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    Try Twerk Slot for Free

    For some people, dancing is a way to release stress and express themselves. Whenever they hear music, they automatically sway their bodies to groove with the beats. Over the years, there have been lots of dance moves that got popular such as the Dougie, Moonwalk, and this casino slot’s very own pride, Twerk. 

    The best dancers in town await for your presence in the studio. They are all in their hottest short pants. Make sure that you won’t lose to them by wearing hot pants that can show off your body while you Twerk and win big!

    Twerk Details 



    Game Type

    Video Slots







    Minimum Bet

    5 coins

    Maximum Bet

    50 coins

    With five pay lines and inspired by the high-energy and trendy dancing called twerking, Twerk is game aimed at younger users. Endorphina's creation has an attractive design and background music. Thankfully you don't need to be able to dance to play this slot game! 

    How to play the Twerk casino slot game
    Before you begin to boogie and twerk, you'll need to adjust your wagers first, ranging from 1 to 100. Pressing the “Auto” button if you want to keep spinning the reels for a limited amount of time.  When you are ready to begin spinning the reels, click “Spin” and begin the slot game.

    Twerk: Don’t Sweat It

    Let’s start with the warm-up exercises before twerking! Twerk bitcoin slot has 3 reels and 5 ways to win. You can hit combinations when you match symbols from the leftmost to the rightmost reel.

    Spin the reels for a minimum bet of 5 coins and a maximum bet of 50 coins. Whenever you change your bet amount, the values in the paytable automatically change as well. Casino slot Twerk is powered by the popular game provider, Endorphina. You can also win rewards from free games and battle features.


    Aside from a battle of the greatest dance move, Twerk bitcoin slot is also a battle of the sexiest short pants! All ladies are ready to dance while wearing various designs of short, hot pants. Get the following rewards when you hit symbol combinations on a maximum bet:

    • 3 Violet Hot Pants symbols can give you 30 coins.
    • 3 Pink Hot Pants symbols can give you 50 coins.
    • 3 Denim Hot Pants symbols can give you 70 coins.
    • 3 Green Hot Pants symbols can give you 200 coins.
    • 3 Ripped Pants symbols can give you 500 coins.
    • 3 Black and Yellow Hot Pants symbols can give you 1,000 coins.
    • 3 Gold ‘Twerk’ Hot Pants symbols can give you 5,000 coins.


    The ‘VS’ scatter symbol can activate the Free Games feature. It can also reward you with 250 coins if you hit 3 of it on a maximum bet.


    Both Free Games and Battle features can be activated if you land 3 scatter symbols.

    Free Games

    Twerk bitcoin slot randomly picks a dancer before the first round of the Free Games. The chosen dancer competes with an opponent who is randomly chosen by the game as well. A maximum of 6 dance battles can take place. If your dancer wins the battle, you are rewarded with huge prizes. If your dancer loses, the Free Games are automatically marked as finished.

    Battle Feature

    Each battle during this feature has 5 rounds. For every winning combination you get that includes your dancer’s symbol, you get one point. Casino slot Twerk applies the ‘one point per combination’ rule.

    After each round, all points get tallied. You are declared as the winner if your dancer gathers more points. If your dancer has the same number of points as her opponent, the battle results in a draw. It continues until one of the dancers can be hailed as the winner.

    Gamble Feature

    Get a chance to double your wins up to 10 times in Twerk bitcoin slot’s Gamble feature. Select one out of the four closed cards. If you get a card with a higher value than the dealer’s, you automatically double your win. You lose your wins if your card has a lower value. A draw is announced if your card value is tied with the dealer’s card. Your wins are retained when that happens.

    Wiggle, Jiggle, and Twerk

    Twerking is one of the most popular dance moves around the world. It requires strong hip and butt movements. Casino slot Twerk features this move and shows you empowered ladies who can hold the stage.

    This slot takes place inside a dance studio. It has reddish-brown brick walls and green wooden floors. There is a huge graffiti sprayed all over the walls to give you an atmospheric street dancing aesthetic.

    Seven sexy ladies who show off their round buttocks grace the reels. They are wearing hot pants to emphasise the butt movements of twerking. You can imagine how these ladies intensely dance by the way they stand. Twerk bitcoin slot is made even better and hotter by the ladies’ costumes.

    Both sides of the reels are designed as speakers with evident sound waves. The menu and bet amount buttons also act as speakers. While playing this game, you can find yourself twerking to the loudest beats and enjoying with the sexy ladies.

    Twerk All Day and Night

    Say goodbye to all your shy bones when you play casino slot Twerk. This game has seven ladies to boost your confidence in winning great rewards. The battle feature gives you chances not only to show off your best twerk but also to garner big wins.

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