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Slot machine algorithm: Can you hack it?

Slot machine algorithm: Can you hack it?

Slot machine algorithm: Can you hack it?

Wed Feb 16 2022 01:50:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Slot machines have always been known as the epitome of casino games, whether on an online or offline platform. Because of its simple gameplay, lots of players find it irresistible to spin for a chance to win massive prizes. And since time immemorial, many players have been intrigued by the possibility of winning a slot machine by hacking the algorithm. However, is this really possible?

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How to play slot machines

One of the many things that people love about online slot machines is their straightforward gameplay. Simply put, players need to spin the reels and land combinations of the same symbol on paylines to win. Depending on the game and its rules, the number of paylines can vary.

In today’s modern slot game, bonus features, jackpots and special themes are now available to make each spin more immersive. If you land enough paylines or trigger the bonus features, then you can bring home the game’s jackpot! Plus, you can also expect stunning graphics and music fit for the theme in every spin of the reels.

With this iconic game being so well-loved all over the world, players continuously find ways how they can potentially increase their chances of winning. This is where the slot machine algorithm comes into the picture.


Do slot machines run on an algorithm?

Most casino players know that slot games are games of chance. However, there are other elements in place aside from luck that make winning possible. 

Numbers, coded systems and all sorts of formulas are incorporated into the game, and all these vary depending on the game provider. But no matter which provider created the game, it’ll always have the algorithm or process called the Random Number Generator or RNG.

Slots that run on an RNG produce results for a game as fast as a millisecond. When players spin the reels, the game will automatically select one out of millions of combinations as the respective symbols land on the reels.

Lots of slot games nowadays run on PRNG or the Pseudo-Random Number Generator that makes use of a random seed value to come up with a random sequence of numbers or symbols. This dictates the result of every spin, hence why many players want to know how to calculate algorithm calculation on a slot machine.

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Is it possible to hack this algorithm?

The fast answer is that beating a slot machine algorithm is theoretically possible, but there is little to no chance of it being successful due to the complex algorithms that slots use nowadays.

When it comes to hacking the game using software applications, you will have to run a similar host program to that of the original game to potentially hack the system. However, this identical host can be nearly impossible to acquire, not to mention illegal.

Hacker culture in casinos

While hacking is indeed illegal, it hasn’t stopped a few from doing it especially in casinos where money is at stake. Some have even succeeded in cheating slots even those with advanced technology.

For example, a man named Rodolfo Rodriguez Cabrera hacked the system of a game developing company and illegally sold them to seedy bars and casinos in the 1970s.

Cabrera was interested in the slot games made by the International Game Technology or IGT and wanted to tinker with them to find out how they work. By connecting the memory cards of different slot machines and creating circuit boards, he was able to access IGT’s system and load any game from their server.

Though his discovery didn’t make winning easier, it did, however, make him rich when he sold the software in lower-profile locations like Latvia. Eventually, he ceased all operations after he was arrested and extradited to the United States.

This incident happened decades ago and the same situation may not be possible today thanks to the speedy development of digital slot games. However, as all things progressed with technology, so did the methods of hacking.

As a result, this culture of breaking into systems cannot be fully eliminated. Lots of programmers and statistics enthusiasts continue to try their luck in the hopes of making a breakthrough in the slot machine algorithm.

Source codes in online casinos

Because of cases like Cabrera’s, developers have created more complex and complicated software that is now almost impossible to break through. Today, games have source codes that depend on the RNG or PRNG algorithm to produce unpredictable and random results.

With the use of seed values and millions of different outcomes, its chances of being hacked are extremely low. The source codes of each game, developer or platform can vary as well, making the hacking process an even more difficult task.

Security and CAPTCHA in today’s online casinos

Hacking incidents in the past decade have made casino security tighter than ever before. Aside from using secure source codes, casinos extend their security measures by using authentication processes like 2-factor authentication and CAPTCHA.

Most sites today require 2FA for users as another level of security. On the other hand, CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) ensures that the entity accessing the website or game is human and not code. The process requires identifying a photo or a specific subject in a series of grids, something that bots cannot do.

Are rigged results possible?

With source codes and algorithms only accessible to game providers and possibly online casinos, it begs the question: can they rig game results?

This is unlikely to happen because the random number generators work both ways, not only for the players but for those who host or created the game as well. This way, players can ensure the impartiality and fairness of the online slot games.

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Other slot machine strategies and tips you can try

Since the chances of hacking a slot machine algorithm are very slim, the next best thing you can do is to try out some other strategies to increase your chances of winning. See some of the additional tips you can make use of while playing slot games on a platform like Bitcasino:

Understand the RTP

You will notice that every slot game has its own Return to Player Percentage or RTP. The higher the value of the RTP, the higher your chances are of winning a payline or triggering bonus features. With thousands of slot games out there, you can narrow down your search and play the ones with higher RTPs. 

Choosing games with high win frequency rates gives you more of a chance to win something than nothing at all. This is so you don’t end up wasting all of your money and at least gain some profit back for your next games. 

Understand what RNG means and how it works

Some casino players believe that RNGs in slot games can be easily hacked by simply listing down every outcome to determine what comes next. But even with extensive knowledge of statistics and probability, it’s close to impossible to figure out the next outcome of a slot game especially since game results are independent of each other. 

So if you want to get the most out of playing online slot machines, purely relying on RNG and potentially hacking it should not be the only strategy in your arsenal. Instead, find possible related techniques that take advantage of this randomness like betting strategies.

Familiarise yourself with the game rules and features

slot strategy that some players tend to overlook is the idea of learning the rules and bonus features of the slot game. Keep in mind that while learning how to play slot machines is easy, the online versions of it nowadays tend to be a tad more complex. 

Be sure to take a look at the rules and additional information about the game first. Understand the RTP and how you can potentially trigger bonus features to increase your chance of winning. That way, you’re not blindly spinning the reels and waiting for the jackpot to drop.


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Performing a slot machine algorithm hack is something that crosses the mind of most avid slot game players. However, as proven, even this won’t guarantee you winning the jackpot. Slots and other games on the Bitcasino platform are games of chance, so don’t take the fun out of it and simply sit back and enjoy!

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Words by: Adi Gregorio

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Slot machine algorithm: Can you hack it?

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