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Collect the Traces of Evidence to Solve This Murder Case

There’s been a murder on the reels of Traces of Evidence bitcoin slot! Head to the crime scene and investigate for evidence by spinning the reels. Inspect the evidence carefully before you choose who the culprit is. 

No time to waste in casino slot Traces of Evidence! Spins the reels to search for Scatter evidence needed for the Free Spins and Autopsy features. Check for fingerprints and inspect the body to collect more payouts and hints. An RTP of 96% draws players back to discover new facts about the case. A jackpot of 34,050 coins awaits for players who’ve gathered enough evidence to finally pinpoint their suspect. 

Traces of Evidence Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

1 coin

Maximum Bet

5 coins


34,050 coins

Traces of Evidence: Gather Proof First!

It’s investigation time! Spend the minimum wager of 1 coin or the maximum wager of 5 coins to gain access to a crime scene. Look for evidence that can help you in your case on the 3x5-reel layout. Collect sets of evidence to get payouts from 40 fixed paylines and discover more hints to find your suspect in casino slot Traces of Evidence.   

Forensic investigators have collected the evidence on a petri dish. Fluids collected from the body form the low paying symbols represented by playing card faces. This includes Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). The payout values for each symbol set are used for the bet you placed: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

















A dead body, a gun, and bloodied bullets are left on the reels of Traces of Evidence bitcoin slot. Use these and the face match to find the culprit because these are used as the high paying symbols. Check the value of symbol set to calculate your initial wager for your payout in coins:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Face Match
















Show the Police Badge 

Use the police badge, the Wild symbol, to gain access to more combination wins. It replaces all symbols except for any Scatter symbol variant in casino slot Traces of Evidence. Obtain a set of Wild symbols to gain the following payout values to your initial wager:

  • Set of 3 = 40 coins
  • Set of 4 = 300 coins
  • Set of 5 = 3,000 coins.

Evidence is Scattered Along the Features

‘POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS’ is written on the yellow police tape as it acts as the basic Scatter symbol in casino slot Traces of Evidence. This Scatter symbol grants Scatter wins and has payouts for each set to be used for your initial wager:

  • Set of 3 = 2 coins
  • Set of 4 = 8 coins
  • Set of 5 = 20 coins.

Match the Fingerprints For Free Spins

Search for fingerprints on the reels to get the Free Spins and Scatter symbol. Collecting 3 Free Spins symbols triggers the Free Spins feature. All symbols retain their value during this feature. You can get a varied number of Free Spins depending on how many Free Spins symbols you obtained:

  • Set of 3 = 8 Free Spins
  • Set of 4 = 15 Free Spins
  • Set of 5 = 20 Free Spins.

Inspect the Body for the Autopsy Feature

Receive photos showcasing a dead body at the crime scene as it represents the Feature Game and Scatter symbols. Obtain 3 of these Photo symbols to trigger access to the coroner’s office where the body lies. 

Start the Autopsy Feature by clicking on any of the highlight parts on the dead body. You have 5 picks and each part of the body gives a fact about what happened to the body along with extra coins. 

Traces of Evidence: Discuss the Autopsy in the Coroner’s Room

Act like a real-life investigator in Traces of Evidence bitcoin slot by gathering the evidence needed to pinpoint the suspect for this case. The suspenseful soundtrack creates a mysterious aura as you spin the reels to find more evidence. Navigate your way through its simple mechanics and listen to its electronic beeps with every button click. 

Find out more information about the victim’s death at the coroner’s office. Discover new information about what happened to the victim through the Autopsy feature’s point and click game style. It allows you to interact with the body by clicking on random highlighted body parts. You can earn coins and information once you click on a body part. 

Traces of Evidence: Forensic’s Diagnosis

Bring out the investigator in you to find the answers to this mysterious case by spinning the reels of Traces of Evidence bitcoin slot. Earn payouts while you investigate the case further with its Wilds, Scatter Wins, and Free Spins. Point and click your way through the Autopsy feature to gain new information about the victim and extra coins. Your hunt for the culprit won’t be in vain because collecting evidence can help you get the opportunity to win up to 34,050 coins for the jackpot. 

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Traces Of Evidence Video Slot