Wild Water


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Wild Water: Ride a Wave, Catch a Win

Hang ten with NetEnt’s casino slot Wild Water and surf the glass waves for a chance to win up to 400,000 gnarly coins. Out where the sun blends with the ocean, feel the silken sand on your feet as the sea breeze sends a rush of adrenaline into your soul with every crashing wave.

Grab your surfboard and touch the clouds with every spin in a tropical paradise unlike any other. Get ready to go totally tubular because you’d be (coco)nuts to miss a chance to give your best ‘cowabunga’ impression. The beach welcomes everyone, no matter what you’re into—sports, picnics, or even a massive jackpot. Dude or dudette, the ocean’s big enough for you.

Finding a perfect wave can be rare, but the Wild Water bitcoin slot makes sure you get the perfect swell every time. Just surf through life on the sapphire waters. If you’re ever in doubt, paddle out.

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Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



400,000 Coins

Wild Water: No Waves, No Glory

NetEnt’s casino slot Wild Water is a 5-reel bitcoin slot with 20 paylines that takes you surfing on the sun-kissed, sandy beaches.

There are 5 main symbols used in-game, each representing a surfer. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Blue Purse Surfer & Green Hipster Surfer

4 coins

20 coins

75 coins

Yellow Athlete Surfer

5 coins

30 coins

100 coins

Orange Picnic Surfer

10 coins

40 coins

250 coins

Red Radio Surfer

15 coins

75 coins

500 coins

Golden Surfer

40 coins

400 coins

2,000 coins

The casino slot Wild Water has a Wild symbol that substitutes all paying symbols except for the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is represented by a shark. 

Wild Water Free Spins

The Wild Water bitcoin slot has a Free Spins mode that activates when at least 3 Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels. The Scatter symbol is represented by a surfer and also has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:

  • Getting 3 Scatter symbols gives you up to 15 coins.
  • Getting 4 Scatter symbols gives you up to 30 coins.
  • Getting 5 Scatter symbols gives you up to 60 coins.

Wild Water Surf’s Up Bonus

Whenever a combination of surfer symbols fully occupies all 5 reels, you are rewarded with a cash prize of 20x your bet in addition to your payouts for the round.

Wild Water Surf Team Bonus

Whenever all 5 surfer symbols fully occupy the reels, you are rewarded with a cash prize of 200x your bet in addition to your payouts for the round.

Wild Water: Surf’s Up, Bro

As you surf across epic ocean waves of casino slot Wild Water, jam to the groovy radio tunes of the ‘90s and ride the airwaves in an audio-visual experience that’ll have you craving for a day at the beach. Hyperactive, crystal waters crash into the white sand and invite you into their sapphire depths to get wet, wild, and winning. 

The slot is framed on a makeshift frame of wooden planks held together with ropes. While the left side shows off the beautiful waves and clear skies, the right side has the surf team’s van parked underneath a palm tree with surfboards nestled against it. 

The Wild Water bitcoin slot is a groovy game that embodies the meaning of ‘surf’s up’, so go ahead and have a swim. Always remember that the best surfer is the one having the most fun.

Wild Water: You Should Have Been Here Yesterday

Life is a high wave and you’ve got to ride it all day long. A loyal passion for perfect waves can lead to great things regardless of what people say. There’s a jackpot of up to 400,000 coins where you can soar through the sky without ever needing a pair of wings. 

With the crystal glass waves beneath your feet and the wind coursing through your hair, embrace the adrenaline-pumping surfs before you wipeout. Afterwards, just go again. Head out for a Grand Spinn and celebrate everything the Aloha Cluster Pays has to offer. Don’t worry, there isn’t a Creature From The Black Lagoon out here.

Wild Water