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Speed Baccarat 101: How to play and win

Speed Baccarat 101: How to play and win

Speed Baccarat 101: How to play and win

Wed Mar 08 2023 02:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Baccarat is a widely-played card game in any land-based casino, thanks to its simple gameplay rules. You just have to bet on whoever you think has a hand total closest to nine. Then, the croupier deals four face-up cards, two each for the players and the banker. 

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Any beginner can play baccarat and instantly win massive rewards. But in online casinos, Speed Baccarat caught the attention of all players, not just because of how exciting it is but also because of its quick gameplay. It has the same rules as the standard baccarat but with fast-paced gameplay. 

If this sounds fun, you're in the right place. Learn how to play Speed Baccarat from Evolution Gaming here at Bitcasino.

What is Speed Baccarat?

Speed Baccarat is a popular casino game played in real-time on an online casino like Bitcasino. It is hosted by a live dealer who uses an 8-set of a 52-card deck and finishes the round in 27 seconds. 

When playing Speed Baccarat, remember the card values of each card. Aces have the lowest value in Speed Baccarat with 1 point only, and number cards between 2 to 9 have the same value as their face cards. On the other hand, high cards, such as 10, Jack, Queen and Kings, have 0 value. 

To better illustrate card values in baccarat, we've put them in the table below:

카드 / Card

카드의 가치 / Card Value


잭 / Jack (J)

퀸 / Queen (Q)

킹 / King (K)


에이스 / Ace 




How to play Speed Baccarat

When you open a Speed Baccarat game like Bombay Club Speed Baccarat 1, you will see the interface in an HD resolution with the live dealer in the middle of the screen. At the bottom, you'll find your bet options and the past winning bets which you can use to inform your bets.

To play, you just have to choose your bet size and place your wager on whoever you think will have the hand value closest to 9, the Player or the Banker. If you think the player and banker will have equal hands, bet on Tie. 

Once you have placed your bets, the game begins. The dealer gets cards from the 52-card deck and deals two cards each for the player and the banker. Whichever side gets a higher hand value wins, and all who bet on it win. If both sides get the same hand value, the round ends in a tie, and those who bet on it win.

All live dealer Speed Baccarat games at Bitcasino support live chatting, which you can find in the upper part of the game. You can only access this after placing a bet. Here, you can chat with the host and other players.

If you have any questions or concerns about the game, you can contact the support chat and get answers quickly.

Speed Baccarat betting options

In this variation, you must immediately follow Speed Baccarat rules and bet since it has a quick live betting nature. Once the betting window ends, the dealer deals the initial card to the player’s hand first and then the banker’s hand, which gives the latter an advantage. If either side gets a seven and below, a third card is dealt to whichever side. If their value exceeds 9, the right digit is dropped, lowering their value.

The odds for the banker and player bets are 1:1, but because the Banker receives a 5% payment, the payout for the banker bet is 0.95:1. Tie bets pay 8:1, and all other bets are considered lost or returned.

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Side betting options

Gambling becomes even more fun if side betting is involved besides standard betting. You can find the side betting options next to the standard bets, each with the odds or dividend rate.

The available side bets in Speed Baccarat are Player Pair (P Pair), Banker Pair (B Pair), Perfect Pair, Either Pair, Player Bonus (P Bonus) and Banker Bonus (B B Bonus). Learn more about them in detail below:

Perfect Pair

You can win two ways in the Perfect Pair side bet. If the banker or player gets identical cards with the same value and suit on the first cards drawn, one perfect pair wins with 25:1 odds. If the banker and the player get identical cards, two perfect pairs win, increasing the odds to 200:1.

Either Pair

The Either Pair bet pays out if the banker or the player has a pair of cards.

Bonus Betting

Player and Banker Bonus pays out if each participant wins the round with a 'natural' or by at least 4 points. The odds are adjusted based on the hand combination.

Bitcasino 스피드 바카라 games to play

Are you looking for a trusted online casino to play Speed Baccarat? Look no further. Bitcasino offers all the best baccarat games from reliable gaming providers. One of the best is Evolution which offers 17 live baccarat games, including Speed Baccarat. Learn about two of its variations below:

Evolution Live Speed Baccarat

  • Game developer: Evolution

  • Game type: Live dealer

  • RTP: 98.94%

  • Min. bet: 1 USDT

  • Max. bet: 90,000 USDT


Evolution Live Speed Baccarat is the renowned provider’s famous live baccarat game. This baccarat Evolution game offers your usual betting options, both main and side. The game's bet limits change occasionally, but its minimum betting limit is 1 USDT, and the maximum is 90,000 USDT.

Evolution Baccarat is user-friendly, so first-time players of this game can rest assured that they can have the smoothest gameplay. You just have to choose your bet size and click which bet you want to place to play.

Korean speaking Speed Baccarat

  • Game developer: Evolution

  • Game type: Live dealer

  • RTP: 98.94%

  • Min. bet: 1 USDT

  • Max. bet: 90,000 USDT


Evolution also offers a better play game for its Korean players with Korean speaking Speed Baccarat. This Korean Speed Baccarat live dealer game, launched in 2020, was the first game offered to Korean nationals. You can chat with the Korean live dealer  if you have questions or with other players through the live chat feature of this game without having to speak in English.

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Enjoy a fast-paced game in Speed Baccarat at Bitcasino

You can never go wrong with classic casino games, but if you want a twist to your usual gameplay, then Speed Baccarat is the way to go. Players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay with massive payouts will enjoy this exciting variation. 

Enjoy this thrilling game right here at Bitcasino. With over 50 live baccarat games available, you'll find a game that suits your taste. Browse through Live Baccarat games now and prepare your bankroll.

Speed Baccarat FAQs

How many sets of card decks are used in Speed Baccarat?

The game is played using a standard 52-card deck. The maximum number of decks that can be used is up to eight, with a minimum of three.

What is the best bet in baccarat?

Banker bet is the best and safest bet in baccarat since it has an RTP of 98.94%, slightly higher than that player's RTP of 98.76%.

Why is baccarat popular in Asia? 

Baccarat owes its popularity in Asia to its simple rules and higher odds of winning than other casino games like blackjack. Additionally, the number 8 translates to 'wealth' and 'success' in Chinese. Winning with this baccarat number can be seen as a lucky sign.

Words by: Barbara Menorias

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Speed Baccarat 101: How to play and win