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Top takeaways to learn from esports gaming

Top takeaways to learn from esports gaming

Top takeaways to learn from esports gaming

Wed Aug 03 2022 08:26:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Esports is a field of competitive gaming where everyone either plays in a team or competes in a 1v1 match in tests of skills and mastery of the fundamentals. There is a lot to love about this kind of environment including athletes’ passion for the game and their ambitions to be the best. 

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Another fun aspect of esports gaming is how it’s a great way to develop skills, wisdom, and humility that one may apply to other parts of life. After all, it’s a field where you learn about yourself, your allies, and supporters. Here are life lessons in esports that you can learn:

Lessons from esports in team building

Most esports games are team-based where cooperation and communication are the key to victory. The following lessons are typically learned from school as well as work but esports let you develop them at your own pace. You eventually begin to get used to them out of necessity until it becomes second nature.

Teaches multi-tasking skills

Every video game starts simple but you become more open to how complex it really is once you get the hang of it. Understanding various elements is how you unknowingly perform several of them simultaneously. The key to mutli-tasking isn’t to divide your attention into multiple tasks at hand but to focus solely on one objective. 

Everything you do, whether it’s one action or several at a time, is done in service of your goal. In video games, your goal is to win each round and your mind simply focuses on achieving that no matter what it takes. The best case example of this is when you are fighting against an opponent while also being wary of their ally flanking you. At that moment, you are trying to eliminate an enemy, survive, and cover grounds but in your mind, you are just trying to win.

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Instils sense of leadership and teamwork

Understanding leadership is one of the best positive effects of esports. It’s about calling the shots and committing to a decision when the opportunity arises. You can’t always know what the best option is but having the guts to act while limited in time and resources makes a leader. 

Of course, not everyone is fit for this position and esports also help players realise that. Even if you can’t be a good leader, you can at least learn how to recognise one in a random draft. Surrendering oneself to a leader you can respect is the first step in becoming an efficient team player. This is why esports is a sport, because there is a captain calling the shots and a star player who can stick to his duties.

Immersion to various types of team mates

You will always find yourself working with random individuals at school and at a job. Rather than dreading or complaining about getting bad teammates, you often don’t have any option than to stick with them. Esports emulate this experience albeit in a much faster cycle. Every round puts you in a randomly drafted team during rank plays while pro teams get drafted by managers.

The trick is to just understand each other’s strengths. Delegate work to them that they are good at even if it is a task that you could have done yourself. Cover for them either by taking tasks they’d rather not touch or assist them when you have the capacity to do so. You also learn about bad habits in esports and you can comfortably call them out if they are becoming a liability.

Lessons from esports in academics

Introducing esports in schools was one of the hottest topics in recent years with some campuses offering courses to becoming a professional gamer. How this came to be is due to education experts understanding the benefit of esports for opening careers. Here are the essential lessons you can apply to academics as a gamer:

Promotes the importance of diligence 

Diligence is among the essential traits you need in how to become an esports player. Partly because every esport match is typically decided by tiny details most would overlook in a casual match. Your understanding of hitboxes, map rotation routes, and matchups are built over time through experience as well as studying. 

The way you research and practice in esports can be applied to how you approach your academic studies. You can also pour the same level of passion in college while studying aspects of your dream career.

Helps in prioritising tasks at hand by urgency

Every game has an element of management but it becomes a lot more important in team games. How you handle your resources and responsibilities has a big impact on your overall performance from early to late game. One missed opportunity can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Learning which tasks to prioritise is the first step to becoming efficient with your time, effort, and resources.

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Fosters proper time management skills

Knowing which order to tackle your priorities is one thing but determining how much time you are dedicating to each one is another. You also need to be proficient at allocating your time of the day to each activity. Put a limit on how many minutes or hours you are giving a specific task to avoid taking away that time from the others, including rest. 

Time management is one of the skills you will unknowingly learn from esports. A great example of this is League of Legends and Dota 2 where players divide each round into early, mid, and late games. Most dedicate 15 to 25 minutes to each stage. The way you play is also different because you have other priorities then. This is similar to building your daily itinerary for school.

Lessons from esports in business

Learning helpful tips in business is another reason why esports is important. This is mostly related to your experience as a player and fan of a game than being an esports athlete. The following traits are learned from paying attention to how esports are maintained by the developers and how it grows with the size of its community over time:

Immersion to brand to customer relationships

You can view how developers or their public relations (PR) team interact with fans on social media as well as open forums. Customer engagement is one of the most effective ways of getting user feedback as well as instilling confidence in the community. Every company needs to do this no matter how small or big it may become. After all, it is people’s patronage that makes your business successful.

Understanding business from the consumer’s perspective

What the company intended can be different from how the customers perceive it if it is communicated poorly. As an esports player, you will learn how to view the game’s developer or event organiser’s attempt at engaging with their communities. This perspective is enough to give you a proper understanding of consumers’ limited comprehension or different expectations. 

Realising the power of brand identity

One should not aim to appeal to everyone because such ambition typically only ends in disappointing everyone. If you have a strong brand identity, then you can attract a certain demographic. This is why esports come with a wide variety of genres and why each title with similar gameplay has a different set of fans.

The best examples of this are the rivalry between Dota 2 and League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Valorant. Some players prefer one over the other mainly because they identify with one brand better.

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Importance of esports in building a career 

All of the lessons mentioned above are essential to becoming a functioning member of society in fields of work, academics, and business in general. They can be learned in other fields other than esports, too, but most are either too niche or they can’t bring out the same passion in an individual.

Passion is what drives everyone to be better in what they do. This can be found in activities with a competitive element or aspect that encourages self-expression. Esports is the most effective at indulging both competitiveness and expression. 

There is also a variety of choices from first-person shooters (FPS), to multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), to fighting games. There is an esports game for everyone with a passion to improve and be better than an opponent or to perform a spectacle for a live audience. 

Play the spectator sports in esports 

You don’t need to be a player to be passionate about esports. Being a spectator can grant you the opportunity to learn the lessons above because you are watching pro players execute their skills and camaraderie during the game. You can bet on their major league matches to give yourself a better feeling of engagement with their progress. 

Your passion for the esport is all you need to make accurate predictions and win large payouts from bookmakers like Bitcasino. Even if you’re not that passionate about certain teams, you can still have fun with your knowledge of the game in general. Just place your bets and earn real cash by guessing an outcome right on live or future matches.

Words by: Clarence Clarke

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Top takeaways to learn from esports gaming