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Make the most of your Bitcasino free spins

Make the most of your Bitcasino free spins


Free spins are one of the great bonuses that online casinos offer that you do not really get at real-world casinos. This means that not only do they have a slightly different complexion to regular spins, but they also make playing a video slot slightly different when you have some free spins. So, what should you do when Bitcasino awards you some free spins?

What are free spins?

Put simply, free spins are free games that are awarded to players as part of various promotions. Depending on the promotion and the game that you are playing, you can be awarded as few as five free spins and as many as 500! When you are awarded free spins, they will be added to your account, and from there, you can keep a check on how many you have as well as how long you have left to use them.

Free spins do not have a monetary value, so you cannot withdraw them from your account as cash. You either use them on a video slot or lose them when the time limit wears out.

Which games to play them on

This is quite often a difficult choice to make. It all depends on your own personal choice when it comes to using your free spins. There are three main variables to take into account when choosing which game to play. The first variable is the RTP of the game. In general, you want to choose a video slot that has a high RTP. This will give you a better chance of getting a good return from your free spins, and then you will have a nice amount of winnings in order to keep playing.

Secondly, the variance of the game is important. If you have a large amount of free spins, then it might be better for you to try out a high variance game. Although wins do not come along as often with a high variance game, they do tend to be higher when they do happen. This means that you have the possibility of grabbing yourself a nice big win with a high variance game. However, if you only have a small amount of free spins available, then perhaps a low variance video slot is the choice you should make. A low variance game will have much smaller wins on offer, but it does mean that wins come along more often. With a small number of spins, it makes sense to maximise your chances of getting a win from them.

The final variable to take into account is if you enjoy the game or not. You may not want to waste your free spins on a video slot that you do not enjoy – so you may spend your time finding a game that offers you a level of enjoyment above all of the others.

How to use them

Once you have chosen the game that you are going to play, it is time to decide exactly how you are going to use your free spins. There are a number of different ways that people use them, but we will cover the two main ones. The first method is to just use up the free spins as fast as you can. Go through your free spins and then you will see what winnings you have. There are a number of benefits to this as well as some drawbacks. The main benefit is that there is no worry about your time limit running out for the free spins. This means that you will definitely get to use all of your free spins, and you will not lose any of them. It does have the drawback of potentially playing through a bad patch and wasting some of your free spins though.

The second method is to pick and choose when you play. If you begin playing and it seems like you are on a losing streak, with this method, you would walk away from using your free spins for a while. Give yourself time to regroup and think about playing again in a short while. This has the benefit of potentially increasing your total winnings that you create from your free spins. It also has the drawback of you potentially running out of time to use your free spins and losing them. If you earn more winnings from not playing them than you would have by playing them, then this method is worth it, but it is a risk that you have to calculate.

Depending on your own personal preference, one of these two methods will provide both the easiest strategy to implement and also a strategy that is in line with your own playing style.

What to do with your winnings

Once you have collected your winnings from your free spins, it is time to decide what to do with them. There are a number of choices you can make. Most people attempt to increase the size of their playing pot with a wager on a 50/50 game such as roulette. From there, they play through on video slots again in order to satisfy any wagering requirements. Once that is done, any winnings can be withdrawn, or they can be used to keep playing if you so wish.

Playing video slots and other games at Bitcasino

If you want to begin playing some video slots in preparation for free spins being on offer, then Bitcasino offers one of the biggest choices around. We have a huge number of video slots available to players as well as a range of other games. No matter what type of game you want to start playing, we have got something for you.

Make the choice to play with Bitcasino today. We are the leading Bitcoin casino in the world. This means that we offer superior security, a wider games roster, and a better overall experience than any other site. If you enjoy playing at online casinos, then here at Bitcasino is the best around.

Words: Sean McNulty
Images: Shutterstock


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