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    The Three Musketeers are in Town!

    The Three Musketeers are in your reels, and they’re looking for you! Play Three Musketeers bitcoin slot to find out why!

    Three men clad in fancy uniforms donning rapiers and muskets are around your reels, and they’re here to have a good time! Encounter the fine young men of the Three Musketeers bitcoin slot when you play at 95.26% slot game RTP and get a chance to bag a fortune up to 1,388x your bet.

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    Red Tiger

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    1,388x your bet

    The Three Musketeers Make Their Entrance!

    Casino slot Three Musketeers tells the story of the three gentlemen Porthos, Athos, and Aramis as they walk around town to flaunt their status as the King’s royal guards. Bet as low as €0.20 up to €500 and witness them in all their glory when you spin the reels at 95.26% slot game RTP. 

    Play Three Musketeers bitcoin slot across different devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and desktops optimised to give you the best gaming experience.


    For its gameplay, casino slot Three Musketeers uses low, high, and special symbols.

    Low Symbols

    A lot of slot games use standard card figures or suits for symbols, and casino slot Three Musketeers is one of them. For the low symbols, this slot game uses the card suits club, diamond, heart, and spade. Spot them on your reels to win the following multipliers:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5


    4x your bet

    8x your bet

    20x your bet


    4x your bet

    8x your bet

    20x your bet


    4x your bet

    8x your bet

    20x your bet


    4x your bet

    8x your bet

    20x your bet

    High Symbols

    The three young gentlemen are going around your reels, and they’re not shy to make their presence felt. Spot a pint of beer, tricorne hat, three rapiers, and a fleur-de-lis and you’re sure to meet these three rambunctious lads. The following serves as the high symbols of Three Musketeers bitcoin slot, and give the following multipliers when you form symbol combinations:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    Pint of Beer

    12x your bet

    24x your bet

    60x your bet

    Tricorne Hat

    24x your bet

    48x your bet

    100x your bet

    Three Rapiers

    32x your bet

    60x your bet

    120x your bet


    80x your bet

    160x your bet

    300x your bet

    Special Symbols

    Now, it’s not the Three Musketeers bitcoin slot without the main characters of the game! For the special symbols, the Three Musketeers themselves serve as Wild and Bonus symbols. Catch Porthos, Aramis, and Athos as they slash your reels in different directions to give you more chances of winning.

    Special Wild

    Special Feature

    Porthos Wild

    Slashes reels horizontally.

    Aramis Wild

    Slashes reels vertically.

    Athos Wild

    Slashes reels diagonally.

    Apart from going Wild in your reels, catch them give you bonuses through the feathers in their hats to toggle the game’s special modes:

    Bonus Symbol



    Feathers from Porthos’ hat add to the Porthos progress bar.


    Feathers from Aramis’ hat add to the Aramis progress bar 


    Feathers from Athos’ hat add to the Athos progress bar 

    Special Features

    Casino slot Three Musketeers offers special modes in its gameplay that can be activated by collecting feathers from the Three Musketeers’ hats and filling each character’s progress bar. Fill Porthos, Aramis, and Athos’ progress bars to activate the Bar Bonus, Wheel Bonus, and Offer Bonus, respectively.

    Bar Bonus

    Play a board game with Porthos to win big prizes. A fleur-de-lis symbol decides your fate by deciding which direction you’ll go and how many steps you will take. Bonuses await on each corner of the board game but advance to the next room to win bigger prizes.

    Wheel Bonus

    Win a possible payout or a free respin when you spin Aramis’ wheel.

    Offer Bonus

    Accept or decline one of Athos’ three offers, but choose wisely because the first offer may be bigger than the next!

    The Three Musketeers in All Their Glory

    Let casino slot Three Musketeers take you to their era and witness how the people looked up to them in your reels. Three Musketeers offers wild gameplay that is sure to keep you spinning! The animations, graphics, and music will give you a satisfying gaming experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

    Red Tiger delivers this game with nothing less than the best animations and graphics. The cartoonish illustrations complemented by the smooth animations of Three Musketeers bitcoin slot prove this.

    With the right mix of blue, green, yellow, red, and gold shades, this slot game takes you to experience the time of these valiant gentlemen. The jocund music and the delightful sounds of merriment are evident in each spin that gives you the full experience of an encounter with the Three Musketeers.

    Three Musketeers: A Day of Merriment

    Let the Three Musketeers bitcoin slot take you on an Epic Journey to experience the world through their lens. Play casino slot Three Musketeers at 95.26% slot game RTP and win up to 1,388x your bet.

    Make this encounter with the Three Musketeers worthwhile when you spin the reels and they might just give you a reward! This game offers bigger chances of winning to their loyal players, so keep spinning!

    Red Tiger continues to incorporate Wild Elements into their games, it’s like they’re a Crazy Genie granting you a Well of Wishes! Let them take you to the Three Kingdom next to meet the Mayan Gods!


    Three Musketeers