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101,010 trees take root with Bitcasino players’ loyalty points

101,010 trees take root with Bitcasino players’ loyalty points

101,010 trees take root with Bitcasino players’ loyalty points

Wed Dec 18 2019 13:16:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Here’s some great news to send the year out with. Our community of Bitcasino crypto warriors helped in spearheading a global green initiative to plant 20 million extra trees by 2020.

As of December, the Bitcasino players donated mɃ 7,700 to plant 101,010 trees to the #teamtrees movement that was started by social media influencers in November and went viral overnight.

How we did it: 
The mechanics behind the initiative involved players planting trees with their unused loyalty points, accumulated at the end of November. These points, milestones, and rebates are part of the new Loyalty Club that Bitcasino has recently introduced.  

Players were given the option to forego their Milestone and Rebate points and rather donate them to plant a tree. Our Twitter helped garner an impressive 2,803 retweets which will hopefully raise the combined tree count even further. Being reset at the end of each month, the community had the power to not let these points go to waste, but rather sprout the future. Bitcasino, in turn, was able to match all contributions Bitcoin-for-Bitcoin and in doing so, reach a truly incredible target. 

The Bitcasino team achieved its aim, by not only sprouting a fresh new forest but by also sending a friendly challenge out to the rest of the iGaming industry to stand together and shed light on the important topic of climate change, with various entities like AYO News saying how important it is for the industry to get ongoingly involved in projects of this nature.

It was great to align with prominent environmentalists who also got involved in the initiative such as CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk who showed huge generosity with a donation of one million trees, while other tech-savvy heavy-hitters included CEO of SalesForce, Marc Benioff and Tobi Lutke, CEO of Shopify (who, as a dig at Musk, donated just one more than he did)

Bitcasino director Tauri Tiitsaar mentioned how astonishing it is to see the level of generosity that players came to the table with and how grateful Bitcasino is for being able to act as catalysts for change in the crypto iGaming space.

Thank you:
Incredible change has started to take root and on behalf of the entire crypto community, we would like to sincerely thank our players for being advocates for change. Bitcasino is proud to be a part of the global green thumb revolution, joining forces to fight climate change, plant trees and keep the planet fun, fast, fair and green.

101,010 trees take root with Bitcasino players’ loyalty points

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