Shells n Swells


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Game stats

Min - Max bet

0.01 - 37.5 mBTC


High volatility



Hit ratio %


Shells ‘n Swells: Fill Your Empty Shell...with Prizes

Leave your empty shell of a life and have a beach vacation! Stroll the beach and collect tiny seashells along with massive payouts in casino slot Shells ‘n Swells!

Bring your basket full of free spins, multipliers and a bonus game! Feel the sand beneath your feet as you take your chance to win a treasure worth 45,000 credits in Shells ‘n Swells bitcoin slot!

Shells n Swells Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.15 credits

Maximum Bet

4.50 credits


45,000 credits 

Shells ‘n Swells: A Beautiful Rainbow in the Sand

Casino slot Shells ‘n Swells has 30 colourful payouts spread across sandy reels. Collecting the grandest shell will reward you with a jackpot worth 45,000 credits. You can start picking up these former mollusc homes by wagering a minimum of 0.15 credits up to a maximum stake worth 37.5 credits. This tranquil beach vacation by top provider Genii has 95.78% RTP.


Standard Symbols

There’s a rainbow at the beach and no, you can never see it by looking up—you only find it by looking down at the sandy seashore. There are gray clams, brown conches, blue sand dollars and green pomatia shells littered all around. These precious beauties are the standard symbols of Shells ‘n Swells bitcoin slot.

Hitting winning combinations from standard symbols will reward you the prizes equivalent to your wager multiplied by the values listed below:


Set of 3 

Set of 4 

Set of 5

Gray Clam

3x your wager 

6x your wager

12x your wager

Brown Conch Shell

6x your wager

12x your wager

20x your wager

Blue Sand dollar 

8x your wager

20 x your wager

40x your wager

Green Pomatia Shell 

10x your wager

25x your wager 

60x your wager 

High-Paying Symbols

There are more lustrous colours in this tropical rainbow that you can find if you dig deep under the sand. Upon searching harder, you will see rarer finds such as light green spire, spiky purple conch and sandy murex that will definitely delight you. These wonderful mollusc exteriors are the high-paying symbols of casino slot Shells ‘n Swells.

Forming winning combinations from high-paying symbols will score you payouts with the same value as your stake multiplied by the following numbers:


Set of 3 

Set of 4 

Set of 5

Light Green Spire Shell 

12x your wager

40x your wager

110x your wager

Spiky Purple Conch Shell 

15x your wager

50x your wager

150x your wager

Sandy Murex Shell 

20x your wager

80x your wager

300x your wager

Wild Symbol

You are not the only one searching for seashells by the seashore. There are also adorable hermit crabs looking to find their next colourful home. This hermit crab is the wild symbol of Shell ‘n Swells bitcoin slot. The wild can substitute standard and high-paying symbols to form winning combinations.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter of Shells ‘n Swells bitcoin slot is the high-tide symbol. The scatter symbol has the ability to splash you with free spins.

Bonus Symbol

While the other shells are cute and charming all on their own, the rainbow shell on the beach trumps them all. The rainbow shell is the bonus symbol of casino slot Shells ‘n Swells.

Shells ‘n Swells: Turn the Tides in your Favour

Tides are important in shell collecting. Coming out during a high-tide can be counterproductive to the cause. However, you can control its pull with powerful bonuses that can also help you take massive payouts. These boosts are the free spins, coin game bonus, and expanding wilds feature.

Landing bonus symbol combinations will reward you with the coin game feature. Upon activation, you will have the chance to choose different shells that will reward you with payouts depending on your wager. Forming bonus symbol sets will let you choose the number of shells below:

  • Landing a combination of 3 bonus symbols will score you 1 shell picks.
  • Landing a combination of 4 bonus symbols will score you 2 shell picks.
  • Landing a combination of 5 bonus symbols will score you 3 shell picks.

You can trigger the free spins of casino slot Shells ‘n Swells by forming scatter symbol combinations. Forming winning lines during free spin rounds will double your payouts. Having scatter sets will score you the number of free spins listed below:

  • Forming a combination of 3 scatter symbols will reward you with 6 free spins.
  • Forming a combination of 4 scatter symbols will reward you with 8 free spins.
  • Forming a combination of 5 scatter symbols will reward you with 10 free spins.

The free spin rounds also lets you access the expanding wilds feature. Upon activation, this boost will give you expanding wild symbols that can cover several tiles on the reels. The expanding wild is depicted by the wild wave symbol.

Shells ‘n Swells: Escaping in the Tropics

Nothing soothes the soul than spending a lazy day on the beach with nothing to do except collecting seashells. Casino slot Shells ‘n Swells lets you experience this with their sandy shore background complete with coconut trees as well as refreshing ocean waves that will wash all your pain and misery to replace it with joy in the form of massive payouts.

This wonderful tropical background houses the slot’s colourful carapace symbols. You will see pretty seashells such as gray clams, brown conches, blue sand dollars and green pomatia shells that make every spin feels like an escape from reality.

To make sure that every accommodation is met Shells ‘n Swells also features easy-going music that will make you feel like a tourist out for a fun time at the beach. This is provided by a chill band of ukuleles, guitars and lively drums that will take you deeper into the beach vacation fantasy.

Shells ‘n Swells: Treasures by the Seashore

Every shell in Shells ‘n Swells bitcoin slot is definitely a treasure to keep. The tropical mix of free spins, multipliers and bonus game will let you easily collect massive payouts as if they are just shells in the seashore.

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Shells n Swells