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5 tips to win in Monopoly Live

5 tips to win in Monopoly Live

5 tips to win in Monopoly Live

Fri Apr 17 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Following the footsteps of the popular casino game Dream Catcher Live back in 2017, Monopoly Live became a massive hit on its first release due to its added features. Since many people have been going crazy about it, it’s no wonder that you’re here to learn how to win the game in just one shot. Find out how you can beat the odds in Monopoly Live now!

From one of the best game providers in the industry, Monopoly Live was created through the partnership of Evolution Gaming and Hasbro. Evolution Gaming is famous for its acclaimed user interface and friendly features while Hasbro has established its popularity in creating superior board games.

Actually, playing Monopoly Live is easy. First, wager on where you predict the wheel will stop and then find out if your guess turns out to be right. 

The RTP of this game changes depending on your bet amount for different segments of the wheel:

  • Betting on ‘1’ gives you 92.88%
  • Betting on ‘2’ gives you 96.23% 
  • Betting on ‘5’ gives you 91.30% 
  • Betting on ‘10’ gives you 96.02% 
  • Betting on ‘2 ROLLS’ gives you 93.90% 
  • Betting on ‘4 ROLLS’ gives you 93.67%

Here’s a quick overview of the basic rules, payouts, and features included in the game.

Monopoly Live Bets, Features & Payouts


Here’s the guide on how you can wager your money:

First, place your bet on which segment you think the wheel will stop at. You have to choose between numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS located at the bottom of your screen. 

Once you’re done selecting your preferred stake, the live casino host will spin the wheel.


Monopoly Live consists of 54 segments on the wheel. Land one of them and receive a payout depending on the segment you have acquired. See the corresponding payouts for each segment below:

  • Every 1’s on the wheel has 22 segments, and it has a payout ratio of 1:1
  • Every 2’s on the wheel has 15 segments, and it has a payout ratio of 2:1
  • Every 3’s on the wheel has 7 segments, and it has a payout ratio of 5:1
  • Every 10’s on the wheel has 4 segments, and it has a payout ratio of 10:1.

Chance Feature

This live dealer game has 2 segments of CHANCE that pay either a random cash prize or a random multiplier. 

Once you land a random multiplier on the wheel, it will give you a free spin. If you get another multiplier during that spin, your first and second multiplier won will be multiplied and you get a huge chance of bringing home the goods. 

Bonus Game

Acquiring 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS on the wheel will trigger the Bonus Game exclusively for Monopoly Live. 2 ROLLS have 3 segments while 4 ROLLS have 1 segment and both pay up to mBTC100,000 respectively.

You can participate in this round if you wager on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS. 

The number of rolls you acquired on the wheel determines how long the Bonus Round continues. 

Conquer Monopoly Live with these 5 strategies 

Just spin the wheel and follow these tips towards the road to success! 

Here are 5 strategies on how you can beat the odds in Monopoly Live:

1. Set a bankroll

By disciplining yourself to only wager money you can afford to lose, you can play Monopoly Live to your heart’s content!

Once you exceed your limit, it’s time to call it quits. If today isn’t your lucky day, there’s no need to feel disheartened because there’s always tomorrow to try again! Rest assured you’ll have plenty of chances to win big prizes in Monopoly Live. 

2. Let the previous spins guide you

Previous spins are shown at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Keep track of the numbers that are frequently hit because there’s a relatively high probability that the wheel will land on them again. 

3. Bet on numerical segments first

The main goal for Monopoly Live is to land on CHANCE, 2 ROLLS, 4 ROLLS to trigger multipliers or the most-awaited Bonus Game. But you shouldn’t only stick to placing your bets on these features.

Make a bet on the numerical segments first as they take up the majority of the wheel. The payouts are not as big as other types of bets, but there’s nothing wrong with acquiring smaller, steady winnings.

4. Place wagers on all features

One of the most important strategies in this game is to bet a little on everything because it raises the probability of landing a win on succeeding spins.

5. Wager on 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS as much as you can

In case you don’t want to be on all features, then the safest strategy is for you to place your stake in 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS features in every spin. This will allow you to ensure your spot on the Bonus Round once the wheel stops on either 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS.

Now that you have acquired knowledge about the strategies in Monopoly Live, you’re ready to take your new-found knowledge to the wheel and play the game.  You can now also play Monopoly Live anywhere and anytime on your desktop, mobile or tablet. 

Enjoy Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming and bag the tremendous rewards now! If you have a preference for spinning wheels, then after playing Monopoly, you can get the ball rolling with other live casino games such as Japanese Roulette and Lightning Roulette.

Words by: Kate Ashley Sanchez


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5 tips to win in Monopoly Live

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