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The top five gambling films of all time

The top five gambling films of all time

The top five gambling films of all time

Thu Jan 31 2019 06:55:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Gambling has long been a focus of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour.

Taking the big-money atmosphere that a casino offers and putting it onto the big screen is no easy task. However, there are five films that stand out above all the others as classics. They transcend the medium of film and give the viewer a real insight into the goings on at a casino. We’ve gathered those films for you and given you an insight into them, a spoiler-free insight, that will help you to see just why they are so good and why you should check them out.

The Cincinnati Kid

Starring Steve McQueen, this is one of the oldest films on the list. However, that doesn’t diminish the quality of it. The Cincinnati Kid is a masterpiece of cinema. It takes the audience directly into the heart of a professional poker player during the great depression. Steve McQueen manages to masterfully play his role as The Kid, and everything about the film is effortless.

The poker variation that is played in The Cincinnati Kid is five card stud. This is one of the earliest forms of poker and was at one time the most popular version. Although it has diminished in popularity somewhat over the years, this film shows just how popular it was at one time and how much tension the game could create. The Cincinnati Kid helped to cement poker as one of the most popular games in the world.

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Based around the MIT blackjack team, 21 adds some exaggerated drama to the true story, but despite the untruths contained in the film, it still presents a snapshot of the hard work and dedication that goes into learning how to count cards.

If blackjack is your game of choice, 21 will definitely grab your attention and perhaps even ignite a fire within you to learn how to count cards. The strategy isn’t so hard, it just takes plenty of practice and patience, so why not grow your skills now and take on the banker like Ben Campbell right here at Bitcasino!

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The Hustler

Although it’s not based in a casino, The Hustler has its roots set in the early gambling scene in America. Taking on the story of a pool hustler, it shows how high-stakes pool games worked in the 1960s. It is acted to an incredibly high level, with Paul Newman delivering an Oscar-worthy performance that unfortunately was never rewarded by the Academy.

The Hustler also spawned a sequel called, The Color of Money starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. This time, Newman’s performance was rewarded with an Oscar, although most people feel this was a payback for his performance in The Hustler. It was a difficult choice between the two films as to which one to put on the list. In the end, the original won out, but the sequel is also an excellent film.

Rain Man

Rain Man has a lot more to it than just gambling, but Rain Man will always be known for the card counting storyline that occurs during the film. This played such a big part in the film that it not only became the most famous scene from the film, but it also managed to perpetuate a huge myth about American casinos.

Rain Man made a whole generation of people think that counting cards is illegal. While most casinos discourage the practice, it’s not an illegal act. In fact, card counting is a great strategy which can help you increase your odds of winning just try it out for yourself on one of our huge range of blackjack games, right here at Bitcasino!

Rain Man also endeavoured to make counting cards look significantly easier than it actually is, and you might need to practice card counting a bit more than Raymond. However, none of this detracts from Rain Man being an excellent film, with great depth and a compelling story.

Casino Royale

What would any list be without James Bond? There are two versions of Casino Royale, which could lead to some level of confusion. So, with that in mind, the version that we have chosen is the Daniel Craig film. The film actually makes a move away from baccarat, which is the central game in the novel, and moves to poker as the high-stakes game that drives the plot. This could be due to current audiences being much more in tune with the game of poker as a high-stakes game than baccarat.

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The film itself shows the game in all of its high-tension glory, ensuring that anyone who has ever played high-stakes poker, or even had a quiet game of Texas hold ‘em at home, will recognise the intensity that goes into every hand. This is combined with a return to form for James Bond to make Casino Royale an instant classic and a guaranteed entry into any list of the best gambling films ever.

Making a classic of your own

Of course, after watching all these classics, you’re bound to feel the urge to have a little flutter yourself. The glitz and glamour may escape you, mainly because you don’t have access to the make-up artists that Hollywood has to offer, but you can still get right into those high-tension moments by indulging in some of the finest online games that the internet has to offer.

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Words: Sean Mcnulty

Images: PA, Depositphotos and Bitcasino

The top five gambling films of all time