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Valhalla | Play Valhalla slot for free at Bitcasino.io

Valhalla is known to be a hall in Asgard where Odin leads dead warriors in honour of their noble sacrifice in war. There’s a catch though—only the ones proven worthy by the gods and goddesses can enter. Show them that you are worthy to have a place in the majestic halls of casino slot Valhalla!

Brave warriors are rewarded for the courageous efforts that lead them to their deaths by attaining a position in Valhalla bitcoin slot. Show your skills in front of the Valkyrie by spinning the reels and fighting your way for precious payouts. In casino slot Valhalla has an RTP of 96.47% as a well-deserved treat to the fallen and you can score up to 450 coins when you pass their test!

Valhalla Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.01 coins

Maximum Bet

9 coins 


450 coins

Valhalla: Follow the Valkyrie to Heavenly Rewards

Soar to the majestic land of Asgard where the casino slot Valhalla is located. Find your peace there when you spend the minimum wager of 0.01 coins or the maximum wager of 9 coins. When you witness its beauty, it displays 5 reels and 54 paylines to win divine payouts.

All basic symbols are represented by ancient runes in Norse mythology. Each rune symbol has its own meaning like  (unclear),  (man), ᚠ (wealth), and ᛟ (heritage). Once you decipher a set of similar runes, you’ll be able to receive its sacred riches.

Use the following payout values to multiply your initial wager to gain total wins in coins:


Set of 3

ᛈ / 

0.2x your wager

ᚠ / 

0.4x your wager

To reach casino slot Valhalla, you need to prove yourself worthy to the Asgardians. Norse gods and goddesses like Loki, Hela, Thor, and Odin are there to test your will in the afterlife if you deserve a place in Valhalla and its high payouts. 

Use the following payout values to multiply your initial wager to gain total wins in coins:


Set of 3


0.06x your wager


0.08x your wager


0.12x your wager


0.20x your wager

Wild Symbol

Freya leads the dead to Valhalla bitcoin slot as a Wild symbol if she deems you worthy to stay on its ancient ground. She can substitute all symbols in a winning combination. Any set of 3 or more Wild symbols does not pay.

Valhalla: An Ancient Hall for Fallen Warriors

After you’ve fallen in battle, you are greeted by the legendary gods and goddesses of Norse mythology. These powerful beings can guide you safely to Valhalla in this bitcoin slot, but you must show your skills by spinning until you encounter the Wild Freya symbol. All characters are illustrated in a way where you can sense a powerful and confident stance because of their magical abilities.

While you soar through the skies in this video slot, you’ll be able to witness wondrous scenery like a fantasy pulled out of a fairy tale. Floating castles maintain their positions above the clouds while sparkling waterfalls gush out from underneath it. Be patient because once you reach Valhalla’s divine halls, it’ll be worth all the effort.

Valhalla: Celebrate Your Wins Through a Feast

Give it all you’ve got when you play Valhalla bitcoin slot because you can finally find peace after fighting in the war. Once you’ve finished all the tasks and proved yourself worthy to the gods, you’ll finally have a place in Valhalla where you can celebrate in a wonderful feast! Explore the majestic scenery of Valhalla and you could get a chance to discover Lost Treasure worth 450 coins.