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Samba Carnival: ‘Oi Migas, Vamos?’

There’s nothing raining on this parade! At the Samba Carnival, everyone parades their pride and sings of their passions where the party never ends. 

Everyone’s Wild and free where the colours fly and smiles glow amidst the crowds and dancers. Call over your friends, have yourself a delicious drink and experience the exotic marvel that is the Brazilian carnival. The feathers are brandished and dancers samba the night away, lighting the night sky with their brilliant fireworks and energetic exhibitions. When there’s a chance to win up to €2812.50, there’s no time to waste. The parade’s starting soon so hop aboard and join the fun underneath the palm trees.

Leave your jacket at home and get ready to sweat as you dance along to the beat of the drums and the song of everyone’s souls. Where the people can let themselves go and fly, the casino slot Samba Carnival is a celebration unrivalled in rhythm and colour.

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Samba Carnival: You’re a Dancing Queen

Play’n GO’s casino slot Samba Carnival is a 5-reel bitcoin slot that takes you to Brazil in the midst of their fabulous and flamboyantly colourful tradition. Winning combinations can be scored anywhere on a payline.

The basic symbols are various fruit drinks. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet: 


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Lime Juice

3 coins

15 coins

75 coins

Orange Juice

4 coins

20 coins

100 coins

Watermelon Juice

5 coins

25 coins

125 coins

Pineapple Juice

10 coins

50 coins

250 coins

The high-paying symbols are the beautiful Brazilian Carnival dancers. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Green Dancer

20 coins

100 coins

500 coins

Blue Dancer

30 coins

150 coins

1,000 coins

Pink Dancer

50 coins

250 coins

2,500 coins

The casino slot Samba Carnival has 4 Wild symbols that substitute all paying symbols except for the Bonus symbol. The Wild symbols are represented by maracas. Additionally, the 4 Wild symbols have designated win multipliers displayed by how many maracas are shown. The Wild symbols multiply the payouts for winning combinations that they’re part of.

Samba Carnival Bonus Game

The Samba Carnival bitcoin slot has a Bonus Game that’s activated when at least 3 Bonus symbols land on the reels. The Bonus symbol is represented by an ensemble of Brazilian drums. When the Bonus Game is activated, the bonus symbols all conceal various prizes. You can pick one of the Bonus symbols to reveal the cash reward and you can win up to 150x your bet. 

Samba Carnival: Havana, Samba, and Copacabana!

In a flurry of beautiful colours that would make any rainbow envious, the casino slot Samba Carnival is visually-pleasing and eye-catching in its attractiveness. Vivid feathers of green and blue are spread across the lower border of the slot, reaching up to the sky. Fireworks set the night aflame in brilliant bursts of purple and blue that cast a polychromatic array of hues on the Carnival. 

The basic fruit symbols are drawn with thirst-quenching detail, down to the last drop and sheen. Samba Carnival’s high-paying dancers are portrayed with realistic renditions that show off every curve and asset of their bodacious bodies. 

Of course, a Brazilian Carnival slot isn’t complete without its electrifying music. As you spin the reels, a festive symphony of drums and trumpets will send you movin’ and groovin’ to the rhythm of the beat.

Samba Carnival: The Night Is Still Young

Bask in the Rainforest Magic of the Amazon with Play’n GO’s most colourful casino slot to date, Samba Carnival. The Brazilians are forever loyal to their traditions and when it comes to the Samba Carnival bitcoin slot, they know how to go all-out for their passions. Let your flags and feathered costumes sway in the wind as you dance the night away under the pale moonlight. 

Watch the fireworks burst in the heavens, showering the parade with prismatic embers that light everyone’s spirits ablaze. At the Samba Carnival bitcoin slot, a chance to win up to €2812.50 awaits the best dancer to spin the reels. So, step right up, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to Banana Rock.

Samba Carnival