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    Reasons Why Blackjack is Popular?

    Reasons Why Blackjack is Popular?


    Blackjack has come a long way from a street card game to a staple in land-based and online casinos. Learn the secrets behind its timeless charm now. 

    From Vingt-et-un to Blackjack

    The earliest appearance of Blackjack can be tracked down in France as Vingt-et-un. The humble Vingt-et-un then made its way to American casinos as the game, Twenty-One. 

    Because of its unpopularity at the start, casino owners decided to spice up the game by adding a new bonus—a 10 to 1 payout whenever bettors hit a natural 21 with a black Jack and an Ace of Spades. This bonus invited loyal casino patrons and gave Twenty-One its new name we all know and love, Blackjack.

    The Charms of Blackjack

    The boost proved effective because Blackjack took America’s casinos by storm. Along with the bonus, casino goers also found Blackjack’s gameplay simple and exciting. Blackjack reduces the confusion common in other games by offering two easy winning requirements, forming a natural 21 or beating the dealer’s cards. The rule became easier when casinos allowed the use of 10 and other face cards Queen and King to form a natural 21. 

    Blackjack’s newfound fame means the creation of other variants. The inclusion of new kinds of Blackjack such as Pontoon and Spanish 21 made the card game more famous and allowed old players to try a new set of rules that made their game more fun. 

    Today, you can easily play Blackjack on online casinos. You can pick from a wide selection of Blackjack games such as Blackjack Classic, and Blackjack Perfect Pairs. You can also enjoy games closer to the real thing with the creation of live Blackjack tables. Online Blackjack also offers special advantages like deposit bonuses and 0% bet requirement. 

    Join the Blackjack Craze

    With its fun gameplay, a simple set of rules and massive prizes, Blackjack has all the needed elements to lure new and long-time bettors alike. You can read a Complete Guide and play different kinds of Blackjack here. 


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