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6 winning esports betting tips you should know

6 winning esports betting tips you should know

6 winning esports betting tips you should know

Fri Oct 29 2021 04:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

From what used to be minor events during the early 2000s, esports is now a global entertainment phenomenon. By numbers, it is a $1.1 billion-dollar industry with 495 million fans in 2020. Its massive success has not only contributed to the online gaming industry but has also opened sufficient rooms for other tech-inclined sectors like crypto and iGaming. Altogether, these are amusingly profitable activities that you shouldn’t miss, and with the following six esports betting tips on this page, you can ensure an exciting ride here at Bitcasino.

1. Confide in an esports betting tipster

Are you having trouble trusting your analyses on esports tournaments? Worry no more because this industry is also filled with tipsters. Like in traditional sports betting, these people regularly give tips on the likely outcomes of sporting events on both land-based and online betting sites.

As it is easy for them to claim to be knowledgeable, you (the receiver) must learn to confide in a reliable source with decent pieces of advice at reasonable fees. Listed as follows are some of the great places you can start with:

  • Professional tipsters  These are pro bettors operating independently on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Streamers  These are gamers who stream their gameplay on the internet for fans to watch. Like the pro tipsters, they share their insights on social media sites.
  • Esports news  Esports is a fast-paced world with countless news reports released every day. If, on the other hand, you are reluctant to streamers and pro tipsters’ opinions, you can rely on your own by keeping up-to-date with the latest changes (e.g. new rosters, tournament formats, and venues, among others). 
  • Esports betting sites  At the end of the day all bettors will place their bets on esports betting sites, based on the presented odds. If you are lucky, you might land at a platform with complete qualities like here at Bitcasino. We offer reliable and profitable odds, multiple markets, generous bonuses and promotions, and a blog page with the latest articles.

2. Know your esports betting odds

Esports betting is not entirely different from traditional sports betting. Both use odds, which are numerical figures that let you know the potential profits and losses based on the number of your stakes and events’ outcomes. Below are the industry’s three common esports betting odds formats:

  • American odds  Also known as ‘moneyline’ odds, these are straightforward bets based on winning a fixed $100 for a given wager. Their plus (+) and minus (-) signs indicate whether you are betting on an underdog or favourite team, respectively.
  • Decimal odds  These odds, however, are simpler because they are based on every $1 wager. Meaning, they have already covered your stake, regardless of its amount.
  • Fractional odds  Originally used in horse racing, these are also called the U.K, or British odds. Their ratio refers to the amount of return to the stake.
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3. Understand esports’ different tournament formats

Unlike traditional sports that follow the ‘promotion and relegation’ structure, esports is a unique organisation. Esports tournaments are franchises with different formats and standards. As such, it is highly imperative on your part as a spectator to have a full grasp of its vast ecosystem. Here are the three major elements commonly found in many esports events:

  • Open or closed events  Since esports tournaments are franchises, operators have the right of formatting them either as an open or closed event.
  • 5 match types  The real test in esports tournaments is its enduring series of matches. Depending on the franchiser, they can reach up to ‘Best of 5’ (BO5) games.
  • Tournament stages  Once teams from across the globe have been pooled from an intense selection of matches, franchisers sift out the weaker ones through group and bracket stages. The former includes various types like round-robin, double round-robin, and Swiss seeding.

4. Place your bets on a reliable esports betting site

Like what was mentioned before, esports betting totally relies on a sportsbook. The challenge, however, is discerning which among the available ones in the market you can trust. Here at Bitcasino, we want to ease your search through the following suggested top qualities of good esports betting sites:

  • Look if they have licenses.
  • Check out the variety of their esports betting markets.
  • Assess their background and reputation.
  • Examine their payment alternatives to see whether you are eligible to create an account.
  • Examine if they have generous bonuses and promotions. Like here at Bitcasino, we provide more through our Loyalty Club and VIP programme that provide exceptional benefits.
  • Examine their customer service to see whether they are dependable, efficient, and trustworthy.
  • Other bettors' reviews online are also helpful in assessing their services.
  • Review their terms and conditions, especially their wagering requirements.

5. Take full advantage of the esports betting site’s bonuses and promotions

One of the most common mistakes of new bettors is rejecting esports betting sites’ bonuses and promotions. Take the chance to improve your winning chances using their cashback rewards, giveaways, and free bets. They help you explore more betting chances without denting too much of your bankroll. Understanding how to take advantage of risk-free bet offers can help you win big.

6. Learn how to effectively manage your bankroll

Esports betting may involve risk and luck, but it can potentially be a lucrative career for responsible and disciplined bettors. Aside from statistics and gaming intelligence, another best way to succeed is learning how to effectively manage your esports betting bankroll. It is a gambling term that refers to the amount of money you use, casually reminding you to gamble responsibly. Here are some of the important tips to keep in mind when placing bets:

  • Develop and show a positive approach mindset.
  • Don't put money on the line that you can't afford to lose.
  • Make a financial plan.
  • Adhere to a betting strategy.
  • Do not try to recoup your losses.

Bring these basic yet guaranteed effective tips here at Bitcasino, your premier Bitcoin casino. Our multiple betting markets and reliable odds are not enough to lead you to success. Treating this potentially lucrative activity with discipline and strategies is what separates winners from losers.

Words by: Antoinette Laraze

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6 winning esports betting tips you should know