants that confuses some players in this respect.

By ignoring these myths, you will see online blackjack for what it is. This is a great and completely fair card game that you can try at any time of day or night.

4. Don’t Take Out Insurance
One of the blackjack rules that most people get wrong is that of taking out insurance. This is an option given to you when the dealer’s first card is an ace. It will usually give you a pay-out of 2:1 but what exactly are you betting on with this?

Many players seem to think that the insurance bet is a way of taking out insurance in case they lose. This isn’t the case at all. Instead, you are betting on the possibility of the dealer having blackjack. It will pay out on this no matter if you win or lose the hand.

Of course, you will see that the odds are stacked against the dealer getting blackjack. And that's even when their first card is an ace. This means that there is more chance of you losing this side bet than there is of you winning it.

It could even be the case that you lose the hand and the side bet. There is no chance of winning the side bet and the hand as you won’t be able to beat the dealer’s 21.

A far better idea is to check out the basic blackjack strategies mentioned earlier on. In this way, you can work out exactly how to stand the best chance of winning even if the dealer has an ace showing.

5. Choose a Suitable Betting Strategy
The final piece of advice in our all-time top 5 blackjack tips is the same as for any other type of gambling. First, always bet an amount that you can afford to lose and don’t go chasing your losses if you lose. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and emotion of a card game like this. Will you forget to stay in control of your betting? A big part of any blackjack strategy is to understand how much you should gamble on each hand and stick to it.

Many players opt to start off with small stakes until they get into the swing of things. This is a sensible move and you can then increase your bets later on if you want to.

As with any type of casino game, you have the option of using a progressive betting strategy. This popular approach means starting off with a low amount of stake.

In a positive progressive strategy, the bet is then increased when you win. If it is a negative system, then you increase your wager when you lose a hand. Be aware of something important! Unless you are playing a high-roller game then you might hit the betting limit at some point. This can happen if you go on a long winning or losing streak.

In some of the variants on Bitcasino you can also place side bets such as the perfect pairs bet. This depends on the specific blackjack rules. This is something that adds some extra interest to the game and forces you to think about your strategy too.

There have been many attempts over the years to find a fool-proof blackjack strategy. Can you find a way of guaranteeing a win? Up until now, nobody has discovered such thing. There are too many variables for even the most experienced card player to win all the time.

The best moves that we can recommend are in our all-time top 5 blackjack strategies. For instance, stick to a solid basic strategy. If you do this and control the amount that you bet, then you will have an enjoyable experience.

With a bit of luck, you will win money playing this game. If you have a good strategy, you will take into account the specific blackjack rules for each variant. This means that you will never lose more than you can afford to.

Give our blackjack games a try here at Bitcasino and get ready for lots of excitement to come. We always have a massive range of variants and amazing promotions. It means that you can look forward to playing in a way that suits you the best.

Words: David Bailey-Lauring
Images: Bitcasino

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All-Time Top 5 Blackjack Tips
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