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Sugar Pop 2: A Sugary Sequel

Feeling a little sour? Bring some sweetness in your life by having sweet candies and sweeter payouts. Unwrap these tasty treats now in Betsoft’s Sugar Pop 2. 

Taste the sweet side of life with the Candy Bomb symbol, Level Up feature and a Double Up Game. Binge on candy and have a chance to win a sugary jackpot worth 25,000 coins in casino slot Sugar Pop 2.

Sugar Pop 2 Details 



Game Type

Video Slots


Cluster pay





Minimum Bet

50 coins

Maximum Bet

250 coins


25,000 coins

Sugar Pop 2: A Sweeter Time Around

Betsoft’s Sugar Pop 2 bitcoin slot is a candy-themed 7-reel slot and has a 96.42% RTP. You can cater your sweet tooth by betting a minimum of 50 coins to a maximum of 250 coins. 

The slot features a cluster pay system. Unlike regular slots that demand complicated paylines for payouts, casino slot Sugar Pop 2 only requires you to form clusters. 


The standard symbols of casino slot Sugar Pop 2 are sweet, colourful candies. Forming winning combinations with standard symbols will reward you the following payouts:


Set of 4

Pink Candy


Purple Candy


Orange Candy


Sugar Pop 2 bitcoin slot saves its sweeter treats as high-paying symbols. Hitting cluster sets with high-paying symbols will score you the tasty rewards below:


Set of 4

Yellow Candy


Green Candy


Blue Candy


Red Candy


Wild and Scatter

The wild symbol of casino slot Sugar Pop 2 is the sugary and colourful rainbow candy. The wild symbol can replace standard and high-paying symbols to form a winning line. Wild symbols only appear by forming a 5-clustered set. 

The scatter symbol of Sugar Pop 2 slot is the Free Spins Candy. Taking a bite of the scatter symbol will grant you free spins. You can have a minimum of 5 free spins by having 4 scatters. Each additional scatter symbol will score +2 free spins to the previous value.

Sugar Pop 2: Jawbreaking Bonuses 

To top the sweetness of its syrupy prequel Sugar Pop bitcoin slot, casino slot Sugar Pop 2 packed itself with jawbreaking bonuses that you will surely love. These boons come in the form of a Candy Bomb symbol, Level Up feature and Double Up Game. 

The Candy Bomb symbol can be randomly triggered by forming a 5-clustered set. Upon activation, the Candy Bomb symbol will explode and take other symbols with it for massive payouts. The cluster set determines the number of symbols that the Candy Bomb symbol’s area of effect. 

  • A cluster set of 5 takes down 6 symbols.
  • A cluster set of 6 takes down 9 symbols.
  • A cluster set of 7 takes down 12 symbols.
  • A cluster set of 8 or 9 takes down 16 symbols.
  • A cluster set of 10 takes down 20 symbols.

You can activate the Double Up Game of Sugar Pop 2 bitcoin slot by turning it on in the settings. This lets you double half or all your winnings by guessing if the Sugar Pop coin will land heads or tails. 

The Level Up feature of the Sugar Pop 2 bitcoin slot can give you the different bonus symbols depending on your level. You can level up by having the Level Up symbol. You can go from level 1 to level 2 by having 3 Level Up symbols. The number of Level Up symbols increase by 2 for every level. 

Gumdrop Symbol

Levels 1-4 gives you the Gumdrop symbol. The Gumdrop symbol absorbs all symbols of a single colour and explodes, granting you massive payouts.

Caramel Chew Symbol

Levels 5-8 features the Caramel Chew symbol. The Caramel Chew symbol travels on the reels destroying symbols on its way for prizes. 

Candy Cane Symbol

Levels 9-12 have the Candy Cane symbol. The Candy Cane symbol destroys all symbols in the same row and column. 

Lollipop Symbol

Levels 13-16 rewards you with the Lollipop symbol. The Lollipop symbol has the ability to shuffle symbols on the slot.

Frizzy Pop Symbol 

Levels 17-20 lets you utilize the Frizzy Pop symbol. The Frizzy Pop symbol can make other symbols explode. 

Jelly Bean Cannon Symbol

Levels 21-24 allows you to have the Jelly Bean Canon symbol. The Jelly Bean Cannon symbol fires jellybeans on the reels to obliterate other symbols for payouts. 

Morphing Wild Symbol

Levels 25-28 grants you the Morphing Wild symbol. Similar to the regular wild symbol, the Morphing Wild can substitute for standard or high-paying symbols. 

Sweet Hammer

The final level, 29, scores you the Sweet Hammer symbol. The Sweet Hammer can smash up to 9 symbols on the slot for payouts. 

Sugar Pop 2: Sugar, Spice and Everything Colourful

Sugar Pop 2 bitcoin slot will never run out of two things⁠—sweets and colours. The slot features a colourful background of cotton candy clouds and candy machines complete with adorable mechanical contraptions and syrup vats. 

These popping hues are accompanied by beautiful colours provided by casino slot Sugar Pop 2’s candy symbols. You will be amazed these candies from the Gumdrop symbol to the explosive Jelly Bean Cannon symbol. 

To make the slot more mouthwatering, it also features a fun techno-synth theme provided by synth keyboards and snare drums. This awesome musical score will make you a loyal patron of this candy slot. 

Sugar Pop 2: A Sweet Tooth’s Reward

Sugar Pop 2 bitcoin slot is certainly one of the sweetest slots out there. With its colourful candy motif and a generous buffet of bonuses, you will certainly love every bite of this slot. The sweet mix of the 8 bonus symbols alone is enough to keep your sweet tooth sated for weeks. 

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Sugar Pop 2